Where is The Best Place to Put Security Cameras?

The Best Places to Put Security Cameras For Maximum Effectiveness

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After receiving your package of a CCTV system, how effective it gets depends on two main aspects: the design and mounting position. The latter can be a major concern, especially for those who don’t know where is the best place to put security cameras.

Most intruders are not stupid and the first thing they do before breaking into any property is scanning for surveillance cameras. Then, if your devices are easily noticeable and accessible, what they first do is blocking them such that no signal transmits. That’s, they cut the transmission cables if the CCTV is wired or else jam/ hack if you’re using wireless cameras.

Therefore, you have to set up your security cams at the right location if you truly want to maximize its effectiveness. It will be a total waste of money and time anyways if the tool doesn’t serve the purpose intended.

With that, we’re going to share with you some surveillance cameras placement pro tips and fixes. Then, at best you can effectively protect your family and properties from burglars and enjoy peace of mind.

Where is The Best Place to Put Security Cameras?
Places to Put Security Cameras

The Best Places to Put Security Cameras for Maximum Effectiveness

Various types of security cameras feature different capabilities for different applications and situations. We have those for indoor surveillance and others for the outdoors.

So, we have divided these placement tips into two sections, whereby we’ll first discuss outside mounting of the cameras. Then, we discuss the best mounting places when you want to get the most out of your indoor camera.

Best Locations To Mount An Outdoor Security Camera

At The Front Door

According to a survey on burglary offenses, about 34% of intruders break into a home using the front door. This is undeniably awkward as that is the last place any homeowner would expect when the front entrance is facing the street.
Anyways, installing your outdoor security camera at the front door will help in catching the thieves who tend to use the entry point. And as a bonus, you’ll always be able to see who is knocking at your door.

So, the camera will act as a digital pinhole, in which case you can even answer your door without having to wake from the couch.

At The Back Door

Funny enough, not many thieves make use of the backdoors as they tend to be more tightly secured in most of the cases.

Even so, it’s worthwhile to have a surveillance camera that monitors the backyard [and the side] in case of intrusion. Not only will you heighten the security there, but also you will be able to watch your children play.

Most homes have play structures and playgrounds in the backyard. As such, having a CCTV in the area can help maintain the safety of your kids, ensuring they also don’t hurt each other.

Near Off-Street Windows

A significant percentage of burglars also break into homes through the rear window, away from the street view. It’s the window most people prefer opening for the lighting and air circulation purposes. But in the process of doing so, you can create an opportunity for someone who has other intentions than just admiring your cozy furnishings.

Therefore, placing one or two security cameras in such an area can also help- especially after considering windows is one of the weakest entry points.


At first, it might seem unnecessary to have surveillance cameras in the driveway. But, the real truth is that it’s more crucial than you had thought, regardless of the compound size.

For one, the extra eyes on this area can help you in identifying who comes and go, especially when you’re at work or on holiday. Furthermore, you’re likely to leave your car packed out there if you know you will be going out again. And if you don’t have a garage yet, then it spends the night there as well.

So, providing your driveway with additional security using high-grade CCTV equipment can help ensure no one unscrews the wheels.

Pool Areas

The last thing you would want is waking up in the morning to find your 5-year old kid at the bottom of the pool. It has happened to dozens of families here in the U.S. and abroad.

So, if you can afford a private pool, we don’t see how hard it can be to add a security camera in the area. It will help you in monitoring the activity around the area, ensuring your children [mainly underage] don’t sneak into while you’re busy elsewhere.


Just as with the driveway, installing a security camera here might seem nonessential, but it can save you big time. It will help you keep a watchful eye on your cars, bikes, grills, tools, and everyone that handles them.

If your garage is attached to your house, the CCTV in this area will still add extra security to your entire property.

Best Positions To Mount An Outdoor Security Camera

When you now know the places that you need to keep an eye on, the next thing is choosing the mounting positions. It’s also very crucial in ensuring the best and favorable results. Here are the best positions that you can install your outdoor security camera for optimal effectiveness.

Second-floor level: basically, this will help ensure the device is out of reach, yet it can capture fine details. If your house has just one level, you can consider a height of anywhere from 8-10 feet from the ground.

Free from direct sunlight: any bright light falling on the camera lens can cause glare and high contrast in your footage. As such, consider angling your cameras away from indirect light so that you can have clear and detailed recordings.

Hanging nearby trees: this can be very helpful if you are using wire-free battery-powered wireless outdoor security cameras in the yard and or driveway. It’s very good for covert surveillance, in which case you record the thieves and trespassers without them knowing.

