The 4 Best Night Owl 8 Channel 1080p Wireless Smart Security System?

The 4 Best Night Owl 8 Channel 1080p Wireless Smart Security System?

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Night Owl is one of the active providers that you can consider for a budget-friendly CCTV kit that you can connect with multiple cameras. The brand has a wide array of indoor and outdoor security cameras that you can get to watch your home or business. In this section, we’re going to look at the Night Owl 8 Channel 1080p Wireless Smart Security System to see if you can rely on it or not.

Needless to say, the choice between wired vs wireless security cameras leaves many people at the edge, wondering which to get. But again, most manufacturers concentrate on only the standalone WiFi cameras instead of the expandable units. Top brands like Arlo, Ring, and Blink are yet to have their first NVR recorder despite remaining a favorite to millions of owners.

Is the night owl 8 channel 1080p wireless NVR a Good Security System?

First of all, there’s no denying wired cameras are more dependable when it comes to monitoring big properties. Whether it’s the analog with BNC coaxial connection or PoE technology, the CCTV signal can travel a long distance without worrying about interference.

Meanwhile, wireless security cameras are much easier to install and maintain. If you live in a rental property, the category is also the best option as you can use it without interfering with the owner’s consent.

Anyway, back to Night Owl, the company makes most of its NVR systems for wireless cameras. The brand is not much into PoE technology, even though most users prefer it over the analog BNC connection. This could be one of the reasons competitors like Heimvision, ANNKE, and Reolink are performing far much better in market distribution.

As for the question, we won’t lie to you that Night Owl 8 Channel 1080p wireless smart security system is a great option for surveillance. From the testing we do to compare the various systems, Night Owl 4 Channel 1080p wireless smart security system is a much better choice.

The 5 Reasons We Can’t Recommend Night Owl 8-Channel Wireless CCTV


Like others from the brand, the wireless security camera delivers decent picture quality and a great night vision. When it comes to the recording, however, the system has a lag that makes the captured objects ghost past the screen.

Ease of use

Overall, both the 4-channel and 8-channel security cameras are easy to install since they don’t need to use video cables. However, the video management interface of the 8-channel lacks the user-friendliness we’d want for a non-techie. Several owners have raised issues with the NVR interface in that it’s difficult to navigate and make configuration adjustments.

Signal Range

With all wireless cameras, the radio signal is the key for the communication between the cameras and the NVR recorder. So, the system needs a strong signal if you’re to have seamless and solid monitoring.

Sadly, the Night Owl 8-channel system doesn’t have a commendable signal despite the provider advertising a range of 300 feet. Many users have complained of constant signal breakdown for the cameras farther away. They have also said that the camera tends to freeze while streaming, defeating the purpose intended.

Mobile App

If you’re hoping to use your wireless security camera for remote viewing, software and mobile app have to be there. However, the Night Owl app is not at the best we’d expect for a self-monitoring device. Quite a number of users have recently complained of the app not connecting when outside the home network. It also happens to crush from time to time, which means you need to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work.

Smart Home Compatibility

Each of the cameras included with the Night Owl 8-channel 1080p wireless security camera system has a built-in mic and speaker. However, the system isn’t compatible with neither Amazon Alexa nor Google Assistant devices. So, you can’t build a smart home ecosystem or give voice commands for hands-free control.

Ps. Other than the five issues, the Night Owl 8-Channel 1080p wireless security system has everything else working right. It also comes with all the installation accessories and a preinstalled hard drive for local recording.

The 4 Best Alternatives of the Night Owl 8 Channel 1080p Wireless Smart Security Camera System

Here are four CCTV systems you might find worthwhile and dependable for the security of your property.

Night Owl C-841-PIR5MPN Super HD 8-Channel Security Camera System

Key Features:

  • 5MP video quality
  • 1TB hard drive
  • BNC coaxial connection
  • H.265+ video compression
  • L2 color boost technology

Truthfully, Night Owl isn’t a bad company if you need a security camera system. If you want to use your devices without the internet, most of its product lines are great and something you can depend on. The model C-841-PIR5MPN is a good example, though with a wired connection.

The system consists of a 5MP DVR recorder that you can connect up to eight cameras to place at different positions. However, the provider includes only four pieces, thus you’ll have to add for the remaining channels as per your needs.

