A Guide to Buying Security Screen Doors for Sliding Glass Doors

A Guide to Buying Security Screen Doors for Sliding Glass Doors

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Glass doors, whether it’s the patio or French make, help add your home with an aesthetic look plus natural lighting. When you now add a screen door on top of that, your house becomes habitable with fresh air blowing in. Your home experience even becomes more than gratifying if you can get the security screen doors for sliding glass doors.

Unlike the retractable screen doors that we said can’t guarantee you safety, security screen doors are the opposite. Of course, they are not a popular subject considering their huge price tag but they’re truly worth a dime. They make possible to leave your main door open to get the breeze going plus offer added protection from opportunistic intruders.

Benefits of Choosing Security Screen Doors

While discussing retractable screen doors for French doors, we saw they have several benefits over the fixed models. One of these benefits is their ability to hide in their housing when they’re not in use. Thereby, keeping your doorway clear and open. On the other hand, we saw that they’re very simple to open, hence, can’t keep out intruders.

When now we come to a security screen door, its makeup falls under the fixed screen doors. The piece is like an added door to the exterior one. Hence, will still be on your doorway even when not in use.

For the better end, though, it adds your home with an increased level of security. The screen door comprises of a strong frame, mesh, hinges, and lock. So, it’ll be difficult for the burglars and trespassers to gain entry into your house.

Apart from the enhanced security, other benefits that you get to enjoy after installing security screen doors for sliding glass doors include:

Improved Ventilation: The security screen door features a wire mesh that allows fresh air to flow into your house without compromising your home security. This makes the space more comfortable and also helps cut off the additional bills from air conditioning units.

Natural lighting:

With your living room sliding door open, the installed screen door doesn’t just let in fresh air but the natural light as well. This makes your house welcoming, healthier, and happier to dwell in.

Keep small kids/ pets indoors: Since the security screen door is lockable, your pets and small kids won’t be able to leave the house without your knowledge.

Increase Your Home Value: That’s right. The screens often come in various designs to make your home more appealing and also secure from burglary. This helps increase the value of your property, which can be very rewarding in the time of resale.

Locks out Bugs: with the screen, you get to enjoy your breeze without the worry of the mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. The fitted mesh has very tiny openings that can only fit the size of air but no insects get to pass.

Increased Comfort: Designed for the best, security screen doors ensure you don’t have to worry about bugs or burglars when you leave the door open. This is surely relaxing and ensure you have peace of mind while carrying on with your duties.

How to Buy the Best Security Screen Door for Sliding Glass Door

Although we didn’t touch much on it, sliding glass doors [also patio door] are a great investment for any home. They offer easy access points, as well as bring the outdoors inside since you can view your rose garden through them.
When now it comes to choosing a screen door, the security-enhanced model is the best to go with. The reason we are saying this is because most of these glass doors are made of a fragile material. Hence, intruders can easily use it to enter your property.

When you add a security screen door to your sliding glass door, nonetheless, the intruders won’t gain entry when the door is open. Leave alone when it’s closed. For you to enjoy this kind of feature, though, you have to install the right piece and in the right manner.

Just like the retractable screen doors that are available in different forms, the security screen door come in different types as well. The following are several aspects that should help you in choosing the right piece for your sliding glass door.

  • Sturdy Frame

Like we stated above, security screen doors usually act as an additional door on the exterior one. As such, it has a frame that will hold it in place for it to function as required. This frame is either aluminum or steel, so the one you choose depends on your taste and budget.

While following your taste/ budget, however, you have to remember steel is stronger than aluminum, hence, it’s more secure. It, however, is highly prone to corrosion, meaning you have to choose a steel frame that’s protected against corrosion.

On its end, aluminum frame is less likely to corrode but it’s not as strong as steel.
Other than the composing metal, the frame you go with should be reinforced at the corners with proper welded joints. Also, it has to feature a deep receiver channel for the grille/ mesh to make sure it’s not easy to remove.

  • Infill

The best infill material for security screen doors for sliding glass doors is either stainless steel mesh or grilles. The former, nonetheless, is the best option if you’re hoping to enjoy fresh air inflow without spoiling your view.
Also, the woven mesh will certainly keep out the bugs, as well as the burglars trying to break into your home.

On their end, the grille security screen doors do allow a breeze to get into your house. The only shortcoming with them is that some will block your view outside and can’t be able to keep out bugs like the woven mesh.

  • Superior Lock

Since the security screen door is to help top your home safety, make sure the one you get has a top-level locking system. Preferable, the lock should be a five-pin cylinder or equivalent to curtail picking. If you can come across one with a three-point lock the better as it’ll help reinforce the bottom and top of the screen door.

  • Irremovable Hinges

On top of the superior lock, the door you pick should have at least three hinges. Instead of a pressed pin, the hinges should have theirs {the pins] welded to make them irremovable and give additional protection.

  • Custom Made

For the ease of installation, consider getting your security screen door from a provider who can modify in response to your needs. This is a very important aspect, so, make sure you as well know the actual measurements of your sliding glass doors.

The above are the five key features that you ought to look for while choosing security screen doors for sliding glass doors. Of course, they’re not the only things to look for. There are others like pricing and structural designs but we already know the two go with one’s opinion or taste.

To compare whether these features match with the products on the market, let’s look at Meshtec Ultimate Security Sliding Patio Screen Door. Then, maybe you can tell us if it’s worth a thumb-up or not.

Meshtec Ultimate Security Sliding Patio Screen Door

Before even coming to its full details, this security screen door is only usable in a space of 72 x 80 inches. As such, make sure your sliding door measurements fall within this gap to make sure it fits effortlessly and perfectly.
Other than that, the door has the convenience of improving ventilation and security of your vulnerable glass entry door. It has a heavy-duty, aluminum frame, with a powered coat finish to prevent rusting.

On top of the sturdy frame, the Meshtec screen door has a vault style three-point locking system with added snap covers. The combination of the two ensures no intruder will gain entry into your house even when the sliding door is open.

Security Screen Doors for Sliding Glass Doors

For the infill, this screen door has a high-tensile, woven, stainless steel mesh that guarantees you optimal flow of natural light and air. The mesh, by the way, is super-tough and incredibly resistant to break-in tools and forced entry methods like cutting through with a knife.

If you have an explorative small kid, Meshtec Security Sliding Patio Screen Door can be a piece to go for you. The piece has its edges and mesh designed to resist paws and claws. Hence, ensuring your Chihuahua or kitty the cat doesn’t leave the premise without your approval as well.

In case you’re a color fanatic, the door comes in white or bronze. this is to make sure you can pick the one that matches [or has a closer look] to your home decorations. The security screen door is simple to install on your own but we highly recommend hiring a professional for proper installation.

Final Verdict

These are some of the essential details that you need to know concerning security screen doors for sliding glass doors. The screen door can be a great addition in your home since it helps enhance the security of your weak entry point. At the same time, your house gets to benefit from a clean fresh flow of air and natural light.
Thus, making your home more secure and comfortable to dwell in.

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