The 10 Best Outdoor Security Lights Reviews in 2021

The 10 Best Outdoor Security Lights Reviews in 2021

Commercial premises have been the major users of security lighting, alongside other surveillance measures like CCTV cameras for years. In recent times, though, various households have realized the need to enhance the welfare of their families. This has prompted them to get into the market of security gadgets but with it being the first time for some, they find themselves stranded on where to begin. With the desire and love to see your family safe and happy, today we’re going to give you the best outdoor security lights reviews 2021. Then, at the end of the topic, you get to decide on which “FEELS YOU” and fit for your compound.

Which Security Light Is Really the Best?

In most scenarios, “best” is a word most of us tend to overplay than we really shouldn’t. Of course, it means superior quality design and features but that’s not the true definition of the best in this case. The “Best” outdoor security light in here means that piece of gadget that will solve your needs satisfactorily. It doesn’t matter the design or cost but how the ideal security light is working for you.

Though it has been an upgrade in progress, the installation of security lights is an essential investment that you’ll truly cherish. The security unit help gets rid of the dark shadows, where burglars might be hiding during the night. This lights can also be a great added security measure for enhancing the clearness of the outdoor security camera (if you have them).

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Apart from enhancing protection from burglars, other 4 benefits of installing outdoor security lights are:

  • To get rid of precarious critters, such as raccoons and skunks.
  • For preventing accidents, particularly if you want them for a place like a hotel.
  • Help enhance the exterior elegance of your building with distinguished sophistication.
  • Outdoor security lights can also help increase the value of your property due to the added safety measures, and or exterior glamor/ comfort.

What to Look For In Security Lights?

As seen above, installing outdoor security lights has various benefits when installed on your compound. As such, you have to identify your major reasons for having them before you even do the installation. This will help you identify and choose the right tools that will serve your requirements satisfactorily.

Since our goal here is to safeguard your property, the following are the key features to look for when buying a security light:

Light Clarity: Although colored lighting is cute, it’s not good for security reasons as it can bring distorting facts. White or clear bulbs are the best for security purposes as they produce light which is much brighter and cleaner. Thereby, giving out a clear picture of the person creeping in your compound.

Automatic Controls: This is facilitated by the PIR Sensors which detects motion and triggers light for a certain period. And or by the Photocell (dusk-to-dawn sensor) which automatically triggers the light on at dusk and off at dawn. Lights with automated switches can help create an illusion that someone has turned them on manually, whereas there’s nobody home.


If the fixture of your security lights is somewhere open, consider getting components which are weatherproof or can withstand dampness. This will help ensure optimal safety and long-term service, thus, promoting cost-effectiveness.

Consider medium power: While still considering the aspect of quality, go for medium power lights instead of high power ones. A very bright light usually casts a lot of shadows and also the glare might make it difficult for you to see outside clearly.

Design matters too: While purchasing the security lights for your home consider the fixtures which are compatible with the style of your home. The same goes for a commercial premise, such as a hotel.

Although the features will vary across a variety of models, those are the key ones you’ll find in most of the best outdoor security lights reviews. However, you also have to protect your lights after installation or fix them in a high place to avoid unauthorized personnel from tampering with them. Perhaps you can shield it with something like a mesh.

Best Outdoor Security Lights Reviews 2021

As I stated earlier, today’s market of security gadgets is really huge and might be confusing if you don’t know what to look for. Following are some of the most rated outdoor security lights that you can get from Amazon today. Then, add your compound with a gleam of safety and even distinguished elegance.

1. LITOMS Outdoor Solar Security Light W/ Wireless Motion Sensor

LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor, 3 Optional Modes Wireless...
23,916 Reviews
LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor, 3 Optional Modes Wireless...
  • 【World-leading Solar Light Brand】As the leader of the solar light industry, LITOM focuses on the...
  • 【Brighter & Wider Lighting】Equipped with upgraded high power LEDs and newest energy management...

With almost 10, 000 customer reviews on Amazon, this security light has truly won the hearts of many consumers. The outdoor light utilizes solar energy to function, hence, a great energy-saver and also no additional electricity fees on your monthly bills. Its solar panel is highly efficient and also it features a contemporary energy management chip to ensure lengthened power reservation.

Each LITOMS Outdoor Solar Security Light features powerful LEDs with excellent illumination which can reach up to 200 square feet. This means a stream of 4 lights can cover a space of up to 800 square feet when switched on simultaneously. The solar light has 3 lighting modes, hence allows you you to set the best one for your scenario.

LITOMS Outdoor Solar Security Light has superior PIR Motion Sensor which can detect movement of up to 26 feet. This helps ensure your family has a good, sweet sleep in every night. The outdoor security light is ultimately weatherproof, so, you don’t have to worry about snow, rain, or even severe heat. This is the best outdoor motion sensor flood lights in the reviews list.

