High resolution Night Vision security camera for homeowners

High Resolution Night Vision security camera for Homeowners

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Cameras are one of the best methods to identify and catch cracks-man, especially with 50% of all residential cracks-man’s taking place during the day when nobody’s at home.


Security is paramount to our existence and more importantly at night when the light of the sun is no more. There are numerous security brands and advert promising you the best and the ability to detect and visualize an intruder in your home in the dead of the night but none beats the innovative security capability of the high-resolution night vision security camera.

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The name certainly says a lot, but in case you are wondering like really, does it do all that, yes. With the high-resolution night vision security camera, you are not only able to just the outline of an intruder but the face with clarity.

Nothing makes a good night vision camera is the clarity any time of the day or night. The Zmodo wireless outdoor security camera is one of the best in picture quality and as your eyes outside the house while you sleep in peace and downright one of the best high-resolution night vision security camera on the market. This security camera doesn’t just produce great quality imagery for you; it is able to clearly separate a human figure and that of an animal to avoid false alarms. Isn’t that just amazing? When purchasing this product we advise that you get hold of the company and inquire if there is any updating needed for the product to avoid any dysfunction or improper recordings of activities outside your home.


  • The high-resolution night vision security camera works well with the Echo show for great voice control
  • It comes with a 720 p HD camera vision with excellent and stunning images produced at night. The images of this high-resolution night vision security camera are crystal clear, detailed images with resolute definition, even in gloomy weather and really dark nights
  • Send you an immediate alert to your mobile if an unscrupulous figure is detected on your property
  • It comes with 24 automatic lights to see into the night up to a distance of 20 meters or 65 feet from the camera install
  • It keeps you connected with continuous live stream videos sent directly to your mobile device with the app installed in or to your computer when logged on to the Zmodo website over the internet
  • Users get free one month cloud to allow you to record, save and share images and video in case there is an intrusion on your property.


Easy installation

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The high-resolution night vision security camera is easy to install in any location around the home. All you need is to call a technician if you can’t do it yourself. The installation is very easy because it does require any wiring or electrical connection but screws for it to sit firmly on the wall.

It is Waterproof High-Resolution Night Vision Security Camera

The Zmodo high-resolution night vision security camera is waterproof. Furthermore, it is IP65 weatherproof and can withstand outdoor temperature ranges of -10 to 50 degrees without any disruption in the clarity of the image or any compromise in the functionality of the products. As they say, come rain, come snow or sunshine, the Zmodo HD security camera will ensure your home is safe.

Has excellent angle coverage and clear night images

In addition, to clearer at night for better detailing, the Zmodo wireless security camera will also provide an excellent angle range of 81 degrees that cover a wide area of your building. Zmodo wireless security camera system (2 Pack) , smart home HD indoor-outdoor WiFi IP cameras with night vision, 1-month free cloud recording.

Connects directly to your mobile device through the Zmodo app

This is probably the best part about the Zmodo wireless high-resolution night vision security camera, the live feeds that go directly to your mobile device. This image will be sent continuously as long as you are connected to a Wi-Fi source. The images are also sent to a computer or display device which can be shared with friends in case of eventuality or saved for police documentation when the need arises.

It is compatible with Alexa

This allows the app to be updated at regular interval to ensure that it stays working without the fear of it not working or performing any of the actions set up for.

An affordable security system for everyone

The affordability of the Zmodo security system definitely knocks this out the pack with great features that will make you sleep without any bother

Decent image and video quality

Unlike other high-resolution night vision security camera, Zmodo has proven to be the one to beat in image production and sharp video quality. This clarity is the mission statement behind the brand; you have eyes in the dark with Zmodo at your doorstep.

Motion alert

Another advantage of this security camera is that it produces a minimum of 5 still images of an intruder on your lawn and saves it for later viewing, Free storage of 12h

Disadvantages of the night vision security camera

  • It lacks audio: this is not necessarily bad but audio gives you the advantage of speaking to your intruder or a stranger at your door post
  • The cloud recording is limited to customers that don’t pay for the services.
  • Although the Zmodo records still images, it doesn’t do them automatically

Why Zmodo wireless high-resolution night vision security camera?

With all these features and advantages, the disadvantages take a back seat and with a high powered battery to keep you safe, Zmodo has certainly proven to be the best in the industry. And the best part is you get all this and more at a price of less than a hundred dollars from most online stores including Amazon.

One home is broken into daily in the United States and the security system has reduced that number drastically. Over the years, they have evolved and have proven to be the lifeline of most homes and homeowners alike. Whether they serve your purpose or not, one thing is sure, you can’t go wrong with the Zmodo wireless high-resolution night vision security camera.

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