The 10 Best Solar Powered Motion Security Light in 2023

The 10 Best Solar Powered Motion Security Light in 2024 (Reviews)

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After CCTV, motion night lighting is the second most effective means to protect your family and other valuable items. Surveillance cameras have higher efficiency with real-time video streaming and intrusion alerts. But also the best solar powered motion security light can help calm your fears with prompt alarm in the event of an invasion.

The night lighting system has an inbuilt motion sensor like that of surveillance cameras. When it detects movement, nonetheless, it automatically lights up your backyard or sidewalk instead of triggering recording.

In case the motion security light has been integrated with a CCTV, though, it will light up the compound and also record footage. This means you get to enjoy double efficiency with night images that are brighter and clearer.

How Do A Motion Security Light Work?

As we have just said, the motion security light has a sensor like that of a security camera. The sensor acts as an electronic eye to detect the infrared waves [like heat] that radiate from moving objects.

When an object passes across the field of view of this sensor, it automatically triggers a switch and turns on the lights. The lights will then remain on for some time [10 to 1200 seconds], depending on the installed timer.

Once the timer interval expires and there’s no more movement, the motion security light will go off and wait for another moving object/s.

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Is A Motion Security Light Worth a Buy?

The answer to that is a solid YES. The night lighting features a motion detector that senses moving objects and electronically turns on the lights. This will improve the visibility in the darkness and show whatever it’s creeping on your compound. Hence, giving you time to respond accordingly.

Apart from improved visibility, other benefits of installing a motion security light include:

Deter Crime

That’s right. The night lighting can be your secretive weapon so long you don’t share the secret with outsiders. Its sudden trigger can catch the intruder off-guard, throwing him into a panic by making him think you are up.

Hence, disrupting the robber’s looting plans before he even gets near to your garage.

Neighborhood Watch

This one can only be effective if you live in a community and with affectionate neighbors. When they see your security light flickering, and then a shadow lurking on your grounds, they can alert you of trouble.

Scare Away Critters

Critters like raccoons and skunks are frequent visitors to suburban residences. Most of them run during the night to scavenge for food from the bins or your home garden. Nonetheless, night lighting can help scare them off and keep your compound clean.

Improved Video Surveillance

At night, surveillance cameras usually rely on the fitted infrared LEDs to be able to record in the darkness. With a motion sensor lighting on your compound, you can get more explicit images and videos from your camera.

If the CCTV supports colored night vision, you can even get footage that has vivid details and clarity. Thus, enabling steadfast recognition of the persons who tried to steal your car.

Increase Property Value

A motion sensor lighting is a form of a security system. As such, it can make your property stand out and increase its value if you’re considering selling it. With the property insurance, you are even eligible for a service discount since you have minimized the risk of burglary or vandalism.

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Last but not least, a solar-powered motion security light doesn’t need plugging to the power outlet. It relies on the energy from the sun to deliver its functions. Hence, helping strengthen your security and, at the same time, lower your utility bills.

A solar security light can also be worthwhile in areas that are inaccessible to cabled power, including farm, barns, and cabin.

Here are some of the best motion activated solar night lighting that you can now buy online to enjoy enhanced security.

1. Best Overall: Vivii Super bright Solar Lights

VIVII Solar Lights, Motion Sensor 30 LED Super Bright Security...
  • Dedicated sensor – Unlike other motion sensor light bulbs that have multiple sensors that do not...
  • Waterproof – The light bulb is made of the IP65 technology that makes it waterproof. Durable,...

There are several essential features that you should consider while searching for the best solar powered motion security light. Amongst these aspects is brightness, lighting angle, and sensor range.

If you are looking forward to a delightful experience, this Vivii security light is a hybrid of them all. It’s a high-grade system that has a robust weatherproof housing. Hence, it will serve you for a very long time before calling for a replacement.

The LEDs of the security light has a life span of over ten years when used at 12 hours a day. They are thirty of them and with excellent illumination of up to 600 lumens.

With a super wide-angle range of up to 270 degrees, this outdoor lighting can cover more of your compound.

It also has a highly sensitive motion sensor that ensures no object moves within the range and fails to be noticed. The sensor has a detection range of 26 feet and a timer interval of 20 seconds.

