Tips to Save Cooking Gas At Home

Tips to Save Cooking Gas At Home

With the increasing prices of cooking gas, every household needs to save the gas and use it efficiently. The increasing prices have made it difficult for low-income families to use the cooking gas as it increases the burden on the earning hands. Moreover, the prices of other commodities also contribute to the difficulties of running a household.

Therefore, it is necessary for every family to use the cooking gas efficiently and save it to last longer. Families can use many tips and tricks to save the LPG and reduce the financial burden on the earning hands. Let us check in this post some practical tips to save the cooking gas.


Wipe the utensils


Many people use wet utensils for cooking and wait for them to dry before pouring the ingredients. When you cook daily using the wet utensils, a lot of gas is wasted in drying them. Wipe the pans and other utensils before placing them on the gas stove. Doing this will save a lot of cooking gas, and make your cylinder last longer.

Check for leaks

Many times the rats and rodents cut the gas tube which leads to leakage. It leads to wastage of gas, and it is also dangerous for homes. It is essential to check for the leaks at least once a week to fix it at the right time. Any time you notice the smell of cooking gas check the equipment carefully to know the area of leaks.

Do not overcook

You should know the correct time for cooking of vegetables and meals. Switch off the gas stove as soon as the food is cooked. The best way to prevent overcooking this is to note the time while putting the raw foods in the utensils and save a reminder to switch off the gas according to the cooking time.

Cover the cooking utensils

save cooking gas



Covering the cooking pans helps build the pressure of steam inside them which cooks the foods faster than the uncovered pans. Therefore, it is best to cover the utensils while cooking your meals. Faster the cooking more is the saving of gas.

Use pressure cookers

A pressure cooker cooks the foods faster than pans and other utensils. The pressure of steam cooks the food more quickly which saves a lot of cooking gas. Therefore, every family should use a pressure cooker to prepare the meals. However, you can only use the pressure cooker to cook some specific foods like pulses and non-vegetarian recipes. For other vegetables, you need to use frying pans and utensils.

Soak the raw foods

Some foods like pulses and vegetables take more time than potatoes and curries. You can soak the pulses and soya chunks in warm water before cooking them. Soaking makes them soft which cooks them faster and saves the cooking gas. It is best to soak the pulses like Bengal grams and kidney beans as they take maximum time for cooking. Soak them overnight and cook them in a pressure cooker to save the LPG.

Use the correct size of utensils for cooking

Most people overlook the size of utensils for cooking. They look for the available pans and use them for preparing their recipes. Using a utensil smaller than the gas burner can waste 40 to 50 percent of the gas as the flame extends beyond the bottom of the pan. It is best to use a pan that covers the entire burner and prevents the gas flame to extend beyond the base.

Cook on medium flame

save cooking gas


Cooking on a low flame takes more time to prepare while a high flame takes less time but wastes a lot of gas. Both the high and low flame leads to wastage of gas. It is best to cook on a medium flame or adjust the flame so that it stays below the cooking utensil. Doing this will prepare the food faster and save the LPG gas.

Gas cylinder delivery

It is essential to check the barrel while taking the gas cylinder delivery. Sometimes the washer in the gas cylinder is worn that leads to gas leaks even when you are not using it. Leaking cylinders also contribute to wastage of gas. Every time you must check the barrel while taking the delivery.

Service the gas equipment

The burners and gas stove wastes more gas when they get clogged, and users don’t service them regularly. The food spills and particles clog the burner holes which lead to inefficient combustion of gas. If you see the yellow colour in your flame, it means incomplete combustion and all the gas that comes out of the burner is not used for cooking.

Moreover, any fault in the gas stove or regulator may lead to leakage which means wastage of gas. Call a gas service professional to service your LPG equipment every six months to keep it in perfect condition and save the cooking gas.

Final words

Every family can follow these LPG saving tips to save the cooking gas. Using the gas saving tips can help every family to use the gas efficiently and save the money they spend every month to buy the LPG cylinders. Saving the cooking gas also contributes to the energy efficiency of a country.

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