Ways: How To Secure a Door From Being Kicked In

How To Secure a Door From Being Kicked In

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The majority of the population relies on the standard latch installed by the builder to secure their doors. While it may help prevent unwanted entries, the method is not enough to hold back a motivated burglar. As such, learning several tricks on how to secure a door from being kicked in might surely come in handy.

Some of these techniques necessarily don’t prevent the prospective intruder from getting into your apartment. But they can help reinforce your door with extra strength and delay entry before the security officers or local authorities come.

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Other than that, making your door kick-proof can provide a real sense of security, which then settle your fears and worries. But since there are numerous ways to do that, this post will share with you some of the best-proven strategies. The techniques are simple things you can do on your own. And also you won’t need to spend a fortune unless you want to construct some high-end safe room.

5 Simple Tricks to Make Your Door Kick-Proof

Replace Your Entryways with a Sturdier Door

Some contractors build a door for aesthetic reasons, rather than security purposes. A good example is the hollow-core doors, which are meant for the interior rooms of a house, yet some people end up installing them outside.

Before you even think of investing in other tougher techniques, therefore, you have to make sure the exterior door is sturdier and strong. Not those soft hollow doors that the intruder will crack through with only his foot.

Some of the solidest doors are metallic and hardwood design, but you can also go with Fiberglass doors, though at an extra cost.

Replace the Deadbolt Strike Plate

By definition, the deadbolt strike plate is the metallic mechanism that catches the deadbolt latch into the doorframe. It’s the weakest point of a secured door and that’s why almost all home invaders direct most of their kicks at it. If the plate is weak or loosely held onto the frame, a significant force can cause the door to splinter or crack. Hence, rendering the whole locking system useless.

how to secure a door from being kicked in

With optimal strength, however, the plate can withstand the generated impact and bar out the potential intruder. Some of the ways you can reinforce this strength include using a longer box strike plate or a full metal enclosure model and installing with longer screws.

For the latter, the added length will help anchor the plate much more securely- especially when the screws get into the studs beyond the door frame.

As for a longer box strike and the all-metal metal enclosure, they both distribute the force of a strike over a wider area. Hence, making it harder for the deadbolt to break through the wooden frame.

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Reinforce the Door Frame

Even with an industrial-strength strike plate, a burglar can still break-into your home if the door frame is weak. After continuous kicks, he or she may be able to rip away the jamb and, again, rendering the lock useless.

With a sturdier door frame, nonetheless, it might become harder for the splitting to happen and lockout the potential burglar. One of the best ways you can do this is by adding an aftermarket layer of steel to the door frame. The products are out there in the market and are effortless to install even without the help of a joiner.

Securing the Door Hinges Might Also Help

Other than designs, doors are usually available in two categories- inswing and outswing.

Just as the name, inswing door swings into the house, and the hinges tend to be inside as well. Most of the modest houses are now using this design, but some eventually wind up with the outswing design. After all, it’s a matter of preference and which one feels the best for him.

Anyways, an outswing door usually has hinges that swing outward, in which case it opens outside the room. While the entrance design is an added benefit for a house with limited space, a smart burglar might decide to attack the hinges.

If the hinges have the tamper-proof security screw installed, though, the uninvited guest won’t be able to pop up the hinge pin from the top. Also, there are safety studs and shields that can help prevent the hinge central pin from being removed when the door is closed. And if you don’t want any of that, then, you can fit your door with fast-riveted pins, which can’t be grabbed or pulled out.

Add A Security Bar or Door Barricade

These two are the newest additional pieces that most people are now relying on to enhance their doors with extra security. They consist of solid steel systems that you can add to your locked or unlocked door, making it impenetrable, or otherwise kick resistant.

Though they have a similar goal, however, both door barricades and security bar functions in different ways. For a model, the barricade is installed at the ground level, whereby it slides closed to prevent the door from opening.

On its end, the security bar helps prevent the door from opening in two ways. In one, you can stretch the rod across the width of the frame and fasten it on both ends. For the other method, you can reinforce the door by jamming the bar between the floor and the doorknob.

Both the door security bar and door barricade are available in various types and designs. The following are some of the best models that you can check out and buy online at your comfort. Hope you got how to secure a door from being kicked in with these five effective tricks.

