The 5 Best Rear-View Mirror Dash Cam With Backup Camera 2023

5 Best Rear-View Mirror Dash Cam With Backup Camera For 2024

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If your old car doesn’t have a rearview camera at the moment, don’t worry. Your next one will have. Almost all newer models of cars are coming with a rearview camera to enhance your driving. If, however, you’re not planning to change your wheels very soon, then, it’s time for some upgrading. And nothing is more rewarding than a rear-view mirror dash cam with backup camera.

A rear-view mirror dash cam is the dashboard camera that you fit at your rearview mirror instead of the windscreen. This makes the camera inconspicuous and the ability to see the traffic behind while driving.

A backup camera, on the other hand, is another name of the rear view camera. Its purpose is to expand the field of vision offered by the rear-view mirror. Thus, helping prevent backover accidents by letting you see what’s behind your car without having to look backward.

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Usually, a rearview camera mounts in the vehicle’s rear trim pieces or near the license plate. Thereby, allowing you to see the obstacles below the back windshield and make your parking easier.

Now, when you have a rear-view mirror dash cam with backup camera, you get to enjoy the benefits of three-vehicle accessories. That’s the rear-view mirror, a dashcam, and the backup camera. This is ultimately cost-effective and convenient than when you’re having each of the devices on its own.

The following is a list of products that comprise this 3-in-1 car system. They’re all top-rate and bestselling car backup cameras that we have selected based on their performance and customer approval.

Best Rear-View Mirror Dash Cam with Backup Camera

1. WOLFBOX 12“ Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera

WOLFBOX G840S 12' 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera, 2160P Full HD...
10,937 Reviews
WOLFBOX G840S 12" 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera, 2160P Full HD...
  • UPGRADED STUNNING 4K UHD - With the front cam's resolution upgrading to 2160p from 1296p as of...
  • 12'' LARGER SCREEN & BROAD VIEW - Upgraded from most rearview mirror cameras, WOLFBOX 170° front,...

WOLFBOX is not a newcomer when it comes to enhancing the safety measures of its clients. Homes, hunting, and now drivers, the company offer camera systems to cherish. If it’s the 12″ Mirror Dash cam, its performance is no different from the other systems by the brand. It’s simple, affordable, and remarkably reliable.

The system consists of an exquisite touch screen rear-view mirror, with an attached dash cam and an additional backup camera. The touchscreen mirror is 12” wide, which means the displayed images and videos are large enough.

Speaking of the images, the front dash cam has a superior 2.1MP image sensor and a viewing angle of 170°. In other words, this means the camera system can record up to 1296p FHD videos while covering a wide space of the road.
When now we move to our area of interest, WOLFBOX Mirror Dash cam has a rearview camera that captures 1080p images. The camera has 170° front and 140° rear field of vision and it’s fully weatherproof to prevent damage from rain, dust, or snow.

Depending on how you like it, the viewing screen of this system has five different modes to choose from. For easy parking, though, the rearview cam will automatically switch to full-screen HD [with line assist] when reversing.

Summary Features

  • WOLFBOX is a brilliant dual dash cam, with 1296p front view video and 1080p rear recordings
  • It features a wide touch screen display that is easy to navigate than the traditional physical buttons
  • Has built-in G-Sensor for emergency recording and locking in the event of an accident
  • Makes your parking easier and safer
  • Comes with a built-in battery for 24/7 parking monitor
  • Its Display screen can be used as the normal rear-viewing mirror
  • The dual dashboard camera is very easy to install and has a simple-to-use interface.

2. AKASO DL12 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam

AKASO DL12 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam Voice Control 12" Touch Screen...
  • 2.5K +1080P HIGH-DEFINITION REAR VIEW MIRROR CAMERA: DL12 Mirror Dash Cam equipped with S-ony image...
  • 12" LARGE TOUCHSCREEN & ULTRA WIDE VIEWING ANGLE: Upgraded LCD touchscreen rearview mirror camera,...

This is an excellent alternative dual dashboard camera but which will serve your desires better if hoping to get brighter and sharper images. It consists of an IPS touchscreen viewing mirror, a dash cam, and a superior rear-facing camera.

