A Guide to Wireless Security Cameras That Don't Need Wifi Or Wires

A Guide to Wireless Security Cameras That Don’t Need Wifi Or Wires to Transmit

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Is it a must you have in your home or business to use a security camera system? The simplest answer is a “NO”, but for some reason, it could be a “YES”. Of course, there are many security cameras that don’t need wifi to work, but privileges like remote viewing rely on the internet.

In any case, remote viewing is only a necessity in surveillance, yet not an essential like night vision or field of vision. People were still using CCTV systems in the ‘80s when internet use was limited and things like remote viewing were only in James Bond Series. In which case we can say WiFi and remote access are just necessary features, which can be helpful but your security camera can do without.

Anyhow, in this article, we’ll be looking at security cameras that don’t need WiFi to use. They are two of them, namely wired and Wireless P2P cameras, but our focus is on the latter. This is so so that we can clear the confusion and how they differ from WiFi IP cameras.

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What is a P2P Security Camera System?

Well, to the tech buffs, a P2P camera is a type of IP network camera that employs peer-peer [or P2P] network technology to transmit data. That’s to say, the cam can link with your smartphone or PC, allowing you to view footage feed locally or remotely.

In CCTV language, the P2P security camera uses its unique ID number, given by its developers, to ping to the P2P server to establish a connection. The bridge for this connection is a network P2P mobile app or software issued by the manufacturer.

Usually, some of these security brands have their own P2P solution, but others outsource the technology from companies that sell it. For those who outsource, the advantage to you as a user is that you can link the app with other security cameras served by the same company.

Meanwhile, what we refer to as a P2P NVR kit usually functions similarly, though quite differently. Instead of relying on the virtual server from the developer, the security camera system has built-in access points- in both the cameras and recorder. Hence, allowing the two components to communicate wirelessly via the radio frequency that the developers have set.

The good think about the NVR unit is that you can efficiently manage multiple cameras from one display. No, you won’t need to add the cameras to the app or software individually. In fact, it’s not a must you use the mobile app to view the feed. You can hook the recorder to a monitor or TV just like with the standard DVR station.

But if you don’t have such a monitor yet, you can still use your smartphone or tablet just as with the cameras. The NVR also has a unique identity issued by the developer, and that’s what you’ll use to link with the app.

Understanding Peer to Peer Technology and P2P IP Security Camera System

Although new to the CCTV world, Peer to Peer technology has been in use longer than that. At the time, the term used to refer to computer systems connected via the internet, creating a network of “peers”. This allowed the devices to share files directly without the need ‘‘for a central server.

Even so, the computer does need a P2P software program like Morpheus, which will allow it to search and share files with its “network” more efficiently.

While using a similar approach, a P2P CCTV system allows you to link your camera or NVR to a P2P server via a supported mobile app. Thus, allowing the two to share data, in this case, video footage.

Please note, no internet is involved at this point as the camera’s using its integrated local P2P wireless signal. You can find the signal under the WLAN [wireless local area network] settings of your mobile device. And since you want to use your phone as both the server and client, you’ll need to log out of your home wifi. Then, connect with your new network from the camera.

No matter how hard it sounds, the process is pretty easy and won’t take more than three before you can view the recordings.

For the NVR selections, some models like the Hiseeu B07T8ZDTTP comes with an attached LCD. Hence, they enable you to watch the live and recorded footage without having to attach to another monitor.

Key Takeaway:

If you don’t want the headache of wiring, peer to peer technology can be a great alternative to security cameras that doesn’t need WiFi. Sad to say, though, security firms have started doing away with the standalone P2P IP cameras due to the rise of remote viewing and cloud services. A good example of such providers is Wansview Digital Technology Company, which recently updated its P2P mobile app to “Wansview Cloud”.