Summary Features:

  • Features high-efficient solar panel and energy management chip
  • Designed with premium and IP65 waterproof material
  • Has a motion sensor
  • Features 3 lighting modes to choose from
  • Illuminates up to a range of 200 Ft2.

2. Mr Beams Wireless LED Spotlight W/ Motion Sensor & Photocell

Mr Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and...
  • Provides 350 square feet of coverage, battery operated (Best with Polaroid D Batteries)
  • Extremely bright LED with minimum power consumption, 140 Lumens

If you find a 2pack of LITOM’s solar light not enough for your compound, this Spotlight from the Mr Beams is a good alternative to get. If it’s during the chilly winter, this security light will keep your compound well lit even if you get to miss the sun for a week. This is so as it functions with 3 batteries (preferably Polaroid Alkaline cells) which can last even for months depending with your usage.

Mr Beams Wireless LED Spotlight features a superior LED which can cover a space range of up to 400 square feet. The outdoor security light has minimum power consumption (140 lumens) and it has a Photocell sensor for automatic power on/ off. Following its small size, this Mr Beams’ Spotlight can fit easily on the doorways, fences, and or tree.

For added security, Mr Beams Wireless LED Spotlight has a motion detector which turns the light on every time it senses movement. This is another best outdoor motion sensor flood lights for 2021.

Summary Features:

  • Simple to install since no wiring needed
  • Features powerful but energy-saving LED
  • Each Spotlight Illuminates a space range of 400 feet square
  • Has a motion sensor (up to 30 feet) which turns the light on and off automatically
  • Features a Photocell sensor for automatic power on/ off in the evening and morning respectively.

3. Ring Floodlight Camera HD Security Cam W/ Siren Alarm & Two-Way Talk

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way...
27,145 Reviews
Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way...
  • Connect your Ring camera with Alexa then enable announcements to be alerted when motion is detected....
  • Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC

This is one of the best outdoor security lights reviews and even ought to be the first one on the list. As a creation of ultra-modern tech, the Ring Floodlight camera multitasks both the lighting and surveillance requirements for you. It features ultra-bright LED floodlights and a powerful camera which produces 1080p HD pictures.

Ring Floodlight Camera HD Security Cam has the Two-Way audio function which allows you to communicate with your guest-at-door easily. This remarkable feature is also an added security measure to hear, and or scare those lurking in the darkness. With its motion detection feature, this surveillance cam immediately triggers the floodlights and send a push notification on your smartphone or PC.

Ring Floodlight Camera HD Security Cam is truly an ultimate guard for your home or even storefront. Once you receive the alert of prospective burglars, you can either use the Two-Way audio function to shout them off. Or else, wirelessly activate the built-in siren to scare them away.

The Ring’s Floodlight security camera is compatible with Alexa devices, allowing you to operate the entire unit with your voice command. The ring is the 2nd best outdoor motion sensor flood lights in 2021.

Summary Features:

  • Feature high-quality motion-activated LED floodlights
  • Produces excellent 1080p HD pictures
  • Can detect motion and alert you via PC/ smartphone
  • Includes a Two-Way audio function and remote-activated siren
  • Has IR night vision and live viewing


4. Hyperikon LED Outdoor Security Light

Hyperikon LED Security Light with Motion Sensor, 2 Head Dusk to...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MOTION SENSOR - Hyperikon's two head security lights are equipped with a...
  • ADJUSTABLE OPERATING MODES - Make the lights' best use and chose AUTO mode to activate both motion...

If you looking for a piece to enhance your property’s security plus a distinguished shine, get Hyperikon LED Outdoor Security Light. The outdoor lamp comes in an ultra-luxurious design featuring two head lights which you can adjust and change the direction of the beam. This beam has an illumination angle of 100°, hence, the two heads can cover a really wide area.

Hyperikon LED Outdoor Security Light is remarkably bright, allowing you to monitor every suspicious activity easily and effectively. The outdoor light has an incredible photocell sensor which automatically powers on/ off the power heads, deterring any opportunistic picklock. As an added security measure, this lamp also has an adjustable motion sensor that can track movement in a range of up to 40 feet.

Hyperikon LED Outdoor Security Light has three working modes that you can choose and use. The lighting unit is remarkably reliable in any weather, including rain, sleet, snow, and extreme temperatures of up to 120°F. This is the number 4 best outdoor security lights reviews in the list.

Summary Features:

  • Quick and simple to install on your yard, driveways, or loading deck
  • Super bright, with automated on/ off switch
  • Usable in any weather, be it the roasting sun or the heavy downpour
  • Includes adjustable motion sensor
  • Has three lighting modes to choose from.