The dual cams provide a resolution of up to 2.5k ultra HD [2560 X 1440]. Nonetheless, the two can’t record 1440p HD simultaneously but one in 1080p HD instead. Therefore, as you get your kit, be aware of these two recording modes.
Despite the resolution variation, though, the produced videos are still bright and very clear. In making the experience even more fun, both cams have a total 300° field of view and the advanced Sony Starvis sensor.

With the broad coverage, you have a chance to see what’s happening all-around your car, thus, guaranteeing in-time protection. The Starvis sensor, on the other hand, make possible the capturing of sharp, vivid footage during the day and in low-lighted environments.

Others Features of This Backup Camera

Apart from the in-time protection of your car, AKASO DL Backup Camera features several other functions to enhance your driving. One of the functions is the reversing aid system that automatically shows a full-screen rear view plus guide lines for secure parking.

Another incredible function from this device is the highly sensitive G-Sensor that triggers emergency recording when there’s a sudden vibration/ shake. The dual dash cam supports local storage of up to 128GB. So, you can record your road adventures continuously for up to 72 hours before the system starts to overwrite.

Summary Features:

  • AKASO DL Backup Camera captures crisp clear footage in both day and night
  • It features a super-wide 170° [front] and 150° [rear] field of view
  • Harbors a sensitive G-sensor for emergency recording
  • Has advanced reversing mode for easy and secure parking
  • Supports the parking monitor function
  • The rear-facing camera is ultimately weatherproof to guarantee you extended service.

3. DVKNM Backup Camera Monitor Kit

DVKNM Upgrade Backup Camera Monitor Kit 7" HD 1080P Monitor IP69...
  • ►Ultra Clear 7" HD 1080P - Customers are consistently impressed with the big, sharp, color...
  • ►Fast & Super Easy to Install - We've made this a breeze for simple DIY installation. Power with...

While it’s not a rear-view mirror dash cam, the DVKNM Backup Camera Monitor Kit can be a remarkable addition to your vehicle. The kit can work on all types of automobiles but it’s more suitable on larger vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, and Campervans.

Not that the system won’t work on in your coupe or hatchback. The provided 7” LCD monitor is what will make your “luxury” car look odd when mounted on the dashboard. If you won’t mind it at all, this monitor has a 720p resolution and two video inputs. Hence, you’ll be directly viewing crystal crisp digital images from two cameras.

Nonetheless, you’ll have to get the additional camera since the kit only comes with one. The included piece has a stunning 140° viewing angle and 18pcs night vision lights. This means it can cover a wide road scene with less/no blind spots and guarantee you a clearer view even in total darkness.

To make your driving even smoother, the backup camera kit has a built-in parking guide lines. As such, you’ll never again have to call your son or pop your neck out of the window to check your reversing.

Summary Features:

  • VKNM Backup Camera Monitor Kit features a 7” LCD screen and a high-performance rearview camera
  • It has a wide viewing angle and superb night vision
  • Can be connected with two cameras
  • Features parking assistance guide lines for optimal efficacy
  • The included rear-facing camera is remarkably water-resistance to prevent damage by rain.

4. eRapta ERT01 Car Rearview Camera

eRapta ERT01 HD Backup Camera Rear View License Plate Reverse...
27,256 Reviews
eRapta ERT01 HD Backup Camera Rear View License Plate Reverse...
  • Excellent License Plate Wired Backup Camera: Designed for car,Pickup Truck,SUV,Minivan and Sedans....
  • Universal Rear View Camera: Suit for 12-24V DC Power, 26ft RCA video cable. Support connectivity...

Similarly, the eRapta ERT01 doesn’t come with a rear-view mirror dash cam. As a matter of fact, it’s only a backup camera with no monitor included. It’s, however, compatible with almost all car monitors [including dash radio] as long it has an RCA input.

Despite not having a monitor, thousands of drivers have praised this rear-facing cam following its effectiveness and reliability. To begin with, the camera is designed for use on the car license plate. It comes with a bracket with drilled holes to screw over the license plate of your car.

