Cobra 4 Channel Wireless Surveillance System With 2 Cameras

The Cobra 4 Channel Wireless Surveillance System With 2 Cameras

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When it comes to performance, the cobra 4 channel wireless surveillance system with 2 cameras has undoubtedly helped many homes and business owners. The system is one of the many that aid in the fight against property crimes like burglary and larceny-theft. Not that it has solved the problem permanently but the reported cases are fewer compared with the past.

According to the FBI 2018 Crime statistics, property burglaries had dropped 11.9 percent while the larceny-thefts by 5.4 percent. From the report, the two had collectively caused an estimated loss of about $16.4 billion. Even with a drop, this kind of loss is still significant to persons aspiring to succeed, for sure.

Cobra 4 Channel Wireless Surveillance System With 2 Cameras 7 Monitor

Hence, the need to add a layer of protection to your home or business properties using a reliable security provider.

Cobra Security systems are amongst these providers if you’re hoping to watch over a larger space without a big budget. The systems are available in a vast array of categories, including surveillance DVRs that support up to 8 cameras for optimal efficacy.

Before choosing any of the security camera systems, though, it’s essential you know what it entails. This includes both the positives offered and those drawbacks you should be aware of to ensure you get what you need.

Why Choose The Cobra 4CH Wireless Surveillance System

Cobra surveillance system setup

Usually, a lot of people confuse a wireless security system with the wire-free models. With the latter, it means the system has no wires involved in its functioning, included for the power.

A wireless system, on the other hand, means it relies on a radio signal [or else P2P network] to transmit the captured video. But its power source can either be from batteries or power outlets.

Therefore, our 4-channel surveillance System is not wire-free but wireless since you’ll still need to plug into the socket. This means you can do the entire setup as your DIY project without having to outsource technical support.

Note: As you mount your security cameras, make sure they’re in the recommended 150 – 450ft range with the monitor unit. Otherwise, you will get poor video feeds due to breaking signals. More about the Cobra surveillance system setup on youtube.


The overall design of a system is usually essential as it gives a rundown of what to expect.

For this wireless surveillance system, it comprises a combination of wireless technology into a flexible expandable security camera unit. The kit features a 7” LCD monitor and two wireless bullet security cameras that auto-connect using their built-in P2P network.

The monitor unit acts like the standard DVR, whereby it allows you to add up to four cameras for various positions of your property. It’s very user-friendly and with numerous functions plus settings to guarantee a smoother experience.

Each of the included cameras come with a sturdy metallic body and a rain shield. This helps extend their service life and also to make possible indoor and outdoor use even during harsh weather conditions like rain.

Image Quality

Now, when choosing security camera systems, the quality of the captured image is very important. It makes the monitoring process enjoyable and efficient, particularly when you receive crystal clear footage with vivid detail.

Luckily, this expandable video surveillance kit delivers excellent and clear recordings. Compared with the level of technology we have at the moment, however, the security camera system imaging is deficient. It offers a 720p HD resolution, which is a native image size of 1,280×720.

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For those of us that love calculation, that’s like the number of pixels of 1080p FHD and approximately 4K resolution. Thus, inconvenient for some applications, as we shall see later in the article.

Despite its low image resolution, though, the wireless security camera system can see who is at your door clearly and in full color. If it’s at night, the cameras have some stunning IR LEDs that support visibility up to 65ft in darkness.

The offered pictures are black and white but clear enough to notice the burglar trying to break into your property.

Smart Features

Apart from the colored videos and infrared night vision, Cobra 4CH wireless surveillance system has several other features to enhance the safety of your property. They include:

Motion detection:

The feature relies on the highly-sensitive motion sensor installed next to the lens of the cameras. It helps ensure no activity ever happens around your property and you fail to notice. Depending on the set settings, the detected movement can trigger an automatic recording and or send an alert to your smart device.

Multiple recording modes:

This option helps make sure you get to use the surveillance kit in the manner you want to. The system has an SD slot that supports up to 256GB card for continuous recording. If you’d like to save on the space of your card, you can even set the system only to save motion-activated footage. Or else, program the scheduled recording option to let the device record at particular times of the day.

Multiple viewing modes:

This one, on the other hand, helps make possible monitoring of your property at the exact moment required. The feature involves the local viewing with the provided 7” LCD screen and remote viewing using a smartphone/ tablet.

For the local viewing, you can either directly stream the recording from the screen or playback the videos stored in the SD card. The system operates wirelessly, just like a baby monitor. Hence, you can easily view the recordings from your bedroom, sitting room, or kitchen as long the cameras and monitors remain in range.

On its end, remote viewing will ensure you remain on the hook of what’s happening around your property when you’re away. To use the function, you’ll need to connect the monitor unit to your router using the provided RJ45 cable. Then, you download the free mobile app and run the simple setup.

Since there isn’t an in-house cobra surveillance system app yet, you’ll have to rely on third-party applications such as RXCamView and MyCam View.

Two-Way Audio function

The function is facilitated by the microphone and speaker built into the cameras and monitor unit. It helps establish smooth communication with the guest at your door like when using a walkie-talkie.

If you’re away, but you can remotely access the cameras with your smartphone, the two-way audio function can be very convenient. You can remain connected with your kids at home and also guide the deliveryman on where to leave your package.

If it’s for security, a surveillance camera with a built-in mic is very supportive as it provides video footage with audio. With the built-in speaker, you can even use it as deterrence by scaring away the burglar.

Cons of Cobra 4CH Wireless Surveillance System

From the above features, we can easily conclude the Cobra 4CH Wireless Surveillance System is truly worthwhile in the monitoring of your property. As you add it to your cart, however, there are a few drawbacks and disadvantages that you should be ready to encounter while using it. They include:

Blurred distant images: with a resolution of 720p HD, the Cobra security cameras can only deliver clear footage of close objects. When you try zooming those at a distance, you’ll only receive blurry pictures that have no vivid details.

Standard Coverage: The image resolution of a security camera is often directly proportional to the field of view. With a high resolution, the viewing angle is large and if the image quality is low, the camera lens has a narrow-angle of vision.

This means the two cameras that come with the cobra 4CH surveillance system can be ineffective in monitoring a large scene.

Cobra doesn’t support professional monitoring. As such, you’re solely responsible for all the surveillance activities of your properties. In case you notice any suspicious or potentially wicked situation, you’ll have to inform the authorities on your own. This can be inconveniencing if you’re amid a burglary occurring or when you’re away.

Final Verdict:

If your interest is on simple standard monitoring, the cobra 4 channel wireless surveillance system with 2 cameras can work for you. The security camera system kit has various incredible functions that ensure your property is safe no matter where you are.

Amongst these features are the seamless two-way function and the motion detection that sends alerts to your phone even when miles away. The wireless security camera system even has a built-in SD card slot that you can use with a card of up to 256GB. Hence, ensuring you have readily available evidence in the event of a break-in or any other property crime.

As you buy, also remember this is a 720p security camera system. Hence, only best for general-purpose surveillance. For enhanced monitoring, consider choosing image quality like 1080p that has about 2 the number of 720p pixels.
For large business spaces, you can even get a 4k system that has approximately 9 times the number of pixels of 720p resolution.

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