5. LITOM 12 LED Wireless Outdoor Solar Landscaping Light For Garden

LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights, IP67 Waterproof Solar...
  • 【Cool White Solar Spotlights】Brighter 12 LEDs with Wider 120°Lighting Angle & 90°Adjustable...
  • 【2 Brightness Lighting Modes(Always on)】Low Light Mode(12hrs) / High Light Mode(6hrs). LITOM...

This is another outdoor security light by the LITOM creators but with more applications due to its portability. The solar landscaping light features 12 superb LEDs, which produces a total power of 600 Lumens. It has an illumination angle of 120 degrees and two lighting modes (Low Light and High Light Mode) to work with. The Low Light Mode produces dim light, whereas High Light Mode shines with more brightness in the dark.

LITOM 12 LED Wireless Outdoor Solar Landscaping Light has a 90-degree adjustable high-efficient solar panel which stores the harnessed energy in 18650 lithium rechargeable battery. The outdoor security lamp comprises of tough ABS plastic which enhances its IP67 waterproofness so that it can fully withstand severe weathers.

LITOM 12 LED Wireless Outdoor Solar Landscaping Light can be mounted on the wall with screws for use on doorways, storefronts, or backyard. If you want it to illuminate your garden, camping or fishing space, nonetheless, you need to stick it on the ground with stakes. The best outdoor solar flood lights.

Summary features:

  • Contains 12 high-performance LEDs, with a wide 120° lighting angle.
  • Features two working modes, including Low Light Mode (12hrs) and
  • High Light Mode (6hrs)
  • Has dusk-dawn sensor for automatic power on/ off
  • Incredibly weatherproof.
  • Flexible i.e. has wide applications.

6. Sansi LED Outdoor Security Floodlight W/ Motion Sensor

SANSI LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights, 36W (250W...
  • Bring Safety to Your Home: SANSI LED Security lights can turn on automatically when the motion is...
  • Super Bright: The 36W outdoor light is rated at 3,600 lumens, which provides efficient lighting for...

The Security light features excellent, unmatched creativity you’ll find with less. If your interest is on high brightness, this piece from the Sansi creators will serve your desires effectively and satisfactorily. It carries 36 watts of power and gives out 3600 Lumens, which is enough lighting for your front yard.

Sansi LED Outdoor Security Floodlight comes with two headlamps, which have four working modes to choose and work with. They include the Test mode, On-Time Mode, Auto Mode, and Dusk-to-Dawn Mode. Test Mode is a unique feature that you won’t find with many security lights. Its main purpose is to help check whether the installed sensor is working accordingly so that it doesn’t fail you in the time of need. The best outdoor motion sensor flood lights.

Sansi LED Outdoor Security Floodlight has a remarkable sensor which can detect movement in a range of up to 50 feet. This will then attract the lights towards the source of movement and light them up in a certain period depending with the set working mode.
The Sansi’s outdoor security light is very easy to install and ultimately waterproof.

Summary Features:

  • The Security light is super bright and energy-efficient
  • Features four working modes, which you can switch through very easily
  • Has high-performance motion sensor
  • Ultimately weatherproof.


7. Urpower Wireless Wide Angle Outdoor Security Light W/ 3 Modes Motion Sensor

URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor, 3 Modes Solar Motion Sensor Lights...
  • ☀️【Brighter and Wider Lighting】With powerful 24 LEDs and 3-side design, the solar outdoor...
  • ☀️【3 WORKING MODES】URPOWER Solar motion outdoor lights have 3 modes to meet your different...

This outdoor security light features an excellent wide-angle illumination, following its three-sided face and 24 led lights. This ensures your home or workplace’s exterior compound is well lit and protected from the uninvited guests, both picklocks and critters.

Urpower Wireless Wide Angle Outdoor Security Light has three distinct working modes which allow you to pick the one matching your security needs. The LED lights of the outdoor lamp function with the built-in rechargeable battery, which gets its juice from the solar energy.

As a piece for use on the external environment, Urpower Wireless Wide Angle Outdoor Security Light is remarkably weatherproof. It has an IP65 waterproofness and heatproof, hence, can still light your space during the numbing snow, downpour and even severe heats. The solar light has a high-performance motion sensor, which will light up the lamp for a couple of minutes once it detects any movement.

This Urpower Outdoor Security Light is very easy to install on your compound as no cables are needed for it to work.