Key Features:

  • It features 30 powerful LEDs with an illumination of up to 600 lumens
  • Has a 270° super-wide field of view to cover more grounds
  • Comes with an advanced PIR motion sensor, with a detection range of up to 26 feet
  • Has a brilliant Li-ion battery that can lit the LED modules continuously for 12 hours
  • It’s has a sturdy plastic housing to support its use on harsh weather conditions
  • The motion-activated lighting has a straightforward installation

What we don’t like about it:

The motion sensor security light is only available in black. There is no option to choose your favorite color or match it with your home décor.

2. Best Value: BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Outdoor Lights Wireless Security Motion...
32,726 Reviews
BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Outdoor Lights Wireless Security Motion...
  • ☀ 【PIR Motion Lights & No Dim Mode】 Let your little ones play freely in the yard without fear...
  • ☀ 【Ultra-Bright Solar Powered Lights】 Fewer LED beads does not mean lower brightness. Our...

This is the best selection if you are hoping to use more than one security lights around your property. It features robust construction that is IP65 weatherproof to ensure it can withstand harsh weather conditions like rain and sun. Eco-Friendly & Energy-Saving.

With a 120-degree lighting angle and an illumination range of 200 square feet, this security can turn your dark backyard into a day. It will cover the entire front of your compound without leaving any blind spots on the sides.

The only position it doesn’t illuminate is towards the roofing, which is nonessential since the majority of burglars can’t parachute.

Even so, the BAXIA TECHNOLOGY has an upgraded motion sensor that even the sneaky ninjas can’t deceive. It can detect objects located up to 36 feet, after which it triggers a super bright illumination for 20 seconds.

The lighting time, however, can extend if the outdoor light continues detecting movements within the detection range. It was also the best solar powered motion security light.

Also, if you are afraid of total darkness, the fixture has three admirable modes that you can preset with your ideal scenario.

Key Features:

  • The upgraded motion sensor, and high-efficient solar panel
  • It has a super-wide lighting angle to enable extended coverage
  • Has an advanced motion sensor that can detect movements of up to 16ft
  • Features three operation modes to enhance efficiency
  • The BAXIA TECHNOLOGY motion sensor lighting is IP65 weatherproof tor lasting serving

What we don’t like about it:

Dissimilar to the majority of solar security lights, this BAXIA TECHNOLOGY system has three light modes instead of one. You can set the medium light mode and full sensor mode.

3. Best Deterrence: Drawgreen Outdoor Solar Security Spotlight

Solar Motion Lights Outdoor 1400-Lumen LED Spotlight 9-Watt(130W...
  • 💖【Manufacturer (seller) 100-Week FREE REPLACEMENTS or MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if there is any...
  • 🌞【Quality Aluminum alloy Solid Durable and More Safely】- High-strength Aluminum shell....

Usually, the motion sensor security lights are best at preventing crime during the night. When you have this spotlight at your door, though, a potential burglar can turn religious and become one of the Daily salesmen.

This is so as it has an exact design of a wireless security camera that is ready to capture and record. Hence, deterring any of the robbers’ evil motives.

Even so, what appears to be the lens of a camera lens is an infrared motion sensor with up to 26ft detection range. Upon detecting a moving object/s, the sensor will activate the LED lights surrounding it and illuminate your stairway, garage, or doorway.

The lighting has super brightness that will last for 20 seconds if there are no continuous motions. Its installed lithium battery is superlatively reliable as it can support 12 hours of lighting when fully charged.

The security fixture, however, has an optional low-lighting mode that can last for up to 30 hours when the battery is well charged. Hence, becoming a great saver during winter and other times when there isn’t much sunshine. This is the best solar powered motion security light.

Key Features;

  • Powered by a 2600mAh battery that recharges from green solar power
  • Has an intelligent motion sensor that can detect up to 26ft
  • Features 8 powerful LED lights with about 500lm brightness [not 1400lm]
  • Has a wide lighting angle and an illumination range of up to 60ft
  • Features a dim light mode that can last three days with a full battery
  • The solar security light comes with a robust aluminum casing to last longer

What we don’t like about it:

The nigh lighting only has one fixed time interval of 20 seconds. That’s very short.

