Best keyless door locks: 5 lookings options for your UltraloqUL3 lock

Best Keyless Door Locks: Consider the Disadvantage of Ultraloq UL3 lock

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Are you still stuck with the keys to open the door to your house? Do you go crazy trying to remember which extra copy was given to your spouse when she was about to return late or given to the housemaid so she could let herself in? Add to that the problem of extra copies of the key getting lost, and you will realize why people are moving away to best keyless door locks.

Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Door Lock

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This type of lock does away with the need for a key, and it uses a combination of numbers to open or close the locking mechanism. The number is usually set by the owner of the house by changing the standard combination that the manufacturer provides on the lock. This number can then be shared with whoever needs to be given access, without having to give an actual key to that person. The best keyless door locks provide a great combination of a futuristic look and dependable security.

How to Work Keyless Door Locks

This kind of locking mechanism on the door works on the keypad lock mechanism that many safes have. It runs on a battery, so you don’t need to make lengthy concealed wiring arrangements to connect it to a power source. The best keyless door locks also give you an advance warning when the batteries need to be replaced, so that you don’t get locked out of your own house because the batteries died.

So how do these locks work? They do not have the springs to hold the spring bolt in place or the provision of locking and unlocking the deadbolt. What they do have is a small device called an actuator, which is connected to a small motor which activates the activator as soon as it receives the signal from the keypad after the correct entering of the 4-digit code. The actuator slides the ‘bolt’ mechanism back and either allows the door to open or locks it securely.

Some of the best keyless door locks also provide the option of using a remote control to send the same signal which was provided by the keypad on the door lock. Since this king of the locking mechanism is so much in vogue today, we scoured the market for the best options available. One of the best keyless door locks we could find was the Ultraloq UL3 which was as cutting edge as one could hope for. Let us look at its primary features and then assess its pros and cons.

Features of Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Best Keyless Door Locks

The best thing about this product we liked is the manufacturer’s sense of the quirky – the product itself is very advanced in technology, but it has been given only one color, which approximates aged bronze, to give a feel of the classic.

But most fans of this product have been blown away by the 5 benefits it provides in one product – it gives the option of locking or unlocking using a 4-digit code or from a smartphone or a fingerprint scan or a knock or even a key, if you feel more comfortable that way. Let us look at these features.

The smartphone can be used to download the Ultraloq app, after which the smartphone itself can function as the key. The Bluetooth functionality of the device allows the smartphone to be used for unlocking or locking even when you are some distance away. Then you can also choose to input the permitted fingerprints or the permissible codes which would allow the door to open.

For both these things, you are allowed an unbelievable 95 entries each for both fingerprints and for codes. That makes it very convenient for a house or a commercial space which needs entry of multiple people throughout the day. They could be multiple family members or household help or even other service providers.

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After all, this, if you still prefer opening your door (or locking it) with a traditional key, this product gives you that choice as well. You can easily use the mechanical key as your main tool or simply as a backup.

Because the Ultraloq uses cutting edge technology which is meant to be used by a large number of users using a variety of tools to open or lock it, they have put in place a robust customer service team to clear all queries quickly.

In case this lock is being used at the main door of a commercial establishment with many staff coming and going several times throughout the day, this log can also provide a log of first entry and last exit for a particular password (read person), which can help you as an attendance and access log.

Another nice feature of the Ultraloq UL3 is that even though it has touchpads and other internal wiring which are supposed to be delicate and sensitive, but this lock has been seen to function very well in extreme weather conditions as well, just like the best keyless door locks are expected to.

Let us close by looking at the major pros and cons.


  • A wide variety of access modes as per the choice of the user.
  • Very suitable to function as the locking and attendance recording mechanism of a commercial area where many employees come and go every day.
  • The keypad codes can be given to as many as 95 unique users, whereas the smartphone app can be used by the admin (typically the manager or owner of the location).
  • You have the option of hooking up this lock with Alexa.
  • As soon as you within a certain minimum distance, you can just knock the phone (for iOS users), and by shaking the phone (for Android users).
  • The device can be customized to fit on heavy and thick doors as well.


  • WiFi and Z-Wave facilities are still not available at present. Samsung SmartThings compatibility is still in the pipeline, and users need to download Ultraloq Bridge to enable WiFi.
  • Difficult to scale up when the establishment gets more employees or the number of exit and entry doors increases.

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