That being said, the Expendable P2P wireless NVR Kit is the most common in the market at the moment. We’ll share a few top brands that you can check out and see if you can find one that can fill in your needs. But before we come to that, let’s highlight some of the benefits of P2P Wireless Security, besides not requiring wifi.

Advantages of Peer to Peer Wireless Security Cameras

  • Quick and effortless setup: P2P CCTV system usually has a plug-and-play setup that requires no configuration. If you’re using an NVR kit, you just plug everything to power, allow them to auto-pair, and then connect to the monitor.
  • Easy Video playback: From your P2P camera app, you can record your footages to the phone or SD card. And in case you’re using an expandable NVR unit, there’s often a preinstalled hard drive. Hence, you can store and playback tons of videos any time.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The majority of P2P security camera systems are affordable to purchase, plus they require no cloud subscriptions. Furthermore, the cameras are straightforward to mount and set up, which means you won’t need to hire a professional installer.
  • High-Level Security & Monitoring: Just like any other CCTV system, P2P cameras allow you to keep an eye on your property, ensuring you miss no single details. All devices have the basic surveillance features and some have additions like 2-way talk, PIR motion detection, and smart home integration.
  • Easy Remote Viewing: if chances are that you want to remotely access your video feed, the feature is so easy to use with P2P cameras. The cameras are usually pre-configured in production, which means they’re not limited by closed ports, DDNS, or firewalls. You just need to link your camera with your home internet, add the device code, and it’s done.

Reviews & Recommendations: Best Security Cameras That Don’t Need WiFi

Hiseeu B07T8ZDTTP Expandable Wireless Security Camera System

[10CH Expandable, 5MP] Hiseeu Home Security System with 4K Full...
  • 【4K 12inch LCD Monitor, Easy Setup】 The wireless security camera system recorder equipped with...
  • 【Stunning 5MP Ultra HD video, One Way Audio】 5.0MP presents 2560*1920 Mega Pixels about 1.5...

As our favorite, this security system comprises a 1080p NVR station and four bullet IP cameras. Each camera features a 2mp image sensor and a superior 3-array infrared LED system. Thus, allows you to watch over your property in clarity and sharper details all time of the day.

Still, the cameras have a wide field of view that makes it possible to watch your home or business with minimal blind spots.

The security camera system relies on P2P technology to transmit data, in which you necessary don’t need to have the internet to use. Each camera auto pairs with the NVR wirelessly using their factory default frequency. And if your compound happens to be large, the recorder is 8-channel, which is to say you can add extra cameras.

The NVR, by the way, is integrated into a 12-inch LCD. So, it’s not a must you connect to another monitor, even though you can.


  • It has a solid and durable design
  • Delivers high-quality videos, rich in details
  • Quick and effortless to setup
  • Very easy to scale
  • Comes with a large preinstalled hard drive
  • It has motion detection and remote viewing.


  • Motion detection is too sensitive for even small things like moth [at night]
  • Pretty tricky to set the camera to remotely view on PC.

Heimvision HM241 8CH HD Wireless Surveillance Camera Kit

No products found.

This is another option that you can consider if you need to enjoy the flexibility of a wireless surveillance camera without the internet. It comprises a standard P2P NVR station and multiple cameras that you set up at different positions of your property.

The security cameras have a 2mp image sensor that delivers smooth and vivid Full HD footage without a compromise. It has a wider 110° viewing angle, which can be very helpful in covering a large area of your compound, with lesser weak spots.

Furthermore, each camera has a fantastic motion sensor that detects movements, then pushes smart alerts with snapshots. The motion detection of each camera can be customized and focused on a specific zone. Hence, allowing you to keep a sharper eye on what matters most while simultaneously minimizing false triggers.

The surveillance camera system is a true plug and play, with P2P auto pair capabilities. Hence, no complicated wiring or configuration to trouble you.


  • It features dust-tight and waterproof cameras
  • Features 5Db extension antenna for a stronger wireless connection
  • Has a stunning night vision and viewing angle
  • You can easily expand to cover more areas
  • Can efficiently work without the internet
  • It’s very easy to install and setup.