4. Best Pack: URPOWER Solar Powered Motion Sensor Security Light

URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor, Upgraded 3 Modes Wide Angle Solar...
21,890 Reviews
URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor, Upgraded 3 Modes Wide Angle Solar...
  • UNIQUE WIDE ANGLE DESIGN - With three-sided offers wider range illumination, the LED on both sides...
  • 3 WORKING MODES - Medium light mode/Dim light sensor mode/Motion sensor mode to meet your different...

This is a great alternative to serve your tight budget while also giving you bolder brilliance. It has 24 LED beads that shine your patio or garden brighter than systems with four and more prolonged than those with 12.

These LEDs have a life span of more than 50000 hours, ‎3 Working Modes, 270° Wide.

The security lights has a large solar panel to capture more sun’s energy and store in the preinstalled 2200mAh battery. It has an excellent motion sensor that can detect a moving object located up to 10 feet.

With a moving object in range, the sensor will trigger a super bright illumination for about 20 seconds. Then, it switches back to the previously set mode, which can be either the auto on/ off or the no dim option.

The URPOWER SL-30 is an all-weather device, with a sturdy plastic body. Therefore, it’s still fully functional in rainy seasons, as well as in winter and summer.

Key Features:

  • It delivers super-bright brilliance from the fitted led beads
  • Features a wide lighting angle plus it comes as a pack of four to cover more grounds
  • Can detect moving objects at up to to 10 feet away
  • Has two working modes to serve you better
  • It features a full solar panel for faster recharging
  • The solar motion sensor light is remarkably weatherproof to last longer.

What we don’t like about it:

The motion detection of the security light may be ineffective in some scenarios. It can demand the use of more fixtures on a large compound. And more systems will mean more expenses.

5. Best Design: LEPOWER Adjustable Motion Sensor Security Light

No products found.

This is the best solar powered motion security light. Just like with the surveillance cameras, most of the security lights are usually utilitarian, designed just for the utility [or benefits]. Their designers focus on enhancing your security rather than attractiveness.

With this LEPOWER lighting, however, it comes with a lovely construction to add to your home décor. It consists of a hub that connects with two head security lights and a removable solar panel.

The motion-activated floodlight has a sturdy, polished housing that is in white for a more vibrant appeal. Nonetheless, a black version of the lamp is also available to serve your modest taste.

The system has a highly sensitive motion sensor that detects objects in a range of 20ft within 180 degrees. If you want to track a large area, nonetheless, you can adjust the sensor to detect up to 33ft or 49ft.

Still, the sensor has varying time intervals for the illumination. It has a test timer for 5-6 seconds and then 30, 60, and 120 seconds for the working modes. In other words, you can testest and preset the lighting timer in three different ways.

Key Features:

  • The light fixture produces super bright lighting of 1500 lumen
  • It comes in a unique design to add an aesthetic appeal to your décor
  • You can adjust the motion sensor from 20 to 49 feet
  • Has an adjustable motion lighting timer
  • The security lights can only detect human, animals, and vehicles
  • Features a wider, removable solar panel
  • It has three easy-to-set operational modes: auto, standard, and test
  • You can use it on open compounds without the worry of intense or heat.

6. Best Flexible: LEREKAM Solar SpotLights Outdoor Security Light

LEREKAM Solar Spot Lights, IP65 Waterproof 40 LEDs Landscape...
  • Cool White Solar Spotlights Outdoor: A nightly light show! Automatically can come on when it gets...
  • 3 Brightness Lighting Modes: LEREKAM 40 LEDs solar outdoor spotlights, high light mode/medium light...

Just like a gymnastic who contorts to form different shapes, this automatic night light can rotate in almost any direction. It consists of two circular spotlights with seven super-bright LEDs each, and a central hub that connects all the parts.

The rectangular Hub does have 40 LED modules too to help expand the illumination coverage and cover a larger area.

Whichever direction you want to light, this multi-joint system is wholly rotatable for up to 360 degrees. It functions just like a PTZ camera that can pan and tilt, but instead of a recording, it illuminates your space.

