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Best Ring Video Doorbell 2 Review for Prospective Buyers

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What is Video Doorbell?

We have entered the century of smartphones and that’s precisely why our home needs to be smart too! Installing a video doorbell can be beneficial for protecting your family and precious objects and belongings. A video doorbell has many advantages, but it can be a tricky affair to choose the right one. Security comes first at all times and a video doorbell allows you to see and speak to the visitors ringing the bell. Gone are those days when people would make the ‘knock knock’ jokes. We live in a world where technology is highly advanced and we can find out who is there outside the door. Ring Video doorbell 2 review the best check more below.

When we speak of video doorbell, many products come to our mind. It is difficult to pick one because you may not find all the features in one. The important features such as two-way talk, compatibility with Alexa, video quality, and warranty is most important for a buyer. We have the right product in our mind and we shall review it just for you. The Ring Video doorbell 2 review gives you a clear picture of why you should invest in this product. Every product has its share of pros and cons, and that’s why we have a separate section for it at the end of the review.

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Our first pick for Video Doorbell

There are many competitive products out there, and it may be confusing to pick one. However, you need to be a wise shopper and compare the reviews before picking the best one. Firstly, go through the features of the product and see if it suits your home needs. Is it solving the purpose? If the answer is a resounding YES, you need to check whether the brand is offering any guarantee, warranty or theft protection. We looked at various products and the Ring Video Doorbell ticks all the boxes.

The Ring video doorbell 2 review is an attempt to inform you about the pros, cons and what you can expect from the product. We looked at various factors such as ease of use, cost, genuine reviews, video quality and even how much protection it offers. Ring video Doorbell is one of the best doorbells in the market. We are not asking you to make up your mind already! It is very important to look at the features of the product.

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Ring Wi-Fi enabled video door is an ideal product and many reviewers have given it 4 and 5-star ratings for its efficiency. Why did we choose this product? The first thing that we noticed was that works well with Alexa. It detects motion outside the door and alerts you. This type of technology is much-needed in a home because we want our family to be protected from strangers and thieves. You can now stay connected to your home with this video doorbell. It gives you a live view of your home and senses motion easily.

The two-way talk feature is ideal for those who want to see, hear, and talk to the visitors outside. Opening the door for a stranger is never free from risks and that’s precisely why you need a video doorbell. The Ring video doorbell 2 review explains the physical features, pros, and cons of the product. Before you buy a product, you should be well-informed that it will work well in your home as well.

DIY – Installation made Easy

For a buyer, it could be irksome to read a long and thick manual for installation. It should be simple to install and easy to deal with. The Ring Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell comes with all the tools that you need to install the product in your home. You do not need to read lengthy manuals to fix it. Additionally, you would not require professional help for installing. It saves you from spending extra bucks.

Alert! Who’s there outside?

The highlight of the product is that it has motion-activated alerts. There are instances when a thief comes at the middle of the night. They do not knock on your door or press the bell. Since this product detects motion, you will get alerted that someone is outside the door. You will get to see the person and act accordingly. The sensor detector is highly efficient and keeps you informed about the visitors outside.

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Customer Service

Once a buyer invests in a product, the relationship does not end there. In order to build a good relationship with existing customers and future buyers, there should be a prompt response from the customer care executives. Since this is a Ring Video doorbell 2 review, we would like to highlight the point that the customer service is helpful and provides full support to the prospective buyers and existing customers. The icing on the cake is that it provides Theft protection which not every brand offers. The product is tailor-made for buyers, who are looking for protecting their home and family members.

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  • The product allows you to hear, see and speak to the visitors from the PC, phone or tablet. When someone rings the bell, you can easily check as to who it is via phone or an image.
  • The biggest advantage of the product is that it detects motion and alerts the family members. Whenever the visitor presses the doorbell or there will be any movement, the user will get an alert.
  • The product works well in any home. Whether there is a doorbell wire or not, it will work efficiently.
  • It works well with Alexa and starts sending an announcement to the Echo device wherever motion is detected or the doorbell rings. The product allows you to speak to the visitors and even they will be able to talk to you.
  • The product monitors the entire home through HD video. When it comes to viewing the visitors during late hours, there is a special infrared night vision. You would be pleased to know that you can watch your dwelling on a 720 HD wide-angle video.
  • The product offers Lifetime theft protection. In case, your Ring Doorbell gets misplaced or stolen, the brand replaces it for free.
  • If you want a quick Live view of your home, you can opt for on-demand video.


  • While most of the people gave positive feedback for the product, there were some reviewers who complained about the sensitivity issue. A reviewer mentioned that it alerts the user only when they are walking by and not when they are in front of the door. It even picks up the motion of the cars driving by. This is an issue which should be taken into consideration.
  • The customer service should be prompt. Some of the reviewers had issues with customer care services. When a buyer gets quick assistance, it helps in building lasting relationships with the existing customers.


And the end a ring doorbell protect your smart home. So you need to set up a ring doorbell for getting smarter in 2019. we suggest you buy this digital Doorbell for your home because this is the most popular in the current world nowadays.

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