Video Doorbell Vs Security Camera: Which System Is the Best?

Video Doorbell Vs Security Camera: Which System Is the Best?

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In a recent home burglary survey, the International Association of Certified home inspectors has confirmed that 34% of burglars use the front door. But between video doorbell vs security camera, which would be better to monitor the area?

Well, the best way to ensure maximum security around your property is to put up as many CCTVs as possible. So, a security camera and video doorbell are both handier to watch your front yard.

If not possible to have the two, this guide covers how a doorbell camera stands out from regular security cameras. It will help you make a more informed buying decision based on features, versatility, and convenience, amongst other perks.

Verdict: 5 Reasons Security Cameras are the Best

  • Security cameras have a studier metal build
  • Security cameras have many mounting options
  • Security cameras currently have the true 4K resolution
  • Security cameras can offer up to 360-degree pan-tilt coverage
  • Security cameras have a spotlight/ floodlight for color night vision

Video Doorbell Vs Security Camera: A Summary of the Technologies

FeaturesRing Video Doorbell Camera Pro 2Ring Spotlight Cam Wired
Dimensions1.9 x 0.9 x 4.9 inches3.2 x 3.1 x 5.7 inches
Field of View150-degree140-degree
Video Quality1536p HD+1080p HD
Frame Rate24fps15fps
Night VisionInfrared & Colored (requires a light source)Colored & Infrared  
Audio functionYESYES
Sound detectionNONO
24/7 RecordingNONO  
Free StorageNONO
Power SupplyHardwiredPlug-In
Connectivity2.4/ 5GHz Wi-Fi (up to WiFi 5 protocol)2.4GHz Wi-Fi (up to WiFi 4 protocol)
Activity ZonesYESYES
Smart AIPerson-only 3D Motion Detection Package Alerts (Beta)Person-only PIR Motion Detection
Smart IntegrationAlexaAlexa
Built-in Alexa GreetingsYESN/A
Quick RepliesYESN/A
EnvironmentIndoor/ OutdoorsIndoor/ Outdoors
Operating Temperatures-5⁰F–120⁰F-5⁰F–120⁰F

Should I Get a video doorbell?

Is the front yard of your house small? Would you also like to answer your door from literally anywhere? If the answer to either question is a yes, a video doorbell is no doubt a worthwhile purchase.

The system is pretty limited on mounting options since you can only put it up by the door. But once installed, you have a chance to watch whoever coming up to your doorstep in rich details and audio.

For instance, the Eufy and Ring doorbell category has a relatively superior image sensor than their lines of security cameras. It’s the same story on Wyze, Nest, and various other brands of standalone cameras.

Speaking of brands, we’ve been able to verify only one brand of doorbell camera record all the timeNest. Most of the others record events triggered by either motion or sound of the object.

Tip: Arlo usually markets its line of Ultra camera series as 4K Ultra-HD, which should be sharper than their doorbell series. But when comparing Arlo Pro 4 vs Ultra 2, we saw a bit of distortion due to the large sensor and the ultra-wide field of view.

Should I get a Security Camera?

Do you have a large front yard to monitor? And would you love to watch the area in true color at night without having to leave your security lights on? A good floodlight or spotlight security camera can address the two issues for you with ease.

Even without integrated lighting, a security camera offers a higher level of “security” as you can mount it in hard-to-reach places. Thus, the would-be burglar can’t tamper with them, then brands like Eufy and Arlo are easy to hide for discreet surveillance.

If you opt for the PoE IP security camera system, you get to enjoy true 4K Ultra-HD resolution. Some of the cameras even have a motorized lens that you can zoom distant objects without a drastic drop in clarity.

Even better, you can get a PTZ outdoor security camera with 360-degree coverage to watch the entire front yard. Thus, cost-effective while at the same time offering maximum security.

Video Doorbell Vs Security Camera

Video Doorbell vs Security camera:  Comparing Features & Capabilities

Best of Pricing

Overall, the cost of CCTV systems varies from one brand to another, plus the types of features available.

But when we compare doorbell camera vs security camera tags from the same brand, the former is relatively cheaper to own.

Of course, our reference Ring video doorbell Pro 2 is over $100 more expensive than the Spotlight Cam. Then again, the doorbell is a recently-released model, with higher resolution and several more sophisticated features.

If we considered a brand like Blink, where both systems have about the same features, the doorbell is half the price of the security camera. The same could be said for Eufy and Wyze, albeit most of their current doorbells have better features.