For the performance part, the LEREKAM security lighting design allows it to remain dim throughout the entire night. When a person or animal passes across its PIR sensor, the spotlight glows brighter for 30 seconds, then weakens if there are no more movements.

Due to its gimmicky design, this security lamp is not just for homes but also restaurants, deli, Porch, Path, Pool, Yard, Garden, Garage,Driveway, Pathway,etc.

Key Features:

  • It features a multi-joint design that is flexible to adjust to any angle
  • Can light up three different areas at the same time
  • Detects movements from only real animal and people
  • Keeps your compound dimly lighted throughout the night
  • Comes with a preinstalled 2000mAh battery
  • Features a fixed illumination time interval of 30 seconds
  • The solar security lighting has a robust plastic construction with an IP65 weatherproof rating.

What we don’t like about it:

It has a small solar panel that might take longer to charge the lithium battery fully.

7. ZOOKKI Outdoor Wire-free Motion Sensor Lights

ZOOKKI Solar Outdoor Lights -120° Illumination Solar Motion...
  • 🌟【Instantaneous PIR Motion Inductor】With Motion Sensor Detector can detect movement up to 26...
  • 🌟【Powerful Solar Powered Lights】The Solar Motion Lights Equipped with 28 bright LEDs, 400...

This is another pack that features the best solar powered motion security light to use on your property. It comes with a kit of four pieces that you can place at different positions around your property.

Each of the contained security lightings has 28 brilliant LEDs that produce a brightness of 400 lumens. The LED lights can remain running for up to 12 hours or more depending on the charge of the installed battery.

With a power of 3.7 volts, this Li-ion battery takes about 8 hours to charge from the sun. Its attached solar panel is quite small {0.55W}, but still, it’s able to deliver enough energy to take you through the night.

During that night, the ZOOKKI Wire-free security light can detect motions from moving objects at 26 feet. Whether it’s animal, persons, or a vehicle, though, it has to be within the sensor’s angular range of 120 degrees.

Upon lighting up, the night floodlight lasts 30 seconds, after which it then goes off if it senses no more movements.

Key Features;

  • It comes as a package of four security lights to place at different places
  • Each piece has 28 powerful LEDs that produce 400lm brightness
  • Houses a smart motion sensor with a detection range of up to 26 feet
  • Has an illumination time interval of 30 seconds
  • The solar security light is wire-free and effortless to install

What we don’t like about it:

The night lighting has a small solar panel, which translates to more charging hours. So, it might fail to fully charge the available battery when the sun is low in the sky.

8. Aootek DG44-02 solar-powered automatic night lighting pack

Aootek Solar Lights Outdoor 182 LEDs 2500Lm Solar Motion Sensor...
  • 1.Three Optional Modes mode(Motion sensor turns the light on and off automatically)...
  • 2.Sensitive PIR Motion Inductor: With upgraded Motion Sensor Detector and Greater PIR sensor can...

Although it has a not so attractive classic design, Aootek DG44-02 is a system you’ll relish to have at night. It has 182 first-rate LED beads that will shine your pathway, patio, or garden with exceptional brightness.

The security floodlight has a 120-degree arc, which ensures the illumination leaves minimal blind spots. By the way, the security unit is available as a pack of two, meaning you’ll hardly have a weak point for a shadow.

With the latest PIR motion sensor, this security lighting detects movements from only animals, people, or vehicles. Therefore, it has fewer false alarms since it can’t sense objects without infrared waves [heat], such as moving branches.

The motion sensor torch can detect objects at 26 feet and light up for 15 seconds before switching off. Other than that security mode, it also does support medium light and dusk to dawn lighting. With the latter, the fixture will serve you as a conventional illuminant that can automatically switch off at the break of dawn.

Key Features:

  • It Has 182 super LEDs to produces an ultra-bright illumination
  • Features highly sensitive PIR sensor with a detection range of up to 26feet within 120-degree angle
  • Offers three optional working modes, including security, dusk-to-dawn, and smart medium-light lighting
  • Provides sufficient power supply from its broad 15 square inches solar panel
  • Supports versatile applications on garden, pathway, patio, wall, and stairway
  • It’s completely wire-free. Hence, effortless to set up
  • The solar camera is IP65 weatherproof and heatproof to last longer.

