How to Reset Reolink Camera with Incorrect Configurations

How to Reset Reolink Camera with Incorrect Configurations

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Do you know how to reset Reolink camera even with the dedicated resetting button broken? If not, we believe our quick guide here will be able to help. We’ve put together various ways you can successfully send back your security camera into the factory settings and resolve the available technical defects.

Different from the likes of Night Owl and Swann, Reolink only deals with internet protocol (IP) technology. And if you remember our brief talk about  IP security camera systems, we concluded it has built-in computer chips to expand its capabilities.

So, like any other computerized device, your Reolink camera is likely to act up at least once in its lifetime. And for that, having all the possible hacks to do the factory resetting can come in handy in case the first method fails.

How Often Should I Reset My Reolink Security Camera

Technically, we don’t have a definite frequency on how often you should reset any security camera. You’ll find devices that may need to be reset daily, others after a couple of months, and some after several years of running.

The reason for these varying maintenance frequencies is because it all depends on when your camera will need the reset. Or otherwise, until you have a technical issue that prevents your system from powering up or performing accordingly.

Fortunately/ unfortunately, these “technical issues” are usually pretty universal. The various situations we said you’ll need to reset a Blink camera or Eufy floodlight are pretty much the same with Reolink. And that includes when:

  • Your Reolink has suddenly developed motion detection issues
  • The IP camera tends to freeze even after troubleshooting the hardware
  • You’ve forgotten the unique login password you created for your camera
  • The camera shows to be offline while already connected to a working internet
  • You misconfigured the settings of the camera but don’t remember the original values

Note: anIP PoE security camera will connect to your internet router via a wired (Ethernet) connection. If you have a camera like Reolink RLC-811A, that means internet-related issues will mostly have to do with the dedicated network cable.

Hard Reset Reolink Camera vs Soft Reset

Reolink has a pretty long line of network security cameras that you can use as a standalone system- without an NVR. And the best part, both PoE and wireless security cameras have a built-in reset button.

When a dedicated reset button is used, we usually call this a “Hard Reset”. The technique usually restores all the settings of the camera to factory default. So, you’ll need to reconfigure it (with the default username [admin] and password [leave the box blank]).

If by any chance the dedicated reset button isn’t working (perhaps it’s damaged), you can reset your Reolink camera via the management interface. The company has three management interfaces you can use, including the mobile app, client software, and web browser.

How to Reset Reolink Camera

Meanwhile, a reset through the management interface is what we call a “Soft Reset”. And unlike the “Hard Reset”, “Soft Reset” doesn’t delete all the settings of your Reolink camera. (The settings for the WiFi, Daylight Saving Time (DST), and Time Zone remain).

The 4 Ways How to Reset Reolink Camera with Technical Defects

When it comes to operations, Reolink has very intuitive security cameras. Like when you want to correct some messed-up settings or technical issues, you can easily reset your device within a minute:

Method 1: Reset a Reolink Camera with the built-in Button

If possible, this is the best way to properly reset a Reolink camera, assuming you won’t mind redoing the configuration setup. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the process usually does a complete factory reset. But how you perform it varies with the type of IP camera you have.

If you want to reset a Reolink POE security camera:

  1. Turn off the power supply to the camera
  2. Press and hold the dedicated reset button on the three-end cable
  3. While still holding on to the reset button, power on the camera
  4. Keep holding the Reset button for about 10 seconds
  5. Finally, release the Reset button. The camera will restore to the default settings

If you want to reset a Reolink WiFi security camera:

  1. Locate the position of the Reset button
  2. Power on the camera
  3. Now, press and hold the Reset button for about 10 seconds or until you hear a completion alert
  4. Finally, release the Reset button. You should be done and your camera back to factory default

Method 2: Reset Reolink Camera with the Mobile App

The process to reset a Reolink camera by using the mobile app is pretty much the same on all devices. It doesn’t matter whether you have the PoE or WiFi camera.

You just need to:

  1. Launch the Reolink app and log in to your account
  2. Under the devices, tap the gear (settings) icon of the camera you want to reset
  3. Scroll down and tap the “Advanced” tab to reveal the “Restore” and “Reboot” buttons
  4. Tap the “Restore” button and confirm you want to restore your device to default settings
  5. Success! Your camera should have all the settings (except WiFi and Time) deleted.

Method 3: Reset Reolink Camera with the Client Software

If you have installed the Reolink Client software on your PC, it’s also easy to soft reset your camera to default settings. It’s pretty straightforward and as easy as:

  1. Launch the client software and log in to the camera with issues
  2. Click the gear icon to open the settings menu of the camera
  3. Scroll down and select the “System” tab to open the options for “User Management”, “Date & Time”, and “Maintenance”.
  4. Click on the “Maintenance” tab to reveal the hidden “Restore” and “Reboot” buttons
  5. Finally, hit that bold “Restore” button, followed by “Ok” to confirm your decision

Method 4: Reset Reolink Camera with the Web Browser

You can also soft reset your Reolink camera on the web browser within seconds. You just need to get your camera IP address, then:

  1. Enter the IP address into the web browser and login into the camera
  2. On the devices page, click the gear icon to open the settings menu
  3. Under the settings page, scroll down and select the “System” tab to reveal the hidden “Restore” and “Reboot” buttons
  4. Finally, hit that bold “Restore” button, followed by “Ok” to confirm your decision
Reset your reolink camera

Bottom Line:

In case of overly sensitive motion detection, color-cast images, or any other incorrect configurations and technical issues, that’s how to reset a Reolink camera. The method of a dedicated reset button is the best fix in either situation since it deletes all the settings and configuration.

Remember, Reolink has a Reset button on all IP cameras. Some devices will have it hidden and you’ll have to probe them extensively to find it.

In the case of incorrect configuration, a soft reset on the app, client software, or web browser could fix the issue. But in the fact that the type of reset doesn’t delete the WiFi settings, it might not be ideal for technical issues.

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