The Reviews of Schlage Z-Wave Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock

The Reviews of Schlage Z-Wave Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock

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The modern technology has truly changed our way of life in a big way. From wire-free security cameras to the wireless video doorbell systems, all these products are now in our midst. You no longer have to worry about how your kids are doing back at home and you can answer your door from anywhere. Speaking of the doors, Schlage z-wave touchscreen keyless door lock has refuted physic principles as you can now lock or unlock your door from anywhere.

Yes, it may sound like one of those gadgets in Jackie’s action-comedy, The Spy Next Door, but that’s how it is. The Schlage smart lock comprises a combination of the best security features and contemporary technology, including a fingerprint-resistant touchscreen. As such, you get to enjoy the convenience of going keyless and solid security of your valuable assets.

Introducing Schlage Z-Wave Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock

SCHLAGE Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-In...
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (hub required, Alexa device and hub sold separately)
  • Touch Screen keypad and lock cylinder on exterior and thumb turn interior. Door thickness range is...

Officially, this smart lock is known as Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt. Nonetheless, there are various types of the lock and each of them usually comes with its distinguishing feature. For this particular one, the lock features Z-Wave technology that aims at helping you with the remote management capabilities.

Schlage is one of the oldest Companies when it comes s to the manufacturing of locks, with its initial debut dating back to 1920. Therefore, the company’s designers and craftsmen apply their long-established experience to give you stylish, top-grade hardware that you’ll live to relish.

With Schlage Z-Wave Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock, the installation and setup are pretty simple and fast to do. Hence, you won’t need any professional or Locksmith to do that for you. The door lock costs around $200, which, of course, is not much considering the numerous smart security features it offers.

Why Choose Schlage Z-Wave Connect Smart Door Lock

While you might feel like $200 is too much for a door lock, with Schlage Z-Wave Connect you’ll realize it’s totally worth it. The lock system is totally convenient and reliable in manning your house following the various features it comes packed with. They include:


Just like with every other system, the design is usually the first aspect to draw you to something. This includes both the constructional details and finishing.

With the Schlage Z-Wave Connect, the designers created it to fit in any standard door without challenges. Its exterior part has dimensional properties of 3 x 5 x 1 inches and it houses the Touch Screen keypad and a key lock cylinder. The interior part, on the other hand, measures 3 x 8 x 2 inches and it has the thumbturn knob.

Schlage Z-Wave Keyless Door Lock is usually available in two different styles, Camelot [or transitional] and Century [or traditional]. Also, the lock is available in several different colors, including Aged Bronze, Matte Black, Bright Brass, Satin Nickel, and Bright Chrome. The different styles and finishes are aimed at helping you in customizing the smart lock with your door make-up.

All the materials making the Schlage door lock are of high-quality, so, your experience with the system will be truly phenomenal and for long.

Smart Features

After the design, the next aspect we all look out for next is the included features that probably dictates the system’s performance. While it can still function as the traditional lock, Schlage Z-Wave Connect is designed for more than that. The door lock even has several features that the crafters borrowed from modern security camera systems. So, with it, you’re not just having a door lock.

These features include:

Advanced Security

To begin with, Schlage Z-Wave Connect is ANSI/BHMA certified, with a product rating of Grade 1. This means the deadbolt is remarkably high performing and dependable when it comes to securing the main entrance of your home or even workplace. The feature is greatly enhanced by high-quality materials, 4-digit code keypad, and the built-in alarm technology. Schlage Connect smart deadbolt z-wave plus enabled.

4-Digit Code Keypad

Designed in a time touchscreen technology has taken over, Schlage Z-Wave door lock utilizes it in its functioning. The touchscreen pad illuminates when using, thus, you can still be able to key in the digits when in total darkness. For added security, the touchscreen pad has a matte finish that ensures your fingerprints are not left visible for the burglars to use.

As a 4-digit code system, Schlage Z-Wave Touchscreen Door Lock features up to 10,000 combinations. Disregarding the one you’re using, this leaves 9,999 other different combinations, leaving the probability of guessing the correct code as 0.0001.

