Easy Guide on How to Reset Night Owl DVR with Technical Issues

An Easy Guide on How to Reset Night Owl DVR with Technical Issues

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At this point, we can all agree even the best systems have their flaws. And that’s not just for that smartphone in your hands all the time, but also for security systems. Hence, the reason we’ve decided to show you how to reset Night Owl DVR.

Of course, manufacturers try to keep the process as simple as possible, but different brands of security camera systems with DVR have different management interfaces. So, while the results could be similar, the various steps to reset your recorder will differ.

7 Times You May Need to Reset Your DVR Recorder

First of all, when we talk about resetting your Night Owl security camera system, we mean restoring the settings to default. So, you should only do it if troubleshooting has failed to resolve the conflicting configurations that may be causing your issues.

Some of the issues we’re referring to here include:

  • Video Signal Loss

In many cases, a DVR from Night Owl or Swann and other brands will lose video signal due to defective hardware. The “hardware” in this case can be damage to the connection wires or internal components of the recorder.

Apart from the hardware problems, your DVR can also lose video signal when there are incorrect configurations. And in this case, you might have to troubleshoot the issue or factory reset the whole system.

  • Pink/ Purple Tint

When you install Night Owl wired security camera and notice the video’s tint/ purple color, it’s possible the connected channel or channel’s settings have an issue. And in that case, you can try customizing the image settings for the particular channel or reset the entire system (final approach).

  • No/ Poor Night Vision

Night Owl, just as its name, has some pretty decent night vision security cameras if you’d like to keep an eye on your property around the clock. But if you notice a loss of video at night time, something may be inhibiting the infrared lights. So, troubleshooting or a hard reset could help resolve the issue.

  • Recorder Freezing

In most cases, a DVR, and not just for Night Owl, will overheat and freeze when there’s no cool air blowing. An outdated firmware or an incorrect configuration could also cause the freezing, which a quick reset could correct.

  • Motion Detection Issues

Indeed, Night Owl does have a motion sensor security camera for your DVR if you’d like to know everything that happens on your property. But if your recorder is having problems detecting movements accordingly, the issue is most likely with configuration. So, you can try normal troubleshooting or reset the whole system to default.

  • Forgotten Password

Payment cards, phone services, email, work computer, smartphone, luggage locks, and our DVR are a few places you need a unique password today. And while it should be something memorable, many of us still end up forgetting the access code, thereby getting locked out of the systems.

But again, many of the electronic systems, including the CCTV still allow you to reset your DVR memory and create a new passcode.

  • Black Screen/ Blank Live View

Last but not least, changing the display output of your DVR to a higher resolution can lead to a “loss of video signal”. The video signal loss, in this case, is mostly the live view, whereby the monitor screen turns black since it couldn’t handle the instructed resolution.

A good example is when you try live-streaming the maximum resolution of your 4K security camera system on a 1080p TV. All the cameras will continue recording, yes, but the display will be black since the DVR command is beyond its capabilities.

So, for you to start viewing the cameras again, you’ll have to reset your recorder’s display output to the minimum (lowest) resolution the monitor can handle.

How to Reset Night Owl DVR

An Easy Guide on How to Reset Night Owl DVR with Technical Issues or Forgotten Password

As was mentioned, resetting your Night Owl DVR to the default settings should be the last resort if troubleshooting hasn’t resolved your issue. Of course, the process usually doesn’t touch your saved recordings on the hard drive, but it deletes all the other settings.

In other words, after the process completes, your recorder will be just like a new one. So, you’ll need to set up and configure your desired settings again, but with caution not to reinstate the previous errors again.

In any case, the three main ways you can rest your Night Owl DVR include:

1. How to Quick Reset Night Owl DVR with Display Output Issues

As I’ve just mentioned above, attempting to change the video output of your DVR to a higher resolution the monitor doesn’t support could lead to video loss.

If that’s your issue, you can reset the recorder’s display output to the factory default, which goes back to the lowest resolution.

Sadly, however, the Night Owl DVRs don’t have the quick display output reset button on the Lorex systems. So, you’ll have to do the full factory resetting as with the other incorrect configurations. See below.

2. How to Full Reset a Night Owl DVR with Technical Issues

Overall, it’s very easy to fully factory reset your Night Owl DVR. You just need the login details (if enabled), a mouse, and the recorder connected to the monitor. And once you have everything in place:

  1. Right-click your mouse anywhere on the screen to open the drop-down menu
  2. On the drop-down menu that appears, click the “Main Menu” button. The system may ask you for the login username and password, which you’ll need to enter.
  3. After a successful login, find and click the “Operation” tab to show the hidden “Information”, “Network”, and “System Maintain” menus.
  4. Next, click the “System Maintain” tab, then select the Default button on the top menu bar. All the settings you want to restore to default will appear so you can check or uncheck the appropriate entries
  5. Now click the “Factory Default” button at the button, then Okay in the prompt message that appears
  6. Immediately you click “okay”, the resetting process will begin, and upon completion, the recorder will restart
  7. Once the system powers on back, it’ll take you to the main screen where you’ll have to set it up again as if a new one.

Remember, inputting the incorrect configuration during the repeat setup could result in the same issues you’ve been having. So, make sure you do it right.

3. How to Reset Night Owl DVR With Forgotten Password Issues

If you have forgotten the login details, the DVR will lock you out, and won’t be possible to manage the recordings or settings. The said settings include even the option to reset your DVR. So, you’ll have to find an alternative way to reset the memory of the device, as below.  


  1. Right-click your mouse anywhere on the screen to open the drop-down menu
  2. Click the “Main Menu” button that appears to display the login details
  3. Select the “Forgot Password” tab at the bottom and a reset code will be sent to your email. You can find the email in the primary folder or the Spam box of the address you registered with your system
  4. Now go back to your DVR main screen,  enter the reset code, and follow the on-screen prompts to create a new password.

If the Password reset code that Night Owl sent doesn’t work, you can try the process again or do a manual reset. You can do the manual reset by opening up the DVR cover and removing the battery from the motherboard.

Once the internal card of the system discharges (wait a few minutes), the clock will reset and the DVR goes back to factory default.

In Conclusion:

That’s how you can reset your Night Owl DVR from configuration issues or a forgotten password. It’s something you can easily do by yourself right where you have the system.

But if resetting didn’t resolve the issue, contact the Night Owl technical support team to see if they can be able to help. Or else start shopping around for a new system from the same brand or a different one.

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