The Ring - Video Doorbell Pro and Chime Pro Bundle 2023

The Ring – Video Doorbell Pro and Chime Pro Bundle 2024

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For those who have tried, it’s truly a huge comfort knowing what is going on around your home while at work. It even gets more exciting and fulfilling to answer the door of your home when hundreds of miles away. In case you’re yet to enjoy all these attributes but you dearly wish to have them, now is the time to do some upgrades. And not with just any system but the ring – video doorbell pro and chime pro bundle.

Of course, in the market, you can still find the ring doorbell pro alone. But at some point, you might need the Ring Chime pro device, which definitely will prompt you getting back into your pockets. At the end of it, you will have spent so much money whereas you could have bought the two systems as one kit at a reasonable price.

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Introducing Ring – Video Doorbell Pro and Chime Pro Bundle

Overall, Ring video doorbell pro is truly an incredible tool to have in your residence. When it’s at your door, the device lets you see, hear, and speak to the visitors from your phone, tablet, or PC. On top of that, the ultra-modern doorbell enables you to keep an eye on your front door. Hence, helping enhance your home security in a big way.

For you to properly understand the efficiency of Ring – Video Doorbell Pro and Chime Pro Bundle, we’ll look at the features of each individually. Our discussion will start with the doorbell pro since it’s the primary system, then, we finalize on the chime pro.

Features of Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Like we have just said, Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a remarkable addition to every home and not just for signaling convenience. But also for enhancing the security of your family and monitoring other valuables. The device is a stunning smart security camera system, so, you get to enjoy surveillance features like those from Blink XT or Arlo Pro 2.

Field of View

Well, with Ring video doorbell pro you never have to worry about the person at your door or trying to sneak. The doorbell system has a 160° wide view-angle lens that allows you to see a large scene of your front compound. Similar to the other wide-angle security cameras, the device also gets to see longer distances. Hence, you’ll even be able to see what’s happening across the street.

Video Quality

Along with a larger scene of your compound, Ring video doorbell pro produces high-quality images and videos. The system has a 1080P HD resolution, allowing it to produce smooth and vivid pictures during the daytime. This is a real great advantage as you get to see every detail perfectly and with clarity. Hence, helping you identify your delivery man without any hassles. In the event of a break-in, these recordings can even help save your day as you’ll be able to identify the accomplices perfectly.

Infrared Night Vision

For the nighttime, Ring doorbell pro is as effective as during the day. The only difference is that the system doesn’t produce color pictures at the time. It produces black and white videos but they’re all remarkably clear to make sure nothing ever sneak through without you noticing.

To make the night experience more favorable, ring video doorbell pro has got a very sensitive motion sensor. The two features, though, have been reported by several users to be affecting each other, whereby there’s motion detect while switching to night vision. While not all Ring doorbell pro devices have the issue, do expect it and immediately consult the Ring support team.

Motion Detection

With the Ring doorbell pro at your home, be assured no activity will go unnoticed unless there is power blackout or no internet connection. The ultra-modern doorbell has advanced motion detection. As for “advanced”, the system allows you to customize zones where you wish to be alerted when there’s activity.

Since the Ring doorbell supports remote access, the detected movements will trigger recording and send push notifications to your mobile device. If you have subscribed to the Ring Protect plan, the recording will be saved to your cloud account. In case you don’t have an active plan, though, you will only be able to live-stream the recording without saving it.

Hands-free Control

Well, with Ring doorbell pro, you never have to be on your smartphone or tablet for control. Ring Inc. is now a daughter company of, hence, it’s compatible with various technologies from the giant E-commerce Company. One of these technological advancements is Alexa, which Amazon introduced in 2014 to facilitate the execution of tasks using speech recognition.

So, if you have got compatible Echo devices, including Echo Show or Echo Dot, you can hear alerts from them when there’s activity at your door. Whether it’s a visitor pressing your doorbell or a trespasser has triggered the built-in motion sensors, you’ll always know when someone is there.

24/7 Surveillance

Compared with the other Ring doorbells, the Doorbell Pro system has an ultra-slim design with no enough space for a battery. Of course, if the manufacturer wants to install one they would. But considering the device’s advanced features, they didn’t want to install a tiny battery that keeps the charge for a couple of minutes.

As such, Ring Video Doorbell Pro comes ready to use hardwired power. It will be a real great advantage if you did have a doorbell before as you’ll avoid the hassle of wiring. In case the doorbell you’re upgrading was the traditional model with 8-12 VAC transformer, you’ll have to change with 16-24 VAC.

Despite the installation challenge, hardwiring your Ring doorbell means you’ll never have to change the batteries. Hence, guaranteeing your continuous functioning.

Internet connectivity

For you to enjoy using your Ring video doorbell pro, you need to have a smooth internet connection in your house. Luckily, the system can use both 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz wifi connection, thus, remarkably convenient when it comes to footage transmission. For the performance, though, the internet speed has to have a minimum speed of 2 Mbps.

If you have connected your device with 5.0GHz wifi, you don’t have to worry about the speed since the signal is ideally fast. The signal, though, is often weaker than the 2.4GHz, making it less efficient when the router is too far.

To help strengthen the signal and prevent broken signals, you can either get a wifi extender or else get the Ring Chime Pro. The latter, nonetheless, is the best option as it will be doing double work.
This now takes us to the next subject of our topic on Ring – video doorbell pro and chime pro bundle.

What Is Ring Chime Pro and Is It Really Worth It?

Ring Chime Pro is a system to help enhance the performance of your video doorbell pro. The device does this in two different ways and that’s why we have stated it’s more efficient than the regular wifi extender.

Before you start using your Ring Chime Pro, you have to make sure it’s active by plugging it into a power outlet. Once the device is active, it’ll now help improve the performance of your doorbell by extending the signal from the router. This will eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and ensure you never have to worry again about lost connection.

In other words, Chime Pro is like a bridge filling the gaps between your wifi router and the video doorbell system. As such, you’ll need to install it [Chime Pro] in between the two for the best experience.

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Apart from extending the Ring network, Chime Pro is a great amplifier for Alexa alerts. Let’s say someone presses the doorbell button or trips the motion sensors, you’ll get to hear the alerts throughout the house. This makes sure you never miss an alert in case you’re busy with other stuff and without your mobile device.

Just like your cellphone which has various ringtones, Ring Chime Pro features multiple alert tones to choose from. The device even has a volume control option for setting the ringing tone at a bearable threshold. If it’s during those moments you just want to relax by yourself, Chime Pro has an excellent “Do Not Disturb Mode” to help with that.

We, therefore, can conclude and say Ring Chime Pro is a truly incredible addition to your doorbell pro. When you get it as one Ring – video doorbell pro and chime pro bundle, the moment becomes even better since it helps you save several bucks.


As time goes by, the art and science that defines technology keep on changing. Since they’re all aiming at helping improve the way we live, it’s really important you shift along with it. If it’s at home, always remember security starts at your front door, hence, ensure you’re able to see all the goings around it.

One of the best ways you can do this is by getting ring – video doorbell pro and chime pro bundle – satin nickel. The system, yeah, is designed for the purpose like that of a door knocker, only that now you necessarily don’t need to be physically present to answer. Once connected to the internet, the Ring doorbell system allows you to see who is at your door using the built-in HD camera.

After you have noticed your friend Cherrie is the one ringing the bell, you can rise from the coach and go to open for him. Nonetheless, if you notice it’s your Ex whom you have just broken up with, you can choose to ignore him and just watch. Remember the video doorbell system has a built-in microphone and speaker. So, you can even break up with him again in case he insists he wants to hear your voice.

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