Best Auto Tracking Security Camera Reviews in 2023

Best Auto Tracking Security Camera Reviews For 2024

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Do you have a large compound you would like to monitor? If the answer is a YES, you definitely might want to look for the best auto tracking security camera that can not only pan and tilt. But also zoom in without sacrificing the image quality of the object within the focus area. That way, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your entire front or backyard while using only one device.

At the end of the day, you’ll save a few bucks that you’d have otherwise used on two or three more security cameras. Better yet, you’ll only have a single feed, with all the moments of a potential criminal, including before, during, and after breaking into your property. Thus, it will also be easier to go through past recordings.

Anyway, we believe you’ve clicked our article as you’re serious about the security of your home. So, we’ll be covering everything you need to find the best auto tracking PTZ security camera for your kind of situation. In fact, we’ve mentioned a few examples to give you a little understanding of what to look for and also avoid.

What’s the Best Auto Tracking Security Camera in 2024?

As we’ve severally mentioned, we all have varying preferences and needs when it’s about CCTV systems. Things are no different with auto tracking security cameras. So, each of the systems we’ve picked has its unique qualities as shown here.

When Else to Get an Auto Tracking Security Camera

As we’ve just said, a good auto tracking security camera can enable you to watch a large scene with only one device. In many cases, the camera can rotate horizontally up to 355° and at least 90° vertically. So, it will follow the moving object as it enters and leaves the scene.

At this point, therefore, we can conclude that you can get an auto tracking security camera when:

  1. You have a large property to monitor
  2. You want to cut the total CCTV cost (purchase and installation)
  3. You want a PTZ camera that doesn’t need someone at the control
  4. You need a security camera that can capture distant objects in rich clarity
  5. You want a motion-sensor PTZ security camera that’s harder to trick

Note, the best outdoor auto tracking security camera should have optical zoom, just like the regular true PTZ camera. If the feature is unavailable, the system is technically a PT (pan-tilt) camera, which usually relies on digital zoom. And in that case, you’re likely to get pixelated pictures of the objects at a distance.

Comparing the Performance, Pros, and Cons of the Auto Tracking Security Cameras

Auto Tracking Security Camera BrandPan/ TiltOptical ZoomVideo QualityFree Storage
SV3C SD10W-5MP Super-HD PTZ Security Camera355°, 120°5X5MP Super-HDUp to 128GB TF Card
SUNBA (Illuminati-2W) PTZ Security Camera360°, 90°25X1080p full HDUp to 128Gb TF Card
DoHonest (S02) WiFi Security Camera360°, 110°N/A1080p Full HDUp to 128GB TF Card
FUSWLAN (SD10W-5MP) WiFi PTZ Camera355°, 120°5X5MP Super-HDUp to 128GB TF Card
Reolink (RLC-523WA) Super-HD Security Camera360°, 90°5X5MP Super HDUp to 256GB TF Card
BOSMA EX Pro 3MP-HD Security Camera180°, 45°N/A3MP Full HD12-hour Cloud Storage
Ctronics 5MP Outdoor Security Camera355°, 90°4X5MP Super-HDUp to 128Gb TF Card
BOAVISION (HD22M102M) CAMERA350°, 120°N/A1080p Full HDUp to 128GB TF Card

1. SV3C SD10W-5MP Super-HD Auto Track PTZ Security Camera

SV3C ONVIF PTZ WiFi Wireless Camera Outdoor, Auto Tracking 5MP IP...
  • Dual Band WIFI Connection and ONVIF Protocol: PTZ WIFI outdoor camera has WIFI and Ethernet...
  • Auto Tracking and Pan Tilt Zoom: Enable intelligent motion tracking, ptz wifi security camera tracks...

Indeed, the SV3C SD10W-5MP has everything needed to make it our overall best auto tracking security camera. It’s a true PTZ camera, with a superior 5MP image sensor that captures video in rich super-HD quality. And that doesn’t apply to only the near objects, but also those at a distance, all thanks to its motorized zoom lens.

The security camera also has an intelligent auto-tracking feature. So, it can detect movements and follow through with the object on the scene until it exists on the grounds. Even better, you can set the camera to only detect and track human shapes, thereby minimizing false alerts from animals and trees.


  • It delivers crisp and detailed images
  • You can zoom in without sacrificing the quality
  • Supports audio recording and two-way talk
  • Has both colored and black & White night vision
  • Doesn’t necessarily require a monthly subscription
  • You can mount in an open environment (outdoors) without issues.


  • Doesn’t support 5GHz WiFi
  • It can be a bit tricky to set the aspect ratio of mobile app

2. SUNBA (Illuminati-2W) Auto tracking PTZ Security Camera

SUNBA Auto Tracking PTZ Camera IP PoE+ Outdoor, RTMP YouTube...
  • [Smart Tracking Makes Surveillance Effective] – This wired industrial-grade IP camera is able to...
  • [Capture More Details with 25x Optical Zoom] – The 25x optical zoom lens will leverage the zoom...

If you won’t mind the hefty tag, the SUNBA PTZ camera has nothing you don’t need. True, 1080p video quality isn’t the best, but the camera has a long-range optical zoom of up to 25X. Thus, enabling you to see objects further away more clearly than those cameras with only digital zoom.

Furthermore, the PTZ camera can record up to 30fps and a high-efficiency video coding (also known as H.265). Thus, giving you smooth video recordings while at the same time maximizing the storage consumption.

More on that, the PoE security camera has an auto tracking feature, which you can couple with intelligent preset, line Crossing, or intrusion detection. Then, you have the option to use it as a standalone with a TF card, NAS, Computer, or an add-on to a PoE NVR.


  • It has a well-made and durable build
  • Has a clear and long-range night visions
  • Performs very well in extreme weathers
  • Can zoom farthest objects without excess pixelation
  • Has a more advanced motion auto-tracking feature


  • It’s very expensive
  • Its app is a bit glitchy at times
  • The masking feature is almost useless

3. DoHonest (S02) WiFi Auto Tracking Security Camera

The DoHonest S02 is certainly the perfect option if you need an outdoor auto tracking security camera, but have a tight budget. It retails for under sixty bucks yet still does include most of the features you need to watch over your property. Of course, the 2MP image sensor is relatively small for a 2021/22 CCTV system, but it’s enough for home use.

The security camera has a 360-degree pan and 110-degree tilt, which enables it to follow up the object in the area until the end. You can as well set the camera to only detect and follow human-shaped figures Thus, minimizing the false alerts by more than 90%, which, by the way, also saves on the storage space.


  • It’s very affordable
  • Feels sturdy and to last
  • Can record audio and two-way talk
  • Can work as standalone or with NVR
  • You can mount either indoor or outdoor
  • Supports hands-free control with Alexa devices


  • The instructions are a bit unclear
  • It cannot work with 5G WiFi

4. FUSWLAN (SD10W-5MP) WiFi Auto Tracking PTZ Camera

FUSWLAN 5MP PTZ Security Camera Outdoor, 5X Optical Zoom WiFi...
  • 【Auto Track & Real-Time Alert】This PTZ cameras with human motion detect and auto track function....
  • 【Night Vision with Spotlight】 This IP security camera can choose infrared/full color/lntelligent...

While we can’t compare with a 4k auto tracking camera, the FUSWLAN is definitely the winner on clarity in our list. It records in 2560 x 1920p super-HD quality, which is two-and-half times clearer than the standard 1080p resolution.

Better yet, the PTZ camera has a motorized zoom, which allows you to capture every detail as you want it. Once the feature pairs with the auto tracking program, you can now watch and follow the person on the monitor in crispier quality.

Talking about people, this camera does support human detection. Thus, will alert and record activity that only matters.


  • It delivers vibrant and detailed videos
  • Can zoom without sacrificing the image clarity
  • Records video with audio and has two-way talk
  • Compatible with ONVIF NVR and 3rd-party software
  • Brings you both colored and black & white night vision
  • It supports both the standard H.264 and HEVC H.265 codec


  • Does not support auto patrol
  • It doesn’t work with 5GHz WiFi

5. Reolink (RLC-523WA) Super-HD PTZ Security Camera System

REOLINK RLC-523WA - PTZ Cameras Outdoor for Home Security, 5MP...
  • 360° HIGH-SPEED PTZ TRACKING: 360° endless panning in up to 150°/s allows this auto-tracking dome...
  • 5MP SUPER HD DAY & NIGHT: 5-megapixel high resolution brings you sharp details. Infrared LEDs enable...

Although it’s not the most famous, the Reolink PTZ camera does have a smart motion tracking program as well. The feature works in hand with person and vehicle detection to reduce false alarms from animals, leaves, and shadows.

Moreover, the security camera has a 5MP sensor, which lets you see everything in rich detail. Then, it has a motorized lens, with 5X optical zoom to focus on distant objects without compromising the video quality.

Better yet, the camera has built-in spotlights, which you can activate manually or set to trigger automatically after detecting motion. Thus, enabling you to continue recording in full color at night while at the same time helping warn off the unwanted guests.


  • It supports up to 256GB MicroSD card
  • Captures sharp and vivid videos
  • Can work with either 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi
  • Has a built-in siren to deter potential burglars
  • It can continue to work indoor or outdoor


  • It can’t be connected with PoE cable
  • Doesn’t have Apple HomeKit support


BOAVISION Security Camera Outdoor, Wireless WiFi IP Camera Home...
  • Motion Tracking allows camera to automatically track moving objects and begin recording
  • Built-in floodlight and alarm siren activates with motion detection to scare away intruders

The BOAVISION security camera is the overall bestseller on the list, thanks to its perfect balance of pricing and performance. It records in 1080p Full HD quality and has a built-in microphone to give you videos with audio. There are also multiple LED lights in case you wanted the camera to continue recording in color at night.

Well, the security camera is yet another that can lock on a moving target and follow along until it exits the frame. However, it has a fixed lens, which supports only digital zooming. So, you may experience choppy videos when the system tracks objects farther away.


  • It’s so affordable
  • Has multiple deterrence features
  • Can work with 3rd party software
  • Can record audio and two-way talk
  • Has a built-in slot for a MicroSD card
  • It has both WiFi and PoE connectivity


  • It lacks optical zooming
  • Has so many false alerts
  • The app is laggy and glitchy at times

7. BOSMA EX Pro 3MP-HD Auto Tracking Security Camera

BOSMA EX Pro Wired 2K Security Camera Outdoor, 2.4 GHz WiFi, Auto...
  • Super HD & Auto-Tracking: Take a closer look at unwanted visitors with super HD 2K (2304x1296)...
  • Fewer False Alarms: Tired of unneeded notifications on your mobile phone from moving cars and...

The BOSMA EX Pro is an excellent piece if you’re looking for a smart and innovative auto tracking security camera. Of course, it’s not a true PTZ but a pan-tilt model, with a 180-degree pan and 45-degree tilt.

But unlike the others, the security camera has more advanced AI features, including facial recognition, package detection, and loitering alerts. It also comes with a free 12-hour rolling cloud storage, which you can extend up to 30 days at a small fee.

Even better, the pan-tilt camera has an intelligent anti-theft feature that sets off the built-in siren when someone tries to tamper with it. Oh, and best of all, the camera has a powerful 3MP sensor that captures rich details both day and night.


  • It looks and rotates more elegantly
  • Delivers bright and clearer videos
  • Can record in color or black & white at night
  • Supports audio recording and two-way talk
  • Has multiple AI features to cut false alerts
  • It can withstand harsh outdoor conditions


  • The app is a little buggy sometimes
  • You can’t use it well without WiFi
  • It doesn’t support the ONVIF protocol

8. Ctronics 5MP Outdoor Auto Tracking Security Camera

Last on our auto tracking PTZ camera review is the Ctronics model, which is not just great in following up the moving objects. But also you can set it with up to sixteen key spots to auto patrol and cruise. Thus, giving you a shot of your property while even there’s no activity detected.

More on that, the security camera has a superior 5MP image sensor, which brings you super-clear videos. Then, the lens is the motorized kind, with up to 4X optical zoom. Hence, allowing you to focus on the objects at a distance without affecting the quality of the images in any way.

Furthermore, the PTZ camera has a built-in LED light to illuminate the area at night. Thus, making it possible to continue recording in full color after dusk.


  • You can set the remote patrol and cruise
  • Records with minimal false alarms
  • Delivers sharp and vibrant videos day/ night
  • It can work as a standalone or with NVR
  • Can record video with audio and two-way talk
  • You can mount either indoor or outside in the open


  • It’s a bit laggy on Mac and iPhone software
  • Incompatible with 5GHz WiFi connection
  • Doesn’t have “return cruising” after auto-tracking

Factors to Consider in a Good Auto Tracking Security Camera

In general, a lot of features define how a good CCTV system should be. But when it comes to auto tracking security cameras, there are six crucial things you should focus on if you’re to make the most of it. They are:

  1. Video Quality: ensures you can see clear details of the person, vehicle, or animal that triggered the motion sensor.
  2. Motorized lens: gives optical zoom capabilities, whereby the camera focus on distant objects/ subjects without affecting the image quality.
  3. Weatherproof: this helps ensure you can mount your security camera outdoor without having to worry about harsh weather conditions.
  4. Smart Programs: features like human detection allow you to set the camera to only capture and follow motions that matter. Thus, minimizing false alerts, which would otherwise spam you with unimportant alerts and eat up your storage space.
  5. Local storage: enables the security camera to record without having to pay for the cloud subscriptions.
  6. ONVIF protocol: Auto tracking security cameras are either PT (pan-tilt) or PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) designs. So, you might want to make sure the particular model you want is compatible with third-party software like Blue Iris and or NVR recorders from other brands.

Common Related Questions

What is auto-tracking in PTZ cameras?

In simple words, the auto-tracking in PTZ cameras is an intelligent video surveillance program (software), which captures, locks, and follows the target until it leaves the frame. The auto-tracking feature works best if the respective camera has human detection or face pattern detection.

What is intelligent tracking on a security camera?

Intelligent tracking on PTZ and PT security cameras refers to the ability of a security camera to lock on and follow a moving object. As it follows, the camera will also adjust the field of view, zooming in or out, to capture optimal images.

Can security cameras follow motion?

A quick answer, YES, some security cameras do know how and when to follow the motion. But the cameras usually rely on the built-in motion sensor, which means it can detect and track whatever moves. So, you might want to enable the humanoid or face detection to ensure it only follows motions that matter.

Do security cameras follow movement?

YES, security cameras with the auto-tracking program can follow the movement. But it depends on the brand, whereby some can follow movements from whatever moves and others can focus on only humans, cars, or pets.

What is smart tracking on camera?

Smart tracking on PT and PTZ security camera can be either automatically by preset rules under auto patrol and cruise. Or else with the auto-tracking feature, whereby the camera locks on target and follow until it exits the scene.

In Conclusion:

An auto tracking security is all worth it if you can choose the right brand and model. For one, the panning and tilting enable it to extend its field of view. Thus, covering more grounds of your property with just one device, which also keeps the initial and maintenance cost low.

In the meantime, you can check out the SV3C SD10W-5MP  if you’re yet to decide on the auto tracking security camera to pick. It has a reasonable price, plus everything elsewhere you’ll need to keep an eye on your property the way you’d want. That’s super-HD video recording, audio solutions, floodlights, and optical zoom to focus on distant objects. Oh, there’s also humanoid motion detection so the camera can only track movements from people while ignoring the rest.

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