Comparison Arlo Pro 5s vs Pro 4: Pricing, Video Quality, Smart AI

Comparison Arlo Pro 5s vs Pro 4: Pricing, Video Quality, Smart AI

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Wireless security cameras have really changed the way we monitor our homes and small businesses. Arlo is one of the companies that only deal with this CCTV category. And in this quick guide, we’ll be comparing the recently-released Arlo Pro 5s vs Pro 4 to see which is worth getting.

The Arlo Pro 5s launched in the last quarter of 2022. It has a price tag of $250, which is about $50 more than the regular cost of the Arlo Pro 4.

But now begs the question, is the extra fifty bucks worth it? Should you get the new Arlo Pro 5s or the Arlo Pro 4, which has been on a promotional price of $130, is the better option?

Let’s compare the specs, features, pros, and hidden cons to make sure you make a wise buying decision.

Verdict: 6 Reasons We Still Prefer Arlo Pro 4

  • Arlo Pro 4 has a relatively lower price than Pro 5s
  • Arlo Pro 4 has the same video clarity as Pro 5s
  • Pro 4 has clear, color night vision as Pro 5s
  • Arlo Pro 4 has a 100% wire-free design as Pro 5s
  • Arlo Pro 4 has multiple smart AI detection as Pro 5s
  • Arlo Pro 4 has multiple deterrence features as Pro 5s

Arlo Pro 5s vs Pro 4: A Summary Specs of the Wireless Security Cameras

FeaturesArlo Pro 5sArlo Pro 4
Dimensions3.5 x 2.0 x 3.0 in3.5 x 2.0 x 3.0 in
Field of View160-degree160-degree
Image Sensor1/3”1/3”
Video Quality2K QHD2K QHD
Frame Rate30fps30fps
Night VisionColored & Infrared  Colored & Infrared  
Video CompressionHEVC/ H.265HEVC/ H.265
Audio functionYESYES
Sound detectionYESYES
Built-in SirenYESYES
24/7 Live StreamYESYES
24/7 RecordingYES (with subscription plan)YES (with subscription plan)
Free StorageVariesVaries
Power SupplyBattery PoweredBattery Powered
Connectivity2.4 GHz & 5GHz Wi-Fi2.4 GHz WiFi
Activity ZonesYESYES
Smart AIPeople, animals, vehicles, & PackagePeople, animals, vehicles, & Package
Smart IntegrationAlexa, HomeKit, Google Home, SmartThings, IFTTTAlexa, HomeKit, Google Home, SmartThings, IFTTT
EnvironmentIndoor/ OutdoorsIndoor/ Outdoors
Operating Temperatures-4 ⁰F to 113 ⁰F-4 ⁰F to 113 ⁰F
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Remember, when choosing between two models, it’s also essential to consider other factors like pricing, customer reviews, and how you intend to use the camera (e.g., as a standalone device or part of a larger system).

Should Get the Arlo Pro 4 Camera?

Would you like to keep an eye on your property in clear detail day and night? Arlo Pro 4 is one of the many spotlight security cameras on the market. The spotlight helps makes you get colored footage not only during the day but also at night.

In the Arlo Pro 4 vs Ultra 2 review, we saw the Pro 4 has clear images, thanks to its 4MP image sensor. A 4MP sensor means the security camera records in 2K QHD (quad-HD), which has clearer videos than the standard 1080p FHD (Full HD).

Other pros and cons of the Arlo Pro 4 camera include:


  • It has a compact, stylish build
  • Straightforward to mount & set up
  • Can withstand harsh outdoor weather
  • Includes multiple deterrence features
  • Supports audio recording & two-way talk
  • It can work with all the automation systems


  • It doesn’t work with 5GHz WiFi (only 2.4GHz)
  • You can only view from your account with one device at a time
  • It requires a subscription for continuous recording & advanced object detection

Should I Get the Arlo Pro 5s Camera?

Do you need a wireless security camera you can use with 5G WiFi without improvisation? The Arlo Pro 5s is more of an upgrade of the Pro 4. It has all the features of the Pro 4, only with the addition of a few more.

Start with the image quality, Arlo Pro 5s records in 2K QHD, albeit you can adjust to 1080p or 720p HD. It also has a built-in microphone and speaker, allowing you to record videos you can listen to, plus use two-way conversation.

As for the extra features, the new Arlo security camera supports dual-band WiFi (5G and 2.4GHz). You’ll no longer need to downgrade your 5G WiFi to 2.4GHz, as it has been with the previous standalone cameras.

Other pros & cons of the Arlo Pro 5s camera you should know include:


  • It has a compact, stylish design
  • So easy to put together & set up
  • You can comfortably mount it outdoors
  • Includes multiple deterrence features
  • Can work with all the automation systems
  • It’s compatible with the Arlo SecureLink


  • It’s relatively expensive to own
  • Can’t view with multiple devices simultaneously
  • It requires a monthly subscription for most features

Arlo Pro 5s vs Pro 4: Features & Performance of the Wireless Security Cameras

In this section, we’ll briefly break down the main differences and similarities between the Arlo wireless security cameras.

Best of Budget:

Since the beginning, Arlo products have never been cheap to own. But as per our topic today, the Arlo Pro 4 takes the point of the best budget wireless security camera. It has a regular price of about $200, which is $50 cheaper than the Arlo Pro 5s.

Tips: Arlo often has limited-time deals where you can save up to 50% on various security cameras. Like now, you can get the Arlo Pro 4 at $130 (35% discount).

Best of Build & Design:

Arlo Pro 5s and Arlo Pro 4 are both winners here. They start with a compact, 3.5 x 2.0 x 3.0-inch design that you could easily hide with stuff for discreet monitoring. The design is also stylish enough to even use indoors without being intrusive.

