The 10 Easy Steps on How to Set up Eufy Security Camera Systems

The 10 Easy Steps on How to Set Up Eufy Security Camera Systems in Under 20 Minutes

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Do you really need to hire a professional technician to install your security cameras? In this guide, we’re going to show you how to set up Eufy security camera systems from the scratch in under twenty minutes.

The good thing is that Eufy usually innovates its systems with the consumer in mind. Thus, you’ll find the cameras user-friendly not only when operating but also in setup and installation.

Crucial Things to Know About Eufy Security Camera

At this point, we’ve introduced you to 100+ security camera systems that you can choose for your home or business place. Eufy is one of these options, and even though not American, it has been holding up pretty well in the very competitive market.

For instance, when comparing Eufy and Arlo sometime back, the Anker brand led the local label in almost all the crucial features. The best perk so far has been the built-in local storage, which eliminates the need for a monthly subscription. And also leaves an option to continue recording even when the internet is down.

Other pros and cons of the Eufy security camera to know if you’re deciding to get one are:


  • It delivers crisp and bright images
  • Offers free human & face detection
  • Supports various audio functions
  • Has multiple deterrent features
  • Can continue to record in full color at night
  • Cloud subscription plans are relatively cheap
  • Has both plug-in and battery-powered camera options
  • It can work with Alexa, HomeKit, & Google Assistant


  • It has no desktop or web client
  • Signal range of the Homebase is relatively short
  • The smart motion detection isn’t always accurate
  • Eufy cameras are still a bit pricey compared to brands like Wyze

Despite everything else, there’s still a lot to gain if you know how to use Eufy security camera systems accordingly. But before you come to using the devices, you’ll first need to set everything up and right, which now brings us to our main topic:

How to Set Up Eufy Security Camera Systems from the Scratch

Eufy usually deals with only wireless security cameras– sends images to the viewing device over WiFi signal. So, the whole setup is an easy plug-and-play, with no complicated wiring as with the analog DVR systems.

How to Set Up Eufy Security Camera Systems

Nonetheless, Eufy security cameras usually operate through a Homebase station, just like most of the Arlo security cameras. Thus, though the setup is pretty straightforward, it’s not as quick as when you connect Wyze Camera to new WiFi.

Anyhow, here are the various steps you’ll need to follow to effectively set up your Eufy security camera.

Gather Everything You Need

Similar to any project, the process to set up your Eufy camera system will start with putting together the tools you’ll be using. And luckily, Eufy usually delivers the systems with all the hardware you need. They include:

  • A Homebase station
  • A security camera/s
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power adapters- for camera & Homebase
  • Mounting screws & a printed user manual
  • Mounting brackets- magnetic, screw-on, or both

In addition to that, you’ll also need to have a screwdriver and maybe clips (not compulsory) to hold the Homebase cables neatly on the wall.

Note, this guide is based on the EufyCam 2C that comes with the Homebase Station 2. But it’s pretty much similar for the cameras with Homebase 1/ E.

Install the Eufy Security to your Phone

After confirming everything, you can now go ahead and download the Eufy Security mobile app to your smartphone to begin the setup process. The app is available for free, both on iOS and Android devices.

Note: Eufy does have various mobile apps for its other smart home devices. So, make sure you download the Eufy Security app for the best experience with your surveillance camera.

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Create a Eufy Account & Sign In

After downloading and installing the Eufy Security app, launch it. Then, on the login page, click the “Sign Up” button to create your Eufy account.

Once you complete the Email verification, go back to the Login page and use the credentials you have just registered with to sign in.

If the logging in was successful, you’ll then get a prompt to choose your current region where you want to set up your device. And once you choose the region, tap “Next” followed by the “Confirm” button.

Allow the Requested Permissions

At this point, the Eufy app will now take you to the home screen. But before it has fully opened, you’ll get the prompt to give the app permission to your device’s storage and media album. Allow both requests, then click the bold “Add Device” button to begin the configuration process.

Power the Homebase Station

After tapping the “Add Device” button, you’ll see the various devices you can connect to the Eufy app. Tap the Homebase 2 station and you’ll get the prompt to connect it to your router’s LAN port (using the provided Ethernet cable) and power (using the provided adapter).

Once you do that, confirm the LED indicator light at the front’s blinking red, which illustrates it’s ready for set up. Then, tap the bold “Next” button at the bottom

Configure the Homebase Station

In the next window, Eufy will ask you to “connect your phone to the same WiFi router the Homebase station is connected to”. And once you do it, tap the “Next” button to pair the two.

In the new window, you’ll get a message to wait about one minute for the Homebase status light to change from blinking RED to BLUE. You’ll also hear a sweet welcome message and a reminder to follow the next on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

After that, click the bold “Next” button.

Scan the QR Code

You’ll now get a pop-up prompt requesting permission to use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code. Tap “Ok”, then point your phone’s rear camera on the QR bar located at the bottom of the Homebase.

Upon scanning the code, you’ll hear the automated lady again asking you to press the SYNC button on the Homebase to complete the pairing request. You can find the SYNC button at the back of the Homebase, next to the Ethernet port.

Name & Update Homebase Station

After pressing the SYNC button, you’ll hear a successful message, then the mobile app will ask you to give your device (Homebase) a name- perhaps “Homebase01

Next, you’ll also need to update the firmware of the Homebase to the latest version available. Then, tap the dull “Finish” button, whereby it will take you back to the home screen,

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Add the Eufy Security Camera to Homebase

On the new home screen, you’ll notice the Homebase01– or however you have named your Homebase station in Step (8).

The next step will be to add the Eufy security camera to that Homebase. So, tap the “Add Device” button once again, then scroll down and select the type of camera you have (in this case EufyCam 2C).

Once you select your camera, you’ll get a message to keep it within a one-meter range with the Homebase. And since it’s (we assume you do too), click the “Next” button at the bottom. Then, press the SYNC button on top of the camera for about two seconds or until you hear a beep.

After hearing the beep (the camera status light will also light up), tap the “Next” button and the automated voice will confirm the device was added successfully.

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Test Your Security Camera Performance

Now, choose a name for your Eufy security camera, then set the working mode (Optimal Battery Life/ Optimal Surveillance/ Customize Recording) that fits your needs. Then tap the “Next” button, which will now take you to the mounting instructions.

Once you go through all the mounting tips, tap “Next” to Test the Signal strength of the position you’d like to mount your camera. Then, tap the “Mounting Complete” tab and go ahead to securing the camera to the mount on the wall, ceiling, or soffit.

Here is a video that how to install a Eufy security camera in your home.

Final Thoughts:

Well, you can see it’s very easy to set up Eufy security camera systems all yourself. Thus, saving the supposedly $300-$800 labor costs for other things around the house. Or even another set of cameras to ensure complete coverage and protection.

If you’ll be working with a battery-powered security camera like EufyCam 2C, do make sure it’s fully charged before attempting the pairing in Step (9). Alternatively, you can plug it in to charge while syncing, or else you’ll end up with a failed connection.