How to Reset Luggage Lock Forgot Combination in 2023

How to Reset Luggage Lock Forgot Combination in 2024

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Switching traditional key lock to a combination locks system can make your life quite easy. Combination locks are open with the digits or letters already set to them. The best thing is, you do not worry about key lost as it is opened with numbers or letters. However, you need to remember these combinations of digits or letter to access your luggage. In case you forgot the digit or letter combination you will have the access to your luggage. So the question is how to reset luggage lock forgot combination?

How to Reset the Luggage Lock forgot the combination

How to Reset Luggage Lock Forgot Combination

How to Reset Luggage Lock Forgot Combination

Generally, the locks are reset by resetting the button, lever or shackle. Usually, the correct combinations of the digits unlock the luggage lock. Another way is the reset bottom which can be used for the resetting of the luggage lock. This button can be found on the bottom or side of the lock which upon pressing can unlock the luggage lock. After resetting, a new combination of the digits can be put and can be remembered for the opening of the lock. A piece of luggage is locked by 3 or 4 digits and also by a popular lock called TSA locks which are often checked by the airport authorities by opening and closing your luggage lock without letting you know.

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TSA Lock and its Locking Method/Procedure

Once you buy your new luggage, you can adjust the combination of the lock. Here are some of the tips to make a new combination.

Reset the button in by taping the locking mechanism or maybe press the black button which will unlock the luggage with a click of sound.

Put a new combination of the digits and remember these three or four digits for the opening of the luggage lock.

After adjusting the new code, flip the locking mechanism back to confirm the new digit combination.

In case you have a problem or facing trouble to change the lock combination, contact the company customer services department in order to resolve your issue or get instruction from them to change the combinations.

How to reset luggage lock in case of a forgotten combination

There are many ways how to reset luggage lock forgot combination . These are:-

If there are three numbers and hence you have 1000 combinations, then you have the possibility to try 100 times to unlock the luggage lock. For unlocking, you need to move the wheel one time and eventually, you might get opened the lock by trying this technique.

Take your bag to the locksmith and off-course will open it for sure, but that will cost you some money.

Factory codes such as zero’s combination can be used to unlock the luggage lock. This technique only works when the combination is not changed before.

In case you are on the airport, the problem of opening this lock can be solved with the help of TSA agent. Once they opened for you, you can adjust or make a new combination for the lock.

This is all thing, how to reset luggage lock forgot combination

Benefits of the luggage lock

Securing your luggage is the most is the necessity of the today travelers. The luggage without locks is an open invitation and begging to steal your belongings. The locks at least keep your things secured from the pickpockets who look forward to easy earning and quick wins. Open bags with-out locks are the easy targets for them. But it should also be kept in mind that locking will not guarantee to secure your things. The first thing is to secure your luggage with the best lock when you are traveling. A traveler traveling to Canada and North America, his luggage can be checked by TSA for further inspection by using a master key.

Some of the advantages of the luggage locking are:-

The lock will hold your bag zipper together and will not open your luggage during your traveling and transit.

Staying in the hostel room with the stranger will protect your belongings from the potential theft from the housekeeping or in the busy crowded buses and trains.

Lock discourages the casual thieves and protects your belongings.

Best TSA approved luggage locks

There are some luggage locks with their pros and cons such as:-

Tarris lock with Search Alert (Flexible cable and durable lock, have search alert, can be locked without adjusting the
combination, sometimes easily breakable).

Lewis N. Triple Security Lockdown (3 dial combinations with flexible cables, easy that how to reset luggage lock forgot combination can be set, only the short cables are TSA approved).

Word lock (Use letter for a lock, use Wordlock technology like using the combination of vowels, and consonant found on the spinning/ rotating letter dials, you can choose the four-letter to lock your luggage with this lock, this lock is light and easily readable).

4-Digit Combination lock Steel Padlocks (4 dial combination for enhancing security, better visibility with bright colors, strong, hard and that’s why the durable, dial made of chrome is not easily readable).

Acrodo All-Metal Luggage

Lock (made of steel, solid one and TSA approved lock and hence can open with TSA without your permission, 3 dial combination, having a pop up indicator which alerts you that your lock is opened using TSA and magnetic lock, it’s quite a bulky lock than normal locks).

These locks can be purchased or found on the Amazon online stored. All the locks you want to buy depending upon your need. However, the most important thing to note is to buy the most durable and secure lock for your luggage. To sum up it all that these locks add security to our luggage but did not guarantee 100 percent that our luggage or things will not be stolen.

Alternatives to the Luggage Locks

Travelers can use the services of certain companies at certain airports to wrap their luggage or suitcase. The companies offer wrapping services are “Seal & Go” and “Secure Wrap”. However, the security officers for further through inspection can tear this wrapping and inspect your luggage. This method of wrapping use excessive plastic and hence it is not environment-friendly. Also, zip ties can be used to secure your bag or luggage, however, the security official can break or tear them up for security check.

Disadvantages of the luggage lock

Habitual thieves cannot be stopped by any means to break your luggage lock. They can access to your bag, however, if you are vigilant this can be stopped and they cannot steal your valuable belongings.

A lot of videos can be found on you YouTube how to break any lock in a short time.

It is recommended that keep your valuable belongings in your carry on luggage, not in the checked-in luggage.


Combination locks can be used to temporarily secure your luggage from opportunistic and casual thieves. However, this locking system cannot ensure 100 percent security. Your TSA locks or alternative locks can be opened easily by the airport officials for thorough checkup. However, it is better to lock your bags with combination locks. Always remember your combination codes or letter for your lock in order to avoid problem during your traveling.

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