The Reviews of How to Secure Windows of our Home

How to Secure Windows of our Home

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Home’s windows are the most to keep secure.

One of the most necessary aspects of home security and the one which is most of the times overlooked because of its being expensive and highly technological is about the home’s windows.

Normally thieves enter into the house through doors and windows so if you have already invested in door locks and solid doors than the windows are left to be the weakest points of entry for the burglars.

Following are the key measures which you can take to make your windows securer in order to keep your house safe:


1. Reinforced Glass

There are a lot of methods by which you can reinforce your glass windows with securer metals and materials. The first you can do with tempered glass that is highly durable, a bit expensive and very tough to break. It might be a bit expensive than traditional glass but least expensive than many other options available for reinforced glass.

The second option which can be used is a laminated glass which is also called to be safety glass and is an excellent option for the safety of your home’s windows. The laminated glass usually has a layer of vinyl sandwiched between two layers of traditional glass.

If a burglar somehow tries to break through a safety glass he would have to repeatedly strike on the glass which will create noise and thus you would be able to catch the thief. You can also use bullet resistant or wire mesh glass to make your house even securer but the thing to know is that these products can be expensive for most of the families.

2. Plexiglas and Polycarbonate Windows

The Acrylic plastic windows are also called as Plexiglas windows and these glasses are ten times stronger and have same thickness like the traditional window glass. Polycarbonate windows are even more expensive but they provide more security than traditional windows. They are 250 times more resistant and 10 times stronger than the simple acrylic windows.

3. Window Bars

You can choose decorative window bars to fit the style of your home. Iron bars on the windows can make home securer and safe from burglars. Even if a thief tries to enter your home he can’t squeeze the bars to enter your home.

Many people don’t like the idea of window bars because they think that window bars will look at their house to look like a prison than a home. However, if you like to put window bars around your windows, you can look for decorative window bars so those can suit your home’s design.

4.Window Alarms

Window alarms are the best way to keep your windows secure and there are several types of window alarms available in the market. The first type of window alarm detects when a window is broken or opened and the alarm sounds to make a warning to your family. There is also an option for you to install a more complicated window alarm which warns you by the alarm when there is any suspicious motion around the window. This alarm gets activated when the motion is detected even before the window is broken or opened.

5.Window Locks

A good lock has always been a need for a good home security system. There are a variety of window locks available for the users like deadbolts etc which are excellent but the best window lock is that which is visible from outside. A simple pin lock can be affordable but it is also very effective.

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