But for the included cameras, each has a 5MP that records in rich super HD video quality. So, you could zoom the distant objects without drastically lowering the clarity. And if it’s at night, there’s the advanced L2 color boost technology to enable clearer recording even in low-lighted environments.

Furthermore, the security system has a passive infrared sensor (PIR) that only detects real movements from animals, people, and vehicles. It also uses the advanced H.265+ video compression technology that helps maximize the storage and bandwidth consumption rate. So, you can get 9 to 13 days video history of the 24/7 recording.


  • It delivers crisp and sharp footage
  • Covers a wide scene with fewer blind spots
  • Record with minimal false alerts
  • Doesn’t need internet to work
  • Can work indoor and outdoor
  • It has a reasonable pricing


  • The DVR fan is very loud
  • The cameras don’t record audio

Night Owl WNVR201-44P-B Smart Wireless Security Camera System

Night Owl Camera System 4 Channel 1080p Wireless Smart Security...
327 Reviews
Night Owl Camera System 4 Channel 1080p Wireless Smart Security...
  • 1 x 4 Channel 1080p HD NVR with pre-installed 1 TB Hard Drive.
  • 4 x 1080p Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Infrared IP Cameras.

Key Features:

  • 4-channel NVR
  • 100° field of vision
  • Two-way audio
  • 1080p Full HD videos
  • Black and white night vision
  • Pre-installed 1TB hard drive

If you still want to go wireless with Night Owl, this 4-channel model can give you a much better company. Of course, it might not be ideal for a large property but nearly all of the other features you may need are available.

If it’s the footage quality, 1080p HD is pretty enough for the general-purpose recording. The kind of resolution also doesn’t require much bandwidth to transmit, which means all the cameras can have a stable connection. Then, for the preinstalled hard drive you can have up to 2-week video history of 24/7 recording.

Another thing, the provided security cameras have a 100-degree viewing angle, which is wider than most bullet cameras. They also have a built-in microphone and speaker that make it possible to capture videos with audio.

Furthermore, the wireless CCTV system has a dual sensor technology that includes the smart PIR. So, if connected to the router, you can enjoy remote viewing with lesser false alarms. But then, NVR recorder has a built-in P2P wireless network that it communicates with the cameras. So your system will still work without having to connect to the internet router


  • It’s quick and effortless to set up
  • Captures bright and clear images
  • Can work indoors and outdoors
  • Has minimal false motion alarms
  • It supports audio recording and two-way talk


  • It has a pretty short wireless range
  • The app still needs some improvement to prevent lagging

Night Owl B-10PH-841-PIR 8CH Full HD Security Camera System

Night Owl Security 8 Channel 1080p HD Video Security DVR with 1...
  • Night Owl’s 1080p Wired Infrared Cameras provide up to 100 ft. of Night Vision. During the day...
  • These wide angle cameras provide a 100 degree field of view, which far surpasses the standard 42...

Key Features:

  • 1080p HD video resolution
  • 8x video inputs
  • 100° field of vision
  • BNC coaxial connection
  • Preinstalled 1TB hard drive
  • IP65 weatherproof plastic housing

This is another wired Night Owl security camera system that you can check to see if it will serve your needs. It consists of a 1080p DVR that has an 8-channel configuration and BNC connection setup.

The security system comes with four bullet cameras that have a decent and unique styling that you can use either indoor or outdoor. Each of the cameras has a 2MP image sensor and a wide 100° viewing angle. Hence, covering a significant part of your compound while still delivering full HD videos.

The night vision of the cameras is also outstanding, albeit in black and white quality. Furthermore, they have a built-in infrared PIR sensor that enhances motion detection features with only what matters most.

Still, the security camera system comes with a pre-installed hard drive so that you can start using it straight from the box. It supports multiple recording modes, including event (motion-activated), scheduled, and 24/7 continuous loop recording. So, you won’t need to worry about what has happened before or after a break-in.