What we don’t like about it:

The motion-activated night lighting has a short illumination time for the security mode. 1-5 minutes interval would have been better, at least.

9. iThird IT-21 Led Solar Security Light

iThird Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor, LED Solar Powered...
  • 3 Modes Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor: 1st mode: the lights will stay on dim when no motion...
  • Glass Lamination Solar Panels: Compare to other solar outdoor lights with PET solar panels in the...

This is another outstanding lighting system that can leave the potential burglar out of feathers and cursing his birthday. It has a lovely sleek style, which you can choose from either Daylight or Warm white color.

The lighting has a stainless steel shell that has a brushed ABS finish to make it non-reflective and enhance its usefulness. Stainless steel is a reflective material, and that can otherwise disrupt the desired path of the light energy.

This lighting has 21 super-bright LEDs that can produce a brightness of 330 lumens when on the motion sensor mode. So, you can imagine that amount of brilliance being re-directed to the ground.

The system gets its power from a fitted 2200mAh solar battery that can run for up to 12 hours in full charge.

Key Features:

  • It has three optional operational styles, including dim light, motion sensor, and dusk-to-dawn mode
  • Features 21 LED lights with an illumination of up to 330lm
  • Comes with a high efficient 5V 2W solar panel and a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Has a fantastic sensor with up to 16.4 feet detection range
  • Features a weatherproof construction from sturdy, rustproof material
  • Can work well on front doors, pathway, garage, and driveways
  • The motion sensor light has an illumination time of 37 seconds

What we don’t like about it:

Similarly, the night light has only one issue- a short illumination time for the motion sensor mode. If it has an adjustable timer switch or at least a fixed 1-5 minute interval, it would have been better.

10. RuggedGrade Remote Controlled Solar LED Floodlight

10,000 Lumen Cobalt CS Series Solar LED Flood Light - Remote...
  • AMERICAN COMPANY & BETTER DESIGNED -American Company with USA Toll Free Phone Support making a...
  • REMOTE CONTROLLED - The Cobalt CS Series is controlled by Remote. The remote has an AUTO button to...

Although it’s not a motion trigger, this solar light can be a spectacular addition in your home or business place. It has superb SMD LED modules that fill your property with vivid brilliance.

The lamp can’t detect moving objects, but it does have the dust to dawn program. This function is so helpful as it can trick the opportunistic burglars that you are at home, yet you are not.

For you to set the feature, you can use the AUTO button on the remote that comes with the lighting system. The remote has a wireless range of up to 15 feet. Hence, you can control it from the house, but when in a clear line of sight. It was also the best solar powered motion security light.

Summary Features:

  • It provides your backyard and other areas with brilliant brilliance
  • You can set the dusk to dawn mode automatically light up when darkness comes
  • Has an 8000mAh rechargeable battery that can light up your compound for more extended periods
  • Comes with a valid but limited one year warranty
  • RuggedGrade has a very supportive technical team
  • It’s IP65 weatherproof rated to support its use on harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, or frost
  • The solar-powered light is quick to install without the use of an electrician

What we don’t like about it:

The solar-powered floodlight produces intense brightness, for sure. Its only disadvantage is that it doesn’t have the motion detection ability.

Shopping Guide: Essential Tips To Consider When Buying An Eco-Friendly Motions Sensor Security Light

If you are ever stranded, this list should help you choose the perfect solar powered security light with motion sensor. All the systems consist of the products that we have independently searched and researched. Then, picked them out basing on their amazing features and the large customer base.

While buying any solar powered security light, though, there are some essential things you have to pay attention to for a better experience. They include:

Mounting Location

This one is the point or spot where you’re planning to set up your security camera. The aspect is genuinely vital as it will determine the type of lighting to get.

If you want to light up a walkway, garden, or driveway, for instance, you’ll need to have a wall or a standing pole. A porch, on the other hand, can use the ceiling, but the wall might come in handy as well.

best solar powered motion security light

The type of lighting

Motion sensor lights are usually available in two different forms- spotlights and the general illumination type. Each of the two has its best point of application since they don’t share similar features.

