Best Ways To Hide A Security Camera In Plain Sight Outside

Hide A Security Camera In Plain Sight Outside: 8 Best Ways

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CCTV cameras are certainly the best security system that you can use on your property at the moment. Not only can you monitor your property, but also use smart features like a siren to scare away potential criminals and alert the neighbors. Furthermore, you can efficiently hide a security camera in plain sight outside, thereby watching over your property secretly.

This has been made very possible by the mini sizes and the wire-free setup that requires no use of cables.
Even so, whether you hide or not hide your security camera is a good idea. Each option has some benefits that might be useful and may be perfect for your situation.

For a model, leaving your cameras in plain sight is a great way to deter crimes from occurring. The majority of thieves are less likely to break into your home or business when they see CCTV in the area.

Sadly, though, all burglars are not the same and the motivated will consider the plain sight cameras as an advantage. In which case they will first disable the cameras so that no feed or evidence will lead you to them.

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3 Reasons to Hide Your Outdoor CCTV System

While surveillance cameras are the first line of defense, therefore, we can positively say concealing them is number two. No intruder will be able to shut down a system s/he has no idea where it’s unless you’re the burglar.

Second, hiding your outdoor security camera is a fantastic way to understand the true intention of the people around your property. It allows you to capture the actions of the criminals without any suspicion.

Another thing, concealing your security camera involves blending it with the surrounding. As such, you get to enjoy surveillance benefits without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your house or building.

Tips To Consider Before Hiding Your Security Camera

Technically, there are various ways to hide a security camera in plain sight outside. Each method, however, varies as each system has a unique design and features. The following are some of the aspects that can ensure the process is a perfect one and effective.

  • Size of the camera: The size of the CCTV cam will surely make a difference as to where to place it. Smaller cameras are the simplest to hide as you can efficiently fit in tight spaces and blend perfectly with the surrounding environment.
  • Type of the CCTV camera: battery-powered wireless security cameras are not only effortless to set up but also easier to hide than the wired models.
  • Coverage: knowing the areas you need to monitor is very crucial so that you can know the camera to use and how to hide it.
  • Technical aspects: This refers to the key features of your to-be spy security camera system. For instance, the camera will need to have a higher video resolution if you’re planning on hiding it at high position. And in case you’ll hide in the open environment, then a weather-proof construction is a must to avoid damage by elements like rain.
  • Declaration and Legality: It’s against the law to record other people against their will. Yes, there are exemptions for homeowners, but for the public spaces like stores or offices, it can be a misdemeanor.

The Various Ways to Hide a Security Camera in Plain Sight Outside

Here are #8 creative ways you can build a hidden CCTV system without suspicion. They include:

Hiding The Camera Under Eaves And Soffits

Overall, this is the cheapest means that you can use to hide your security camera and its components. It involves using a mini camera that you can mount under the eaves, in which case it’ll be practically invisible at a distance.
Meanwhile, the ceiling and the soffit can help you hide the power and video cables of your wired cameras. Hence, minimizing the chances of the burglars cutting them.

Use A Birdhouse

The traditional birdhouse is another awesome way you can use to hide your security camera. It’s the last place any invader would suspect, especially if no visible aspect links to it. If you still own one in your compound, you just need to insert your camera, leaving a small hole for the camera lens.

A birdhouse is also pretty easy to make in case you never had one on your property. You just need some pieces of wood and hammer them in an enclosed style, with a closed roof. Then, as a bonus, this design gets to add protection against harsh weather like rain, snow, and extreme sun. Hence, ensuring better performance and enhance lifetime.

Hide On The Tree Or Bushes

If you have a tree around your property, hiding your security camera will be easier as it gets. The branches and their thick leaves can be a great disguise, particularly if you have a wire-free model since you can mount it anywhere. The same applies to that bush on the shrubbery in your garden.

All you’ll have to do is making sure the camera lens is free and not obstructed in any way.

Dress Camouflaged Skins

These are certainly the best to hide a security camera in plain sight outside. It involves dressing your devices with unique silicone skins that match your area surroundings. With a white camera, for instance, you fit it with a camouflaged skin to blend well with the vegetation around.

Most CCTV camera skins are available in different color selections, which allows you to choose the perfect one for your situation. If your black camera will be under the eaves, you can just get a white skin that matches. That way, only a discerning eye that’s really close would recognize it.

Get A Hidden Spy Camera

That’s right. It involves getting a special outdoor spying camera that you can comfortably use without the hustle of buying camouflaged skin or building birdhouses. An ideal option is a mini battery-powered CCTV system that you can easily fit into any space outdoors, including garden, porch, or front door.

If not that, you can even opt for a trail camera for security, in which case you can comfortably secure and hide on the tree. Most of the top-choices come with camouflaged housings and invisible infrared illuminators. Thus, dampening any chances of detection even during the night.

Disguise In/ With Everyday Objects

The technique involves hiding your security camera with usual items that no one would suspect easily. A good example is a fake potted plant that you can hang alongside the rest of the real potted plant.

You can also purchase a hollowed fake rock that you can set together with some real rocks at your backyard garden. All needed is a hole for the lens, then stuff your camera in that fake rock and focus the cam lens out of that hole.

If not that, you can creatively hide your wire-free camera inside a PVC pipe, and set it to monitor your driveway, front door, or backyard.

Deter The Criminals With A Camera Decoy

Although not always, a dummy camera can help fool the intruders and draw their attention from the actual security cameras. Sure, there’s minimal hope the trick will work, but if it does, it can be a great means to capture the potential burglar.

For the best result, your decoy should be at a position easy to access, rather not too obvious. Not all burglars are halfwits, remember?

Bonus Tip

If not the usual CCTV system, a video doorbell camera can be very helpful in monitoring your property secretly. Its makeup allows you to get doorbell functions and security camera features, including motion detection, smart alerts, video recording, and two-way talk.

More to love, some of these video doorbells, like Ring, has a decent, sleek, and inconspicuous design. Hence, you get to have security benefits without spoiling the original appeal of your property.

Final Verdict:

Again, a CCTV camera is a staple for the modern security system. We can’t compare the now crime rates and a decade or two back when video technology was still thin on the ground. The equipment is far smarter and, surprisingly, very accessible to everyone who wishes to keep his loved one safe.

In any case, during the installation, it’s good to hide a security camera in plain sight outside to avoid detection by the intruders. Our article has touched on the various ways you can do that, plus a bonus tip which you can consider for your front door.

Nonetheless, each surveillance camera has its unique design and features, which means the best concealing method will vary. The majority of them can work with [almost] all wire-free cameras. But for the wired counterparts, hiding under the eaves/ soffits and the use of camouflaged skins is better.

Needless to say, you can also hide your security cameras behind the glass window facing outside to monitor your front door or backyard. Your system can continue working, though under certain conditions. The method is pretty easy to employ, yes, but it ties to a lot of drawbacks. Hence, the reason we didn’t include it in our top-8 list.

For instance, you’ll need to disable the IR lights to prevent the window from causing glare. And also the PIR motion sensor may not work since it relies on the heat energy, which may be limited through the glass.

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