Under semi-protected areas: For maximum productivity, you need a sturdy, weather-resistant security camera for outdoor monitoring. If possible, consider placing it under the eaves or semi-protected area to further enhance its protection against harsh climates like rain. Thereby ensuring better performance and a prolonged lifetime.

Best Locations To Put An Indoor Security Camera

Common Areas

If you are more of a traveling person, installing a security camera inside the house is truly important. You can install in either kitchen or living room, whereby it will assist in monitoring your valuables. Thus, ensuring your cleaners or repairmen don’t snoop around where they aren’t supposed to be.

The surveillance devices can also come in handy for monitoring your kids and the nanny, as well as what your pets are doing.

Hallway And Main Stairway

Mounting cameras in these two areas can help make sure no one can move into the other rooms undetected. Let’s say a burglar breaks in through the unmonitored area, such as a bathroom or bedroom, the camera will capture him before getting to the living room.

With the camera in the hallway or stairway, it will also be easier to track the movements of your sneaky children.


Installing a surveillance camera in the nursery room can be very helpful as well. It will enable you to keep a closer watch on your playing or sleeping kids while you carry on with your home chores. The tool will also provide you with the additional benefits of a baby monitor, including sleep training and recording precious moments.

Best Positions To Place A Security Camera Indoor

Hanging in the corners: this will help ensure you get to monitor a larger area, with minimal blind spots.

Angle for indirect light: just as with the sun, your indoor CCTV should not directly face the lamps, bright windows, or other light fixtures. Doing so is likely to wash out the footage, making it hard to tell what’s going on.

Hide with everyday objects: the worst thing that can happen is your house help knowing that you’re spying on her. Not only will it damage your trust, but you will never get to find out what you were after. So, a hidden security camera that you can efficiently blend with the other interior objects can surely help.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Place To Put Security Cameras

As we stated at the beginning, the effectiveness of your security cameras usually depends on the design and mounting. If one of them is off, the chances of the other producing the required results are very minimal.
So, we’ll now look at the various features that you need to focus on when choosing the place to mount our CCTV equipment.

Use Of The Security Camera

Before you begin any process of the installation, you need to discern the task of your surveillance camera. Every device has a unique design and features that make it suitable for specific situations.

For instance, if you want for the overall tracking of the activities around your property, you certainly need a piece with a higher field of vision. That way, you will be able to cover the grounds of the front with minimal/ no blind spots.

But if you’re planning on using the equipment to strengthen your security, a higher resolution system should be your focus. In which case you can get video footage with higher clarity, including readable license plates.

Image Quality

Now, the image quality of a security camera is directly proportional to the mounting height. This is to mean if you want to install your system high up, then you should consider a model that has a higher resolution.

The combination of the duo will ensure you get to receive sharp footage, rich in details and clarity. While at the same time ensuring your precious equipment is out of reach from the potential burglars.

Still, don’t forget how necessary WDR [wide dynamic range] feature is for the cameras at doorways and windows.

Field Of View

When ordering a CCTV system for the backyard or front, you certainly need something that can cover the most area without compromises. As such, a PTZ [pan-tilt-zoom] or ultra-wide security camera can be a good choice in ensuring wider coverage.

If your indoor is also huge, the two types of cameras will still provide better results. And as a bonus, you won’t require many units, thereby lowering your initial costs.

Night Vision:

Without a doubt, you need to monitor your property all the time of the day, through every season. As such, don’t forget about the night vision, in which case a longer-range model if you’re planning to mount high up.

If you don’t have night vision security cameras, provide enough lighting to capture clearer footage in darkness. Only don’t put the light source too close to the cameras to prevent it from disrupting the pictures.

Motion Detection

You certainly are not planning to stay behind the CCTV monitor watching who is coming and going. So, a security with the motion detection capability is crucial in alerting you when someone is sneaking into your property.

A PIR motion sensor will be better due to its reliability on the heat signature. Hence, will only trigger recordings and or intrusion alerts when there’s a human, animal, or vehicle in the proximity. You just have to make sure the detection range coincides with the mounting position and the desired maximum coverage.

Final Verdict:

When used in the right way, a surveillance camera can be of the greater good when you’re your property. Whether it’s monitoring, enhancing security, or maximizing staff productivity, all will be possible and it’s not a must you invest heavily.

The security market at the moment has numerous great indoor and out CCTV systems, which are also very affordable. You just need to decide on what you want to achieve and where to put them.

For the mounting locations and positions, we have briefly discussed the pointers that should guide for the best results.

Though we didn’t touch on them, do avoid installing your security cameras in the bedrooms and bathrooms. The same applies to your neighbor’s property, especially when it comes to the areas they need to maintain their privacy. Hope you got a perfect idea where is the best place to put security cameras.

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