A spotlight tends to have a narrower beam that can cover a longer distance range [as with flashlight]. On its end, the classical illumination style features a broader [rectangular or square] form. Hence, it can cover a larger space but for a shorter distance.


Now, under the two types of motion sensor lighting, there are so many models and versions from different brands. If you are interested in the standard useful models, they are the majority in the market.

If you need to illuminate and at the same time maintain your exterior décor, there are beautiful systems for that too.
There is even the like of Drawgreen Spotlight, which can ward off a burglar with its CCTV-like styling and the motion sensor trigger.

Lighting angle

This is another vital feature, which determines how broad and far the solar floodlight will illuminate. With a narrow lighting angle, the coverage is usually small, but the illuminant can illuminate longer distances.

On the other end, an extensive lighting angle enables the system to cover an ample space, but it can’t shine for far.
Therefore, if your goal is to illuminate a longer distance, you can go with a spotlight system. And if your focus is to cover a full space, then the conventional illumination style is what you need.

Type of the Sensor

Also, this is a crucial aspect if you want your lighting to be automatically illuminating when someone tries to sneak into your property.

As you pick your system, look out for an advanced PIR that has an extended detection range.

For the former, there is the advantage of the security light only lighting up after it detects movements from real people or animals.

When it comes to the motion-sensing, longer and broader range will help prevent the intruders from getting closer to your properties.

Power option

For this one, every detail is just straightforward. Our topic is on solar-powered security lights. So, the single aspect to consider is to ensure your prospective lighting has a large and powerful solar panel. This will guarantee the system can harness the sun’s energy more efficiently to give the preinstalled battery a full charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best solar security light?

That depends. There are numerous models of solar security lights, and each of them has its unique positives and limitations. So, to answer that question, you have to look at your needs and the budget you have. Then you compare.
Later, we can now conclude the best solar security light is that one you can afford and then serves your needs optimally and to satisfaction.

What is the brightest motion sensor light?

That is a tricky one because the brightness depends on the fitted LED beads and the power supply.
After browsing through, though, you’ll come across some lightings that claim to produce 10000 and 20000 lumen.
Even if they are there, as security experts, we crown the Mopzlink Three Leaf LED Garage Lights as the brightest motion-activated light. Why? It produces a 6000-lumen brightness, and it has a large customer base, with a 5-star rating.

Do solar powered security lights work?

Absolutely! As long you have pointed the panel directly to the sunshine, the floodlight will light up compound so fantastically. For you to enjoy a long-term experience, nonetheless, you’ll have to maintain the system properly. The most common practices include dusting the solar panel and replacing the preinstalled battery if it has undergone extreme degradation.

How long do solar security lights last?

It depends. If the lighting is just from cheap, low-quality materials, you’d be lucky to use it for over three months.
However, if you chose a quality weatherproof fixture that has superior LED bulbs, you should expect a life expectancy of over 60 months. The majority of LEDs in motion sensor lamps have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, which translates to about five years and eight months. This means the lighting will last ten years, with 12 hours of working time per night.

Why is my motion sensing light still lighting up during the daytime hours?

That’s possibly a problem with the photocell. The sensor often works as a switch to turn on the lights when it gets dark. Then powers them off when it detects the natural light during daylight hours.
If something is blocking the photocell sensor and it fails to detect light, then it will stay on during the nighttime and daytime.

How do you charge solar lights without the sun?

Hmm, that’s a simple one. You just need to place the panel beneath an incandescent light to trick its receptors as sunlight. Incandescent lights tend to have wavelengths that are quite similar to those of the sun. And since the receptors don’t have the consciousness to identify the trick, it just picks it up as light.

Final Verdict:

An automatic motion sensor lighting is an excellent means to enhance the safety of your property. It is a cheaper security solution that you can go with before you can get a surveillance camera.

Both means, by the way, are genuinely essential as they can prevent a crime before it happens. Unlike a CCTV that will make the potential robber afraid, however, a motion sensor might intimidate him instead. It powers on without notice, thereby making the burglar believe the owners are already up, and they have spotted him.

If you already have a surveillance camera, linking it to your best solar powered motion security light can surely help. You can now be receiving brighter and clearer nighttime images. And if the CCTV does support color night vision, you can get a chance to win colored footage with vivid details.