Getting to the performance, now, the rearview camera has a 149° viewing angle to give you a wider vision of the traffics behind you. Included on the cam are night vision lights to make your nighttime driving even easier and more secure. They enable you to see the vehicles and other obstacles behind you, hence, helping prevent injury-causing and fatal backover accidents.

When reversing, the camera even shows assist guide lines to simplify parallel parking. Thus, helping avoid inconveniencing other motorists and also save your car from getting bashed.
eRapta ERT01 Car Rearview Camera is IP-69 rated, meaning no rain or snowflakes will curtail its performance.

Summary Features

  • eRapta ERT01 Car Rearview Camera features a high-grade lens, with superior night vision
  • It doesn’t come with its monitor but you can use with any that have RCA input
  • Has 149-degree viewing angle for a wide vision of the traffic behind
  • Features reversing aid function for easier parking
  • The rear-facing camera is remarkably weatherproof to guarantee you extended service.

5. eRapta ERT02 Car Rearview Camera

HD eRapta ERT02 Backup Camera Rear View License Plate Reverse...
  • Excellent License Plate Wired Backup Camera: Designed for car,Pickup Truck,SUV,Minivan and Sedans....
  • Universal Rear View Camera:Suit for 12-24V DC Power. 26ft RCA video cable. It will work well with...

Similar to the eRapta ERT01, the ERT02 rearview camera mounts on the license plate of your car. It also has a 149-degree lens, thus, ensures you have a wider view of the space behind than from the rear-view mirror.

The cam produces brighter and crystal crisp images as well, both day and night. For the nighttime, the high-resolution images are enhanced by the included automotive night vision sensors.

In other words, the eRapta ERT02 Car Rearview Camera is an alternative version of the ERT01 Car backup camera. The reason we’re saying this is because just like the ERT01, it also does not come with an own viewing screen. Thus, will require to connect with your car’s monitor, radio or stereo that has RCA connectors.

The cam also does support reversing aid function to make possible easy and secure parallel parking without having to look behind.

Backup Cameras Are Remarkably Good, But Not Perfect

From the five products we’ve just discussed, you can clearly see rearview cameras can be a significant addition to your automobile. You’ll not only have a wider vision of the space behind your car. But also you get to enjoy other features like reverse assist guidelines, which make your parking easier and risk-free.

That being said, however, rear-facing cameras [or else backup cams] are usually installed on the vehicle’s exterior. Not like the dashboard cameras that you can either mount on the front windscreen or integrate with the rear-view mirror.

Of course, some people attach their rearview cam on the back windscreen but that usually compromises the importance of the device. Installing the cam near the license plate is usually better as it becomes easier to see obstacles below the rear window mirror.

rear-view mirror dash cam with backup camera

Backup camera Features

When that backup camera is around the license plate, however, mud, dirt, snow, or other debris can obscure it very easily. This will interfere with its functioning and lead to the capturing of low-quality images due to the dirty lens.
Also, the systems are designed by man. And just like your car that might fail to respond to its ignition switch, the camera can as well produce poor image/ no image due to a malfunction.

Therefore, with your backup camera, you have to maintain it just as you maintain your car. The two are even one and the same body. Hence, you might need to get a qualified technician to come and check your cam in case it suddenly starts performing poorly. You can even contact your system’s manufacturer and share your problem with them.
If it’s mud and dirt, make sure you clean the lens of your backup camera using a soft cloth to avoid scratching.

Final Verdict

Like it always has been, fate doesn’t choose who or when. It’s always good for one to be ready from all edges, starting with your dearest dear- your car. While looking for accessories to pimp this your ride, a rear-view mirror dash cam with backup camera shouldn’t miss from the list.

The system usually comprises a dashboard camera that can record your road trip from the best front and rear dash cam to monitor the backside. Also included in this dual dash cam is an on-camera screen from which you can directly view the recordings.

In case your vehicle already has a stereo or radio monitor, though, getting the cams instead of the complete kit is more efficient. The idea is ultimately cost-effective since you’ll still be able to use your radio monitor and enjoy rear-facing camera features.

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