Considering you might be staying with your kids or other relatives, the Schlage smart lock can keep up to 30 personalized user codes at a time. This allows you to create temporary codes that each of the members can use to open the door when you’re not around. If the temporary codes were for some friends whom your relationship didn’t end well, you won’t need to replace the lock from that.

You can easily delete their temporary codes from the lock, which will not just prevent them from entering into your apartment. But take them as intruders who are trying to break into your home. The best deadbolt locks in 2020.


As we did say, Schlage Z-Wave Connect is more than just a door lock for preventing entry into your home. It has an incredible built-in alarm that informs you of the activity at your door. The built-in alarm system is ultimately sensitive and with three different alert modes, including Activity, Tamper, Forced Entry. For the former, the alarm setting makes two short beeps that inform you when someone is coming or going.

The Tamper mode, on the other hand, responds to any slight vibrations to the locked door and its alarm goes for 15 seconds. In case a significant force pushes the door when the deadbolt’s locked, the Forced Entry mode triggers and a steady siren sounds for 3 minutes. The built-in alarm siren is quite audible. So, unless the burglar is a daring lunatic, no sane person will still try kicking your door while it blasts.

Remote Access:

Following its incorporated Z-Wave technology, this Schlage keyless door lock can connect to your home automation systems to allow remote access. This means, with Z-Wave supported systems like smoke detectors, thermostats, or lighting controls, you can remotely lock or unlock your door with a smartphone. In case it’s your first time and you don’t have any system that supports Z-Wave, you can as well get a Z-Wave controller hub.

Smart Integration:

Well, apart from remotely locking or unlocking your door, another good thing with Schlage Z-Wave Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock is the hands-free control. With apps and voice assistants like Alexa, Nexia, Google Assistant, Wink, and SmartThings, you can easily control your smart lock with simple voice commands. If you have enabled your smart home hub app on your watch, you can as well integrate your lock with it.

**Sadly, Schlage Z-Wave Connect Deadbolt is not compatible with Apple HomeKit**

Power Option:

For Schlage Z-Wave Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock to work properly, it uses 4 AA Alkaline batteries that have an average life of 8760 hours. The one-year period, though, can be lesser depending on the usage of your door.

Upon purchase, the Schlage team usually offers this Keyless Door Lock with the batteries, so, you won’t need to buy at the time. When the included batteries get depleted, now is when you get some to change with. Before they’re fully depleted, by the way, you’ll get several advance indications, including a yellow low-battery indicator on the lock.

Back-Up Key:

Schlage Z-Wave Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock

If by chance the batteries of your Schlage connect get depleted abruptly, you can still get through your door without breaking anything. This is very possible as the smart touchscreen lock comes with one back-up key that you can use to open the door “traditionally”. Of course, the lock is meant to be keyless but fate always finds its ways and you might find yourself needing that emergency key.

Installation and Setup:

Like we said earlier, team Schlage designed the Z-Wave Connect door lock for you to use without the help of even a locksmith. As a matter of fact, you don’t need a heavy toolbox as long you got a Phillips Screwdriver and a Ruler for marking. The rest of the accessories like screws and bolt come with the box of your purchased Schlage connect smart deadbolt z-wave plus enabled.
Since the lock comes with an installation manual and guide, you can use a maximum of 30 minutes to set it up.

Final Verdict

Technology is one field that will keep on evolving as time goes by and the man keeps on learning new things. With Schlage, for instance, the lock manufacturing company is one of the oldest in the industry but very explorative and innovative. After learning the kind of devastation man is going through after break-ins, the lock maker created one system that is not just hard to tamper with. But keyless as well.

With the Schlage Z-Wave Connect Door Lock, you’ll no longer need to hide the key under the doormat. It locks and unlocks using a 4-digit code, which you can create up to 30 different combinations for your children and other family members. Actually, giving each member of your family his unique code will even be better than sharing a common one. Using your smartphone, you can remotely monitor the activity of your door, which includes getting the exact code that has locked/ unlocked the deadbolt.

Additionally, having Schlage Z-Wave Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock means none of your kids will ever sneak through the main entrance without you knowing. For one, there is that feature of personalized code. Then, there is a built-in alarm that has three different modes, including the Activity mode.

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