Best of Build quality

If your house is by a busy street and would prefer a vandal-proof system, a doorbell may not be the best option. Many of the options in the market at the moment have plastic housing that a motivated burglar can knock down within seconds.

The body of all standalone cameras we’ve gone through, including local brands Ring and Nest and Arlo, is also a tough plastic. But the line of PoE security camera systems has quite many options with a tougher metal build.

If interested, the likes of Lorex and Amcrest even have the IK10 vandal-proof systems with a more heavy-duty exterior. (IK10 protection means the camera will take a lot of effort to tamper while even mounted at a reachable height).

Best of Video Quality

In the standalone (WiFi) security systems, the video doorbell from most top brands has better resolution. A perfect example is our reference Ring doorbell Pro2 recording in 1536p HD+, whereas the Spotlight Cam records in 1080p HD. It was also the case for Eufy, where they only had 2K doorbells until they upgraded the cameras too.

Nonetheless, the PoE category usually has the true 4k security camera systems if you want to watch your yard in crisp detail. And as I’ve mentioned earlier, some have optical zoom so you can also capture distant objects without excessive pixelation.

Tip: if interested, the GW security camera does have options of a 12MP sensor that is up to 1.5 times clearer than (8MP) 4k resolution.

Best of Night Vision

When we now compare security cameras vs video doorbell nighttime convenience, the former takes the lead. More than a dozen manufacturers now have spotlight security cameras, which makes it possible to monitor in full color after dusk.

You can also get a floodlight camera with up to 3000 lumens and over 5000K color temperature to replace your existing security light. Eufy and Ring are perfect examples, albeit Nest, Arlo, Blink, Wyze, and many other brands have limited options.

Of course, our reference Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 (2021 edition) has the option to capture in color at night. But you must have ambient lighting in place to work.

If the place doesn’t have ambient lighting, the Ring doorbell will deliver infrared (black and white) night vision as other brands.

Best of Smart A.I. Detection

Technically, smart A.I. integration in camera doorbells and security cameras usually varies from one brand to another.

Take Eufy as an example, almost all of their devices have customizable motion zone, human detection, and face detection by default. Few options from either category also have object lock and auto motion tracking. But the security camera section has various selections with facial recognition, pet detection, and sound (baby crying) detection, which is unavailable in doorbells.

On the other hand, Ring has its doorbell family somehow smarter than the camera. And this has happened with the 2021 Pro 2 doorbell, which has package detection that’s yet available on the line of cameras.

Also, the Ring doorbell series was the first to have 3D motion detection that utilizes radar sensors to pinpoint the exact location movement was detected. But in early November, the company will be upgrading its line of spotlight cameras with similar technology.

Needless to say, PoE cameras are still the best option if you want to enjoy the most sophisticated features. For instance, the way facial recognition work on these security systems includes an option to whitelist your family members. You can disable their alerts, plus have a log of all their captured moments, something WiFi cameras don’t have for now.

Common Related Questions

Can Ring doorbell be used as a security camera?

Yes, indeed, the Ring doorbell can be used as a security camera to watch you’re your doorsteps and surrounding space. It’s a brilliant idea with the new doorbell camera Pro 2, which has bested the Stickup Cams on most features. It has a 150-degree field of view, 1560 HD+ resolution, 24fps video frame rate, package detection, and smart Alexa Greetings.

What is the point of a doorbell camera?

The main point of a doorbell camera is to see whoever is at your door or answer the guests while even away. It also makes an excellent monitoring system if you won’t mind the short motion-activated recordings.

Is there a monthly fee for Ring doorbell?

Unfortunately, there is a monthly fee for Ring doorbell, starting from $3.99 to $20 per month. It’s not a must for you to pay the subscription plan, for sure. But it’s a requirement to access person detection, package alerts, professional monitoring, and video recording since it doesn’t have local storage.

Will it Be Possible to Have Both?

In a nutshell, a video doorbell and a security camera are both great in their own ways. If possible to have them both, it will be much better as you can see whatever coming up your doorway and also on the sides Then you’ll have access to the features that the other doesn’t have.

In case not possible to have the two systems for your front yard, a security camera is the best choice. It has the option to mount in any preferred position where you’ll get the best coverage. Then you’ll have access to the full-color recording at night with the spotlight/ floodlight systems.

If you won’t mind wiring up, PoE security cameras usually deliver the best image clarity, with true 4K and up to 12MP resolution.

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