As for the build,  the Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 5s cameras feature polycarbonate material. The material is no doubt incomparable to a metallic housing. But it still feels more rugged and durable than most cheap brands we’ve gone through in the past.

Speaking of durability, the two wireless security cameras are fully weather-resistant. You’ll be able to use them outdoors without having to worry about damage by dirt or rain.

Best of Video Quality:

The two Arlo security cameras share the point here as well. They have a 4MP image sensor, which you can record up to 2K QHD (2560×1440 pixels).

If coming from the older Arlo Pro or Wire-free camera (has 720p HD), the Arlo Pro 5s and Pro 4 videos appear clearer.

However, the 2K wireless security cameras have an extra-wide 160° field of view. The extra-wide field of view means the 3,686,400 image pixels are covering a wider lens than a camera with a wider 110-degree view. And this should explain why a 2K QHD camera like Lorex Pan-Tilt appears clearer than our Arlos.

Tip: Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 5s record in 2K at 30fps, which gives you smooth videos without choppiness. A choppy video is where the object within a frame appears to lag.

Best of Night Vision:

Again, the two Arlo security cameras split the point on night vision. They have an integrated spotlight that lights out at night when the sensor detects activity. Instead of black and white, your video footage will be in color.

The white LED in the Arlo Pro 4 and 5s series is still not as strong as that of floodlight security cameras. But it makes the nighttime videos clear enough to identify details like the color of vehicles or faces and tattoos of nearby people.

Best of Audio Quality:

The Arlo team innovated the Pro 5s and Pro 4 with a highly-sensitive microphone. The word on the specs sheet is that the mic has noise and echo cancellation. And we do believe this as you can clearly hear people in the background from your end (on a viewing device).

In addition, the Arlo CCTV cameras have a built-in speaker. So, you’ll not only enjoy footage you can listen to, but also use two-way conversation.

The better part of the speaker on board is that you can set your cameras to trigger the built-in siren feature. You can set the siren to go off either automatically after detecting movements/ sound or activate it manually from the app.

Best of Power Supply

Either of the Arlos could fit the bill if looking for an outdoor battery-powered security camera. The battery is removable in both cases, which can be handy- especially during cold weather when you need to have spares.

Nevertheless, the Arlo Pro 5s is compatible with the Arlo SecureLink technology. And with this tech, you’ll be able to extend the battery life even longer on Low Power Mode.  

FYI: The Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 5s are compatible with the add-on Arlo Solar Panel Charger if you’d like a constant power supply.

Best of Smart AI Detection

When we compare Arlo Pro 4 vs Pro 5s Smart AI detection, they are all the same. For one, they support people, vehicles, animals, and package detection. When enabled, this will reduce false alerts from leaves, twigs, shadows, and other irrelevant objects.

The Arlo cameras also support audio detection, where they can trigger recording and/or alerts when they detect the noise of smoke/ CO alarm, breaking glass, et cetera.

Furthermore, you can set activity zones- i.e. the spots you’d like the cameras to focus on, which can be handy in high-traffic areas.

Sadly, however, Arlo has pushed the advanced object detection and activity zones behind a paywall. What this means is that you’ll need an Arlo Secure subscription to access these advanced features.

Key Takeaway:

Arlo Secure subscription has three different plans to choose from, available in either monthly or yearly frequency. The cheapest plan goes for $4.99 (or $3.99/ mo. when paid annually). Then the priciest of all goes for $24.99 on the monthly deal (or $19.99/mo. when paid annually).

Keep in mind, besides access to the Smart AI detection, the Arlo Secure also includes cloud storage. All the plans have up to 30 days of video recordings (short clips recorded after motion/ sound detection).

The Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 5s can record without a subscription if you don’t want to pay the monthly/ yearly fees. But the trick here will be to sync up the cameras with a SmartHub or Home base station to take advantage of the local storage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Arlo Pro 4 require a subscription?

Like others from the brand, the Arlo Pro 4 requires a subscription to make the most of it. The Arlo secure subscription will give you access to smart object detection, customizable motion detection, 24/7 Emergency Response, and cloud storage.
You’ll lose all these features if you use your Arlo camera without a subscription. Then the only way to record is the local storage on SmartHub or a Home base station.

Does Arlo Pro 4 record continuously?

YES, indeed, Arlo Pro 4 can record continuously if you want to know everything happening on your property. You’ll just need to purchase a 14-day or 30-day CVR (continuous video recording) subscription plan. Then plug your camera AC power and also pair it with a compatible Arlo SmartHub or Arlo Base station.

How long do Arlo Pro 4 cameras last?

In a nutshell, how long Arlo Pro 4 cameras last depend on a lot of things. If we’re referring to overall durability, the Arlo Pro 4 can last for many years if you take good care of it. But the battery of the camera will last three years before it starts degrading.

Final Thoughts:

While there’s still more to talk about, these are the main differences and likenesses you should know between Arlo Pro 5s vs Pro 4.

In our short review, you can see both wireless security cameras are impressive. The video quality is decently clear, the audio is great, then you can stream continuously on your viewing devices.

Regardless, the Arlo Pro 4 is still our recommendation. Not that the extra fifty bucks on Arlo Pro 5s is too much. But the truth is that this amount ($50) is more like you’re just paying it for 5GHz WiFi. To unlock the full perks with the Securelink, you’ll need to pair your Pro 5s with the Arlo Keypad Sensor Hub, which has a regular price of $200.

Also, Arlo claims you can’t pair your camera to the SmartHub/ base station and the Keypad sensor hub at the same time. If you opt for the keypad sensor hub, this would mean you’ll also lose local storage privileges.

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