They include:

Buddybar Door Jammer Security Door Bar

Buddybar Door Jammer Home Security Door Bar
  • BuddyBar has been tested to withstand up to 2,560 lbs of force
  • The Buddybar is 8.2 lbs. of beautifully powder coated steel with no plastic parts

This is one of the best hardware you can use to secure your door and prevent it from being kicked in. It features lovely rugged steel construction, with the ability to withstand up to 2560 lbs of force.

The bar reinforces your door by jamming between the floor and the doorknob. It’s friendly with most doors as it can extend from 36 – 51 inches.

Summary Features:

  • It’s very easy to install and use
  • Has a rubber-coated steel foot that provides a solid grip on tile, concrete, wood, carpet, and vinyl floor
  • Offers a spectacular impact resistance of up to 2560 pounds
  • Very lightweight for easier portability
  • Features a telescopic head for an excellent fit in most doors
  • The bar’s pressure-mounted design, with sturdy construction to allow high performance and extended longevity

Nightlock Residential Door Barricade Lock

Nightlock Residential Door Lock Barricade for Home USE
  • The "COMMERCIAL VERSION" has a RED handle and a Plastic handle retaining box. THE RESIDENTIAL...

Simple but ultra-strong, this system reinforces your door with a superior strength such that you won’t need to worry about a spoilt lock. It’s made of solid aluminum to deliver a significant resistance and then added with an anodized finish for enhanced durability and appearance.

The door barricade is very simple to install and use. Plus, you can apply with an inward opening door, as well as the outswing design.

Summary Features:

  • It comprises a robust construction, with thick aluminum plates for solid performance
  • Quick and effortless to install
  • Can withstand up to 1100 lbs of force
  • You can mount on wood, concrete, and laminate floor
  • Features a lovely brushed nickel finish for enhanced appearance and last longer
  • The door barricade is very affordable.

Defender Security U10827 Door Reinforcement Lock

Prime-Line U 10827 Door Reinforcement Lock – Add Extra, High...
  • KEEP YOUR HOME SAFE – Designed to withstand 800 lbs. of force, this U 10827 satin nickel finish...
  • EASY INSTALLATION – The included 3 inch hardened screws make installation a breeze – extra...

Although a barricade, this piece functions more like a high-security lock, with the ability to withstand up to 800 lbs of force. It’s very simple to install and use can use multiple on your door for added security.

The door reinforcement lock is available in a variety of finishes, including bronze, brushed chrome, satin nickel, and gold anodized. As such, you can easily match with your door finish to enable uniformity.

Summary Features:

  • It consists of solid aluminum construction for better performance
  • Available in various buying options
  • Has a compact size to allow multiple usages for stronger resistance to impact
  • Works best with inward opening doors
  • Features a child-safe design
  • Very affordable and long-lasting.

SecurityMan Two-In-One Door Lock Bar

SECURITYMAN Adjustable Door Security Bar - Constructed of High...
  • 2 in 1 DOOR STOPPER SECURITY BAR & SLIDING DOOR SECURITY BAR: Use this device for two different...
  • EXTRA PROTECTION FOR YOUR DOOR: Add an extra layer of protection for your home with a door stopper....

This is an alternative security bar that you can use to add an extra layer of strength to your home or dorm door. It features a heavy-duty design, with a thick iron body and two interchangeable rubber tips to prevent skidding on the floor or walls.

It’s not as strong as the others we have discussed, but it can still serve as a great piece of peace of mind against door kick-ins.

Summary Features:

  • It’s a telescopic design that allows you to extend from 22.25-43.7 inches for maximum efficiency
  • Includes a quick and straightforward setup
  • Highly flexible for use on single doors, as well as sliding doors/ windows
  • Best for outward swinging hinges
  • Has a rubber foot that offers a solid grip without scratching your floor
  • The bar is compact and lightweight to allow easier moving

Final Verdict:

Security is a crucial aspect for every home and even commercial institution. Without it, you not live in fear, but also threaten the achievement of your goals and objectives. Even when it’s your pastime, you won’t even enjoy your moment since a section of your mind is at your door all the time.

While lock picking is common to some, quite a number of criminals force their entry by kicking the common weak points of the door. If the builders left you with a puny lock or door frame, locking your door might mean no difference. But with the strategies we’ve just shared, you might even not need to worry if the deadbolt lock is faulty or missing. That is, with the door barricade and security bar.

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