How to Reset Foscam Camera without the Risk of Bricking It

DIY Tips: How to Reset Foscam Camera without the Risk of Bricking It

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Foscam is one of the many options to consider when looking for a standalone wireless security camera. And like any other WiFi camera, it’s pretty straightforward to operate since you’ll be doing everything on the mobile app. The only tricky hack you’ll want to learn on your own is how to reset Foscam camera right without bricking it.

Bricking, in case you’re wondering, is where a wireless or even wired security camera system with DVR no longer functions from corrupted firmware (or hardware issues).

Firmware corruption is most common when an update is interrupted either by power failure or when you turn off the device mid-process. But it can also happen when you upgrade with software that has incorrect coding/ malware.

What Type of Foscam Camera Do You Have?

In our short DIY guide here, we’ll show you how to reset your Foscam camera easily without any special techie skills. But before we come to that, what type of camera do have?

Although it will be a topic of another day, Foscam has been around for over 14 years now. And within this period, the company has come up with a variety of CCTV systems:

Do You Have the Foscam Indoor Pan-Tilt (PT) Camera?

In the Foscam vs Amcrest review, we saw the brands have some Pan-Tilt (PT) security cameras that you can use indoors. And while Foscam lacks auto-tracking motion at the moment, you can remotely rotate it up to 360 degrees via the app.

The Foscam PT camera has a dedicated reset button on the bottom or the side. So, it’s pretty easy to restore the settings to factory default.

Do You Have the Foscam PoE Dome Security Camera?

Foscam has some pretty decent PoE outdoor security cameras. Few of the options actually have dual connectivity- WiFi and PoE, which is very rare. Thus, you can easily switch between the technologies if either fails or doesn’t fit your installation requirements.

Furthermore, you can also use the Foscam PoE camera as a standalone or connect to an NVR/ DVR unit. When used as a standalone, the PoE camera has a three-end cable with tails for LAN, Power, and a Reset button.

Do you have the Foscam PTZ Security Camera?

Foscam also has one of the best PTZ security cameras, featuring 4X to 18X optical zoom. Optical zoom usually relies on a motorized lens that can shorten or extend the focal length. Thus, you can zoom in on distant objects without drastically diminishing the image clarity.

The Foscam PTZ cameras also have dual connectivity protocols, including built-in PoE and WiFi. Then there’s an integrated slot to insert a MicroSD card for local recording. So, you can use it on an NVR, Hybrid DVR, or as a standalone.

When used as a standalone, the Foscam PTZ camera has a reset button next to the MicroSD slot. The maker hides the MicroSD slot under the removable plate (marked with a MicroSD icon) above the camera eye.

Do You have the Foscam WiFi/ PoE Bullet Security Camera?

Last but not least, Foscam has bullet security cameras with built-in WiFi and PoE protocol. If this is what you have, you’ll have the option to use it as a standalone or connect to an NVR/ Hybrid DVR.

Similar to the dome type, the Foscam bullet camera has a three-end cable with tails for Power, LAN, and a Reset button. Some more sophisticated models have up to seven tail cables, including LAN, Power, Reset button, Audio-In, Audio-Out, RS845, and Alarm.

A Quick Guide On How To Reset Foscam Camera

Overall, the steps how to reset Foscam camera without bricking are pretty similar to those to reset Reolink camera. Different from the likes of Eufy or Arlo, Reolink does have standalone cameras that connect to either WiFi, PoE, or both connectivity protocols.

What You Need for Reset:

  • Your Foscam camera
  • Office Paper clip (or any pin with a flat head).

What You Need to Do to Reset:

  1. Locate the reset button of your Foscam camera, depending on the type of system we’ve listed above.
  2. Power on the security camera by plugging it into a power supply
  3. Next, Press the reset button for 30 seconds. You’ll need to use the paperclip or pin to press the button for the Foscam PT camera.

If you do happen to hear a completion alert before the 30 seconds pass out, your camera is fully restored to default settings. If using a PT or PTZ camera, it will start to pan and tilt on its own- an indication it has reset successfully.

Note: when using the Foscam Dome or Bullet camera with a three-end or seven-end cable, you may need to reset it as other PoE cameras. And to do that, you need to:

  1. Power off the Foscam camera
  2. Press and hold the reset button on the dedicated tail cable
  3. While still holding on to the reset button, power on your Foscam camera
  4. Still, continue holding the Reset button for about 15 seconds or until you hear the completion alert.

Use the Default Credentials for Access

In conclusion, that’s how to reset Foscam camera right, without the risk of bricking. And as was mentioned, it’s a pretty effortless process that anyone can do within seconds. You only need to locate the dedicated reset button, power up the device, and press the button.

After the Foscam camera restores to factory default, it deletes all the old settings. You’ll have to set it up again as a brand-new one. But since the reset also deletes your old login details, you’ll have to use the default ones to access the company servers.

The default Foscam login details are: Username is “admin” and no password (leave the password box blank).

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