  • It’s pretty easy to use
  • Has a friendly budget
  • Can work well without the internet
  • Support remote viewing via a mobile app
  • Delivers decent image quality and night vision
  • You can toggle the motion detection sensitivity


  • The cameras don’t have audio functions
  • The remote viewing app is glitchy and unreliable

Swann SWDVK-845804WL 8CH 1080p HD Security Camera System

Swann SWDVK-845804-US FULL HD (1920 x 1080p) Surveillance Camera...
88 Reviews
Swann SWDVK-845804-US FULL HD (1920 x 1080p) Surveillance Camera...
  • A cutting edge and easy to use surveillance system with 1080p high definition video to see and...
  • Set and forget by recording from 8 channels for a whole year+ onto a massive 1TB hard drive

Key Features:

  • 8x video inputs
  • 1080p HD videos
  • 90° field of vision
  • Built-in spotlight
  • True Detect PIR sensor
  • BNC coaxial connection

Last on our list is a Night Owl competitor that we thought you might like to shine on your property. It’s the highest customer recommendation of all the other three alternatives, all thanks to its perfect balance of pricing, style, and performance.

Just as the name advertises, the CCTV system can connect with up to eight cameras for better coverage. However, it only comes with four of them, thus you’ll have to add the rest as your situation requires. Each of these cameras has a 2mp sensor that captures colored full HD quality during the day. Then, when night comes in you can choose if you’ll want black and white or continue capturing in color.

The security cameras have a built-in spotlight that will automatically illuminate when they detect movements in proximity. Hence, enhancing the nighttime clarity while at the same time helping ward off a potential burglar.

Moreover, the CCTV system uses the True Detect PIR motion sensor that usually follows heat signatures. So, there will be fewer false triggers since objects like leaves, twigs, and wind are unaccounted for.

Still, it’s worth noting that the system’s recorder comes with a pre-installed hard drive disk. So, you’ll always have video evidence without having to pay for any subscription packages.


  • It’s affordable
  • Delivers crisp and clear footage
  • So easy to navigate and operate
  • Sends motion alerts on time
  • Covers a larger area
  • It has an active deterrence feature


  • It’s time-consuming to install
  • Included
  • Included cameras don’t have audio features

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Night Owl cameras work without electricity?

Many of the Night Owl cameras are Wired (BNC connector) and depend on AC electrical outlet for power. However, the company has recently released a wire-free outdoor battery-powered security camera system that you can use in locations inaccessible to wired power. But as we’ve not personally tested the new system, we can assure you how long the batteries retain the charge or how far the wireless signal can reach.

Does Night Owl have a cloud storage service?

One of the best features of Night Owl security cameras is that the DVR and NVR recorders come with a pre-installed hard drive. So, you can have continuous recording and won’t need to pay any monthly subscriptions.

Regardless, Night Owl has cloud storage options if you’d want to playback your home/ office footage from anywhere. You can choose the Night Owl Basic Cloud plan at about $4/ month, Standard Cloud plan for $7/ month, or Premier Cloud plan at $10/ month.

Which is better, Night Owl or Reolink?

Without a doubt, both brands can make a great security solution if you can manage their systems as expected. They both have a wide selection of products to choose from, plus they offer generous pricing that the ordinary consumer can afford.

Nonetheless, Reolink is a better choice if you wanted to monitor a remote area or locations inaccessible to power. The provider has several battery-powered standalone cameras, including Reolink Argus and Reolink Go series.

Also, Reolink has recently added 12MP Ultra-HD resolution to the line of the PoE camera system, whereas Night Owl has up to 8MP.

What’s the best Night Owl Security Camera System?

As mentioned, Night Owl cameras have a broad array of security cameras to choose. Five of the best choices available are:

  • Best DVR: Night Owl DVRDP2161 Full HD Security Camera System
  • Best Wireless: Night Owl WNVR201-44P-B Smart Wireless Security Camera System
  • Best Add-On: Night Owl CAM-2PK-PIRHDA10W-BU Wired Security cameras
  • Best Value: Night Owl C-841-PIR5MPN Super HD Security Camera System
  • Best at Night: Night Owl C20W-41-4L Indoor/ Outdoor Security Camera System

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an affordable security camera system for your home or business, Night Owl can fit in your list of potential brands. The company has some amazing selections of wired CCTV, as well as few wireless options when you don’t want to struggle with the wiring.

Nonetheless, Night Owl is far much reliable for the wired security cameras at the moment. True, the company has been innovative over the years but their wireless CCTVs are yet to rank with their competitors. Even with the Night Owl WNVR201-44P-B Smart System we suggested, the wireless range is still short but at least it doesn’t drop the signal like that of the Night Owl WNVR201-88P-B 8-Channel Security System

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