When and How to Reset Blink Camera with Motion Detection, Offline

When and How to Reset Blink Camera with Motion Detection

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Blink is currently the bestselling security camera that works with Alexa devices and also with wire-free installation. But similar to most systems, CCTVs can also go wonky at times and fail to deliver. So, we’re going to show you how to reset Blink camera in under three minutes without any special skills or tools.

Well, of course, you might require a paperclip or small screwdriver to perform the manual resetting. But a match stick could also do the trick on the hack, as we shall see shortly.

When You May Need to Reset Your Blink Camera

Despite its great features, a Blink camera has its flaws as well. The technical issues, yes, are not as intense as the security DVR that has so many settings to mess up. But then, even the tiniest flaw in your camera can render it useless at the time that mattered most.

And that said, the four common situations when you may need to reset your Blink Camera include:

  • The camera appears to be Offline

One of the reasons to mount a Blink camera on your property is so you can watch the place while away. But if the viewing app keeps showing a “camera Offline” message instead of your home, that defeats the purpose you bought it.

Meanwhile, your Blink camera can be offline when either off (perhaps from the loss of power). Or else can’t communicate with the WiFi or Sync Module (perhaps from internet loss or incorrect configuration).

If the issue is incorrect configuration, you can start with the normal troubleshooting or do a quick reset.

  • You want to change the WiFi Details

When you relocate, you’ll probably have a new or renewed internet connection and different WiFi details. So, you’ll need to reset your Blink system from the old WiFi and reconfigure it with the new one.

  • The Blink Camera isn’t responding

Similar to smartphones, a Blink camera is likely to freeze up at least one point in its life. The issue is mostly with the hardware, but it can also happen due to incorrect configuration.

As a solution, you can first try troubleshooting per the quick tips from the Blink support team. But if that doesn’t work out, you can now go ahead and do a hard reset.

  • The camera has Motion detection issues

Apart from Alexa functionality, Blink is also one of the best motion sensor security cameras if you want to keep track of every happening on your property. Yes, it doesn’t have smart person detection like Eufy or Arlo. But you can still enjoy fewer false triggers from the integrated PIR sensor and activity zones.

If these two functions were working alright but then starts acting up, chances are your camera has faulty hardware or incorrect configuration. So, you can as well try troubleshooting or a hard reset before assuming the worst.

How to Reset Blink Camera
Blink camera

How to Reset a Blink Camera in Under Three Minutes

Technically, resetting a Blink security camera is no rocket science. It’s more of a press-that-release-now process to either the faulty camera or its Sync Module (if it has one).

Part One: How to Reset a Blink Camera

First, Blink Mini indoor camera usually connects to a WiFi network without a Sync Module (hub) required. But similar to the others, it has a physical button to do a quick reset in case troubleshooting doesn’t solve your issues.

As for the question of how you can reset a Blink camera:

  1. Locate the reset button of your device. In Blink Mini, the reset button is at the bottom side, whereas the XT, XT2, Outdoor, and Indoor camera series have it at the back.
  2. Get a paperclip, small screwdriver, or a matchstick thin enough to reach the reset bottom
  3. Ensure your camera has power. If it’s Blink Mini, plug it into a power outlet, then batteries for the others
  4. Next, Long Press the reset button (in step 1) for about five seconds or until the red and blue lights flash rapidly
  5. Now, wait for the blue light to start blinking slowly, then add the camera to your mobile app.

Part Two: How to Reset a Blink Camera Sync Module

If you have the Blink Outdoor, XT, or XT2, they all come with a Sync Module that acts as a bridge to the Blink servers. So, during a technical issue, you can either reset the individual cameras as in Part One above or the Sync Module.

As for the process to reset the Blink Sync Module, you’ll need to:

  1. Locate the physical reset button. On the Original Sync Module, the reset button is at the back, whereas the Sync Module 2 has it on the side
  2. Plugin your Sync Module to the power outlet
  3. Long press the reset button for about five seconds or until you have a red light at the face of your Module
  4. Wait for a blinking blue and solid green light (which usually takes about fifteen seconds to appear).
  5. Next, go to your Blink Home app and tap on the “Sync Module Offline” banner that appears on the home screen.
  6. On the new window, you’ll get a prompt to “Change WiFi Network” or “Delete Sync Module”. If the issue was just with the WiFi connection, you can go with the former
  7. The app will now send a prompt to “Join WiFi Network”. Tap “Join” to open the list of the available WiFi networks.
  8. On the listed WiFi networks, select the one your Blink app is connected to, enter the correct password, and hit “Join”
  9. At this point, you’ll get a success “Sync Module added…” message and a bold “Done” button below it
  10. Press the “Done” button, and the app will go to the home screen where you can now start viewing your connected cameras.

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Important Notes:

If the issue with your Blink system was beyond the connectivity issue, you can select the “Delete Sync Module” option on Step (6). And when you do, you’ll get a prompt to enter or scan the serial number at the back of the device.

Next, the app will send you a prompt message to confirm your request. But you can ignore it and tap “DELETE” to remove the Sync Module from your account.

Surprisingly, even after removing the Sync Module, the Blink app still keeps your saved System- your group of cameras that were connected to that module and their settings. So, adding the module again will have the cameras running as usual.

To add the Sync Module again:

  1. Go to the app home and tap the “add device” button (+) on the top right
  2. On the “Add Device” page, select the “Blink Wireless camera system” option
  3. Next, scan the QR code of your Sync Module or enter the serial number manually
  4. Now, the app will ask you to select a System to join with your Sync Module. You can “create a new system” or “Add to an existing system” that you had before.
  5. Confirm the module still have a flashing blue light and a solid green light at the front. In case not, long-press the reset button again as in Step Two (3) above
  6. On the Blink app, now tap the “Discover Device” tab to start adding your Sync Module to your Home WiFi
  7. Finally, repeat Step Two (7) through (10) to successfully add the Sync Module to your Home WiFi.

A Summary of Blink as the Popular Wireless Security Camera

FeaturesBlink MiniBlink Outdoor (3rd Gen)Blink Indoor (2nd Gen)
Release DateApril 2020September 2020September 2020
Sync ModuleNot RequiredSync Module 2Sync Module 2
Video Quality1080p Full HD1080p Full HD1080p Full HD
Frame RateUp to 30fpsUp to 30fpsUp to 30fps
Video CompressionH.264H.264H.264
Connectivity2.4GHz WiFi2.4GHz WiFi2.4GHz WiFi
Night VisionYES [850nm IR LEDs]YES [850nm IR LEDs]YES [850nm IR LEDs]
Audio FunctionsYESYESYES
Continuous Video RecordingNONONO
Local StorageYES [USB flash drive]YES [USB flash drive]YES [USB Flash Drive]
Free CloudVariesVariesVaries
Power OptionPlug-inNon-rechargeable batteriesNon-rechargeable batteries
EnvironmentIndoor OnlyIndoor + OutdoorIndoor Only
Customer Rating179,000+ Reviews114,000+ Reviews16,000+ Reviews

Contact Support

In conclusion, that’s how to reset Blink Camera or Sync Module with technical issues. And as promised, it’s a pretty straightforward process you can do in like two minutes if you don’t go through the “Delete Sync Module” option.

Even so, the “Delete Sync Module” option could give a better result for your Blink XT, XT, or Outdoor camera. And in case the resetting also doesn’t solve your problems, don’t hesitate to contact Blink support.

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