Wasserstein 3-In-1 Floodlight,Charger And Mount For Home Protection

Wasserstein 3-In-1 Floodlight,Charger And Mount For Home Protection

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While installing a security system in your home, you probably want to monitor, secure your property, or both. With the Wasserstein 3-in-1 Floodlight, the idea works both ways as you can use it as deterrence or link with your Blink security camera to record crystal footage at night.

As you know, Blink is one of the best providers of smart battery-powered security cameras for home use. The Blink XT2 was a favorite of many who needed a nice outdoor camera for under 100 dollars, but it was later replaced by the Blink Outdoor.

If you have had a chance to use the two cameras, you’ll notice the newer model kind of deliver footage with richer details. It also can record locally by plugging in a USB stick to the base station (Sync Module 2). So, you necessarily don’t need to pay for the cloud subscription service.

However, both the Blink XT series and Blink Outdoor camera share a common design flaw. They only have default infrared night vision, which means no recording important details like a person’s face or color of the car. Also, the cameras rely on batteries for power, in which case you will need to recharge once in a while, or else miss crucial security events.

Anyways, back to our subject, the Wasserstein 3-in-1 Floodlight is like a solution to some of the keys issues on the Blink systems. In this review, you’ll find everything that you have always wished about your camera is here- and the floodlight is still a bargain.

Wasserstein 3-in-1 Floodlight Review

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How the Floodlight Looks

  • Design

Overall, the floodlight unit has a simple but thoughtful design that allows you to use it with or without the Blink camera. It consists of two floodlight heads that you can independently adjust to either direction (sides/ up/ down) you want to illuminate. Hence, allowing you to cover different angles of your compound from one source at the same time.

The lighting system comes with a mounting plate and adapter (plus cable) that you can hook to your camera to provide a continuous power supply. It uses a hardwired installation to the junction box, which is straightforward to do on your own. The product does come with a printed manual to provide wiring directions in case you’re stranded.

  • Styling

As mentioned, the Wasserstein floodlight has a basic profile but decent not to foul up the exterior of your home. The provider doesn’t have flashy finishes at the moment, albeit you can get a black or white option. Thus, ensuring a perfect uniformity since Blink security cameras come in black color or wearing white cover skin.

See the video for more details

The Various Features and Capabilities

  • Powerful Floodlight

If you already have the traditional floodlight or porchlight on your compound, this particular model can make a good upgrade. It has two powerful LED flashlights that produce up to 2000 lumens light intensity, which is slightly brighter than that of Ring Floodlight cam (1800 lumens).

More on that, the floodlight delivers between 5500-6500K color temperature, equivalent to the mid-day sun color. Thus, enabling you to see the figures lurking in the darkness in rich clarity.

Sad to say, though, the light doesn’t have the option to stay “always-on” or set your preferred time length. It only lights up when there’s an activity in the area.

  • Stop! Where are you going?

This is one of the most crucial feature, courtesy of the integrated motion detection. The floodlight has a pretty sensitive sensor, featuring a wider 120 ° field of view and up to 33-feet of coverage. Still, the motion sensor is firmly mounted in the middle of the arm holding the two LED light heads. So, you can’t move it around as with the bulbs.

Regardless, the device will only illuminate when it detects movements in proximity. So, it can be a great form of deterrence to disrupt the evil intentions of potential intruders and even ward them off.

Moreover, the automatic on/ off sensor can help save power that would otherwise be wasted illuminating empty compound throughout the whole night.

  • Surveillance Camera Power Backup

Compared to a hardwired model, a battery-powered security camera is quick and straightforward to install. It’s also flexible to use since you can mount in areas without or inaccessible to wired power.

On the negative side, these cameras require changing or recharging of the batteries, which can be boring at some point. Especially if you’re monitoring a high traffic space, using high video resolution, your camera is likely to retain power for a couple of months at tops.

Thanks to the inbuilt charger, nonetheless, the Wasserstein 3-in-in floodlight can keep your security camera with power 24/7. It has a port on the side where you can plug in the USB cord running to your Blink camera. Thus, assuring uninterrupted surveillance and minimize the hassle of battery swaps or climbing up the ladder.

  • Improved Nighttime Video Quality

That’s right. The Blink XT/ XT2 and Blink Outdoor cameras record 1080p HD videos during the day, but take a considerable knock when darkness comes. Neither of the cameras has the magic to capture colored night pictures. Thus, it’s no easy to tell the exact details of the car, clothing, or the face of the person on your compound.

But both the floodlight and the camera have motion detection to wake them up when there’s activity on the ground. So, you get the chance to see what’s going on in bright, clear videos. And in case the intruder seems hesitant, Blink cameras have a two-way talk audio function to give him a scare.

Easy Installation and Setup

Similar to most outdoor security lights, the Wasserstein 3-in-1 Floodlight only works on mains power. Thus, need to be hardwired to the junction box, either from the previous light or a fresh one.

Whichever you choose, the setup is pretty effortless since the provider even includes wiring directions in the box. But if you’re not comfortable “playing” with electricity, you could ask a qualified electrician to assist you.

As for the camera part, the floodlight doesn’t include one in the package. However, it does come with a Snap-On mount that’s specifically for clasping Blink cameras on the back, as well as other mounting hardware.

Wasserstein 3-In-1 Floodlight

Is the System Worthwhile?

  • Durability

While the look may be deceiving, this Floodlight does pack a nice balance of weight and construction material. Yes, it doesn’t have industrial-strength metal components like that in vandal-proof Lorex cameras, rather aluminum and strong polycarbonate material.

Also, the gadget is IP65 waterproof rated, plus it includes a protective silicone layer for the cable connection and backplate. So, you won’t need to worry about rain or other harsh weather conditions.

  • Pricing

The Wasserstein 3-in-1 Floodlight was first available on sale in August 2020. As a full kit, with the dual floodlights, camera charger, and mounting accessories it costs around sixty, which is a reasonable take.

Final Verdict

Well, the Wasserstein 3-in-1 Floodlight is one of the best innovations for anyone building a smart home. You don’t need to have a Blink security camera to use, but it surely can come in handy if you have one. Not only can you record great quality video during the day, but also at night when the opportunistic thieves think he’s undetectable.

Even better, the Blink cameras have a compact size that’s completely flanked by these floodlights while at the bottom. So, it provides a discreet means to watch over your property while at home or even away.

That said, though, this floodlight doesn’t provide adjustments for the lighting mode. So, you have to only rely on the motion-activated trigger, which doesn’t stay long enough if there are no movements in the background.

Another thing, there’s no control on the position of the motion sensor as with the headlights and camera mount. It only points forward, which of course is not bad, but may have far too many false alerts if your home is facing the street.

In any case, the motion detection is quite sensitive and with wide coverage, including a bit of the side.

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