  • It doesn’t come with a hard drive disk
  • No audio recording.

Hiseeu WNKIT-4HB612 P2P Wireless Security Camera System

[Expandable 10CH,2K] Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System with...
  • 【Dual Wi-Fi & Indoor/Outdoor Use】 Unleash your control with dual Wi-Fi connectivity, the home...
  • 【PIR & AI Human Motion Detection】 The Hiseeu wireless security camera system providing full...

Similarly, the security camera system delivers crystal and sharp 1080p Full HD pictures, courtesy of the superior sensor at the core. This is to say you can easily read a license plate at a distance of 20-28 feet from the cameras. And in case the objects are a little farther, you can enjoy digital zooming without drastically lowering the image quality.

Each of the cameras in the kit has a wide field of vision and a spectacular night vision of up to 65 feet. They also have a motion sensor right next to the camera lens, from which you can get real-time alerts to your phone or PC.

As a P2P model, this system enables the cameras to link with the NVR using their built wireless signal. Both components have a 5Db antenna to booth the signal range and allow seamless transmission.

The recorder does come with a preinstalled hard drive disk and advanced H.264+ video compression technology. Hence, you can efficiently save your footage locally without having to pay any fees.


  • It’s so easy to set up
  • Delivers bright and colorful images
  • You can expand with up to 8 cameras
  • Features solid, weatherproof, and durable cameras
  • Records and stream at minimal bandwidth
  • It supports remote access and motion detection alerts.


  • It has no two-way talk or basic audio functions.

Reolink RLK8-520D4-5MP POE IP Security Camera System

REOLINK Smart 5MP 8CH Home Security Camera System, 4pcs Wired 5MP...
  • CAPTURE CRIME FROM DETAILS: Discover potential crime has never been so easier with superior 5MP HD....
  • SMART PERSON/VEHICLE DETECTION – Smart PoE IP cameras can identify people and vehicles minimizing...

Overall, there’s nothing not to like about this security camera. It’s wired, yeah, but also a great alternative if you need high-quality monitoring without relying on the internet.

The security camera system features an 8-channel PoE NVR and multiple PoE IP cameras that you can use either indoors or outdoors. Each of the cameras has a unique housing style and a 5MP sensor that records images in crisp super HD resolution.

The cameras have a wide viewing angle to deliver extended coverage and hardworking IR LEDs that never sleep or drowse. These functions work in hand with reliable motion detection, which can send smart alerts to your smartphone or email. Hence, making sure you’re aware of every activity around your property.

More to love, the security camera system supports a one-way audio recording. Thus, quite interesting to sit and watch the footage as long as you’re aware of the privacy laws of your state.


  • It Features a well-made and durable design
  • Produces high-quality footages, with vivid clarity
  • Records videos with audio
  • No interference issues
  • Effortless to setup
  • It comes with a preinstalled hard drive disk for local storage.


  • It can take longer to install
  • No ONVIF support.

Final Words

Whether it’s at home or business place, security is a key essential if you wish to grow. That’s not just materially, but psychological as well. When you know your family and properties are safe from danger, you certainly have nothing to worry about, thereby allowing you to rest in comfort.

In any case, various CCTV systems offer different features and capabilities. As such, not every piece can fit your situation or have the features that you need.

For areas with no internet connection, security cameras that don’t need wifi to transmit can be very helpful. The same applies if you don’t want to drain your router’s bandwidth with a WiFi cam.

While still you can go with a hardwired option, P2P technology is surely better, especially if you love DIY solutions. This is so as their cameras are effortless to set up and you may not need to set port forwarding or port mapping.
Moreover, some P2Pwireless security cameras, such as Hiseeu B07T8ZDTTP have an integrated LCD on their NVR recorder. Hence, making your monitoring even simpler since you won’t connect to an external monitor.

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