Summary Features:

  • Include 24 powerful LEDs and three working modes
  • Features a lovely design and high-performance motion detector
  • Powered by Solar energy
  • Very waterproof

8. Maxsa Innovations Dual head LED Security Spotlight.

MAXSA Innovations 40218 Motion-Activated Dual Head LED Security...
  • Perfect for entryways, walkways, sheds, patios, balconies, decks, steps, garages, carports, and...
  • Detects Motion Up To 40-feet Away Within A 180° Area and dual adjustable light heads mean you can...

Maxsa Innovations Dual head LED Security Spotlight is a modern outdoor light which is designed to help protect your home or business premise. And also add some distinguished look on the exterior environment of your house. The security lamp comprises of two light heads, with each having two super-bright 0.5W LEDs. This ensures coverage of more space while directing the light in more than one direction.

Maxsa’s security light is solar-powered and unlike the rest, the solar panel needs mounting since it’s separate from the lamp. This outdoor light has a superlative motion detector, which automatically turns the light on when it detects any movement at night. This ensures optimal security and convenience as you’ll be able to rest in peace with the assurance your property is well guarded.

No special skills are needed to install Maxsa Innovations Dual head LED Security Spotlight, hence, no need of using an electrician. This solar lamp has a lovely design which can give your entryways and walks a very beautiful look. This will trick the thieves even more as they will think of the lights as just a decoration mechanism. This also best outdoor security lights reviews.

Summary Features:

  • Very easy to install on your own
  • Features two head lamps, with each featuring brilliant bright light
  • Can detect motion of up to 40ft away
  • Powered by solar energy
  • Made of heavy-duty plastic to ensure it’s weatherproof and durable

9. Heath HZ-4150-BK Zenith Black Brass Security Light W/ Motion Sensor

Speaking of sophistication and shining your exterior environment with exceptional elegance, this motion-activated security shouldn’t miss in your list. The outdoor lamp has powerful sensors which can track movement from up to 30 feet away. Hence, very effective in deterring the burglars with the illusion that you can see and hear them. Little do they know that you’re already drowning in your fantasy.

Heath HZ-4150-BK Zenith Black Brass Security Light has a black Charleston coach lantern which is four-sided, with three of them glassed. This helps ensure the fitted bulb is fully protected from harsh environments, particularly water and snow. The glossy black-finished brass is to help enhance the glow.

Heath HZ-4150-BK Zenith Black Brass Security Light is a product of high-quality materials, hence, will serve you for an extended period before wearing. The best outdoor security lights reviews.

Product Features:

  • Very beautiful design to enhance the glamor of your exterior compound
  • Optimal brightness for maximum lighting on your compound
  • Comprises of high-quality materials to enhance durability
  • Comes with a motion sensor to ensure maximum security on your family
  • Highly weather-resistant

10. Yacikos IP65 Waterproof Solar Security Lights W/ 3 Modes and Wireless Motion Sensor

Designed to turn your night into day, the Yacikos IP65 Waterproof Solar Security Lights features 100 powerful LEDs and a 270-degree illumination angle. The security light runs the installed rechargeable battery which takes it power from the sun through the high-efficient solar panel.

Yacikos IP65 Waterproof Solar Security Lights is very easy to install, so, you can do it on your own. The solar lamp has the heavy-duty, IP65 waterproof materials that allow it to withstand harsh weather without compromising its functionality. This Yacikos’ lamp has the PIR motion sensor, allowing it to trigger the light for a couple of minutes when it detects a movement. The sensing distance stated by the manufacturer is up to 26 feet and a sensing angle of 180 degrees.

Yacikos IP65 Waterproof Solar-powered Motion Security Lights has three different working modes that you can choose from. This helps ensure everyone looking for a security light is optimally served, whether they prefer the Medium Light, Dim Light Sensor, or Sensor Light Mode. The best outdoor wireless motion sensor light.

Summary Features:

  • 100 powerful LED lights and an illumination angle of 270 degree
  • Has a hardworking motion sensor with a sensing distance of 26ft and angle of up to 180 degree
  • Provides three lighting modes to choose from
  • Ultimately Weatherproof, including IP65 waterproof

What Now?

Well, the above list comprises of the best outdoor security lights reviews that you can get from Amazon now and fast. The products have the most reviews, hence, trusted and used by thousands of consumers across the world.

As I stated earlier in the article, the best outdoor security light for your compound depends on your individual requirements. Therefore, the piece/s you pick will rely on the purpose of your outdoor lighting. It can be to keep away annoying critters or discourage thieves from breaking in. If you run a hotel, the security lights can be great insurance as they will prevent accidents from occurring on your compound.

Anyways, after you have gotten the Security lights, remember to provide frequent maintenance to serve you better. Confirm all the sensors are working fine and if it uses batteries. Always ensure they have enough charge before darkness crawls.

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