How to reset a master lock 3 digit combination for save your locks

How to Reset a Master Lock 3 Digit Combination? Check The Proper Guide

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One of the worst feelings in life is having the opinion that you cannot have any privacy in your life. Everyone would know what you have inside your personal drawers and bags, would use your stuff sometimes even though you don’t like it. This is a terrible situation which you wish to change sometimes. You can start changing this by primarily changing the combinations of your locks. Here, we will show you how to reset a master lock 3-digit combination, and you will know that nobody will be able to open your bags or lockers without your permission.

There are three master lock types:

  • The precision dial lock, which has a dial with numbers and letters on it,
  • The speed dial lock, which has arrows on it,
  • The TSA luggage lock, which has three rolls having numbers on them

All of these three types are high quality and strong locks and you can use any of them depending on your wish and taste. All of them provide you ease of use and safety at a high level so that you can feel your documents and goods are secured and only you can reach them whenever you wish to.

So, if you have one or more of these types of a master locks, or if you are planning to purchase one, continue to read our article and find out how to reset a master lock 3 digit combination. Using the information in our article, you will be able to change your codes easily and have the chance of securing your goods and documents at your home, office or in your luggage, which will provide you a lot of confidence continuing your daily practices without being worried about your stuff. Thank you for reading how to reset a master lock 3 digit combination, follow all those guides.

How to reset a master lock 3 digit combination of a precision dial lock?

The precision dial lock has as a circular dial with numbers and letters on it, enabling you to set up combinations of three digits by selecting among these numbers and letters. You can make combