Wyze Vs Nest Cam: Comparing the Best Wireless WiFi Security Camera

Wyze Vs Nest Cam: Comparing the Best Wireless WiFi Security Camera

Wireless security cameras have become a choice of many homeowners due to their convenience and reliability. For both the expandable and standalone models, the type of CCTV is so easy to install and relatively affordable if you don’t have a large property to monitor. In this article, we’ll look at Wyze vs Nest Cam to see which device is worth investing in.

Regardless, the Nest Cam Outdoor security camera is the best, in my opinion, if you want a worthwhile security solution. Of course, not that Wyze Cam doesn’t deliver what it says it would, no. Both cameras are great to have but the Google’s design is what I would go for my home.

5 Reasons Why Nest Cam Outdoor is the Best

  • Nest cam Outdoor support 24/7 continuous recording to cloud, whereas Wyze Cam V2 only keeps 12-second Wyze Vs Nest Camshort clips
  • Nest camera is IP65 weatherproof, which means you can use it indoors and outdoor with no issues. Wyze Camera is for indoor use only.
  • Nest cam Outdoor has a wider, 130° field of view so that you can see more grounds and in high definition.
  • As a product of Google, the Nest cam cloud (Nest Aware) is supposedly more secure than the Wyze Cam Plus. So it’ll be much harder to hack by unauthorized parties.
  • Last but not least, the Google Nest Cam Outdoor security camera does offer activity zones motion detection, facial recognition, and sound detection.

Wyze vs Nest Cam: Quick Summary on the security Cameras

Feature Wyze Cam V2Nest Cam Outdoor
Video Quality1080p Full HD1080p Full HD
Built-in SirenNONO
Night VisionYES
[Black and White]
[Black and White]
Audio FunctionsYESYES
Sound DetectionYESYES
Video AnalyticsYES, they’re Available
Smart motion detection
Face recognition
People & Object detection
Smart motion detection
Face Recognition
People and package detection
Continuous Video RecordingYES
[in MicroSD Card]
[With Active Nest Aware Pus]
Built-in Local StorageYES
[MicroSD Card]
Free CloudYES
[Rolling 14 days]
[Rolling 3 hours]
Power OptionWiredWired
Indoor and Outdoor
Smart Home CompatibilityYES
[Alexa & Google Assistant]
[Alexa & Google Assistant]
Ease of UsePerfectPerfect
Extra AccessoriesYES
Video doorbell
Smart light bulbs
Smart digital locks
Smart thermostat
Door & window sensor
Power adapters and plugs
Video doorbell
Smart Light bulbs
Power adapters & cables
Smoke & CO alarms
Smart digital locks
Temperature sensors
Warranty PolicyLimited One-Year WarrantyLimited One-Year Warranty
Customer ReviewsRead 95,000+ ReviewsRead 7,000+ Reviews
Price View on Amazon View on Amazon

Wyze Cam V2

Wyze Cam V2 is the overall bestselling Wireless security camera. At the time of this writing, the device has over 90,000 reviews from the Amazon store (only). So, you can imagine how many people have it in their homes across the globe.

Anyways, the wireless camera is cheap and the things it offers are far beyond what others do. If it’s the images, the device has the standard 1080p Full HD resolution that lets you see your world in color-accurate details.

Furthermore, Wyze Cam offers free rolling 14-day cloud storage, plus you can add a MicroSD card to save your data locally. And if you want to welcome your kids home from school, there’s an inbuilt two-way audio function to communicate through. That’s not all.

The Wyze cam V2 can work with Alexa and Google Assistant devices, allowing you to create an ecosystem that you can send commands via voice.

Google Nest Cam Outdoor

Just as the name, this is an outdoor security camera managed and distributed by Google USA. It’s also a favorite of many but slightly less popular when compared to the Wyze Cam as it has a hefty price tag.

If you’re okay with the high cost, however, the Nest Cam Outdoor system has everything you need to hear. For one, the device relies on a wall outlet for power, which translates to no-hassle changing batteries.

Secondly, the security camera has a superior image 2MP image sensor that brings you true 1080p HD image quality. You can even digitally zoom the scene (up to 8X) without drastically diminishing the resolution.

Furthermore, The Nest Cam camera has multiple smart A.I. capabilities, including person detection and facial recognition. However, these features are only available if you have an active Nest Aware cloud plan.
For more details on Wyze Cam and Nest cam, let’s now jump to our full comparison review.

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Wyze vs Nest Cam: Comparing the Various Features and Capabilities

Here are the similarities and differences between the two systems

Pricing and Availability

Cost is one of the crucial things to consider while looking for a good wireless security camera system. We all have different potential, in which case what you can afford at once might be impossible for me.

Nevertheless, Wyze Cam is the most budget security camera system on the market. The cost may vary across different stores but most of them offer it between $20 – $30. Hence, one of the reasons many users have been considering it.

On the other hand, The Nest Cam Outdoor system sells around $200 if you’re buying a pack of one. This is to say its price is seven times more than that of the Wyze model.

However, both systems support a one-year limited warranty that promises a replacement in case you encounter issues.

Design and Appearance

Unlike many, the Wyze Cam V2 has a small cube design that sits on a flat base with an extendable arm. It has a white plastic housing and a shiny circular black camera face on the front. The camera is lightweight so that you can easily move around, but rigid enough to ensure it sits on the surface without toppling.

Unfortunately, the Wyze Cam V2 isn’t weather-resistant as it’s for indoor use only. If you need to build an ecosystem with similar indoor and outdoor cameras, therefore, the Nest Cam should be the best choice.


The Google device has a rugged housing that allows it to withstand temperatures ranging from -4 to 104°F. It’s also IP65 weatherproof that makes it possible to continue working even in the harshest conditions, including rain, dust, and intense sun.

Furthermore, Nest Cam has a sleek whitish profile that you can use inside the house without being intuitive.

Picture Quality and Resolution

Both wireless cameras shoot pictures at the new-standard 1920 x 1080 Full HD, which is pretty enough for general monitoring. The daytime video recordings are all colored and sharp enough to identify faces from about up to 10 feet away. Then when the night comes in, the devices will switch to infrared black and white.

google nest cam

Neither of the cameras can see in full color at night, thus significant definition will be lost. Moreover, you’ll come to notice the recordings from the two will also lose some clarity when the subject is moving.

Regardless, the Nest Cam Outdoor security camera has a slightly wider lens to cover a broader scene. As such, you’re likely to use fewer gadgets if you have a large space to watch.

Does it have Audio Features?

Just like with your favorite movie, watching CCTV footage with no audio can be boring. So, a camera with audio capabilities not only enhances your security measures but also makes you want to sit and watch.

Fortunately, both Wyze Cam V2 and Nest Cam Outdoor surveillance cameras have a built-in mic that makes it possible to record videos with audio. Even better, the two have a built-in speaker to complete the two-way audio feature. So, you can speak with whoever at your door or your kids while even thousands of miles away.

Still, you can use the two-way talk function to ward off potential burglars before they get to break into your property.

What About Storage Options?

Storage is a win for the Wyze Cam as it offers multiple options to work with. If you’d want to keep track of what happens around your property while even away, the company offers free rolling 14-day cloud storage. This includes all the devices that you have installed in your house or office.

Even so, there’s a catch in that free service. First, the WiFi security camera can only record 12-seconds event video clips from sound/ motion-triggered alerts. Secondly, the basic (free) plan doesn’t support the new A.I. features that the Wyze team introduced for the Cam Plus plan. So, you’ll have to subscribe if you want to make the most from your device.

Another great thing with Wyze Cam is that you can add a microSD card (8-32GB) to store footage when the WiFi is down. The local storage also makes it possible to record footage 24/7 continuously, but how long that will be will depend on the available space.

On its end, Google’s Nest Cam doesn’t have a slot for the SD card. So, you’ll have to rely on the cloud service for all your storage needs. The brand does have a free cloud plan but only records a maximum of three hours (short) clips. If you feel you need more than that, you’ll have to subscribe to Nest Aware service plan.

Table 2

Features Nest Aware (Basic) Nest Aware Plus Wyze Basic Wyze Cam Plus
Plan Cost$6/ month$12/ monthFree$1.25/ month
Event Video Length30 days60 days14 days –
Sound DetectionYES YES YES YES 
Customized Motion DetectionYES YES YES YES
Continuous RecordingNO YES
(10 days)
Person DetectionYES YESNO YES 
Face RecognitionYES YESNO YES 
Package DetectionYES YES NO YES 

Smart Artificial intelligence

At its price point, it won’t be surprising if the Wyze Cam didn’t have any smart advanced features. However, the company does offer several of them to ensure you make the most in your surveillance.

For instance, the Wyze system does support customizable motion detection, whereby you can choose the areas you want it to capture events. Hence, reducing false triggers and also making sure you get to keep an eye on what matters most.

Also, the Wyze Cam V2 has advanced audio and video analytics. They include alarm detection, noise detection, facial recognition, package detection, and person detection. Nonetheless, the video analytic features are only available for users with an active Wyze Cam Plus Plan.

Similarly, the Nest cam Outdoor wireless CCTV camera has various smart A.I. features but you can only use it with a cloud subscription. They’re more like those with Wyze Cam (or in Table 2), thus there’s no need to list them again.

Installation and Setup

Both Wyze Cam and Nest Cam systems are straightforward to get to work. They are all wireless Wifi Security cameras, which means no hassle with wires for transmitting videos. You just need to configure with your WiFi router, something that will take no more than 5 minutes.

As for the mounting, the Nest Cam Outdoor has a magnetic plate that allows you easily stick to any magnetic surface. If not that, you can then screw to the wall (best option when installing outdoors).

The Wyze Cam, on the other hand, has a flat base, with a flexible 3-axle arm. As such, you can simply sit the device on any flat surface and you’re good to go. If not that, the company packs the unit with a magnetic plate and dust tape pad. So, you have more mounting methods than you need.

Ps. Wyze and Nest Cam camera use plug-in power to function. As such, you have to ensure where you mount them is within range of the outlet.

Smart Home Integration

This one also is a shared aspect, in which case you can add or build a smart home automation system with Nest Cam and Wyze Cam. Both cameras are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa device, allowing you to activate various functions with voice commands.

With Amazon’s assistant, you can also live-stream feed to your Fire TV Stick or Fire TV-equipped TV. The same applies to Google’s assistant, whereby you can stream footage on any Google Home device with a display.

More on that, the Wyze Cam camera has the option to sync it with the brand’s smart light bulbs, plus motion, door, and window sensor. This will allow the camera to automatically start recording after any of these sensors is tripped, and the light bulb will turn on.

Wyze vs Nest Cam: Final verdict

If you need a simple wireless security camera system to use inside your home, Wyze Cam V2 has everything you may need. It’s relatively cheap to purchase, plus it comes with free 14-day cloud storage. So, you can keep track of the events that you might have missed while even away. In case the internet connection is down, the camera will still keep on recording to the MicroSD card (if present).

Regardless, the Nest Cam Outdoor is a much better option if you need a professional-grade wifi security camera. It’s no secret the system is far more expensive than its peer but the experience is beyond better. The Nest camera is also weatherproof, which means you can get several (for inside and outside the house) that use one interface.

That said, however, we expect the Google brand to add other smart features in future updates, considering the whole cost of the system. If not that, it would be better if the free cloud storage would be extended to at least two days so that everyone can see its true value.

In any case, we hope you found the key things you were looking for before deciding between Nest and Wyze Cam CCTV. Let’s secure our home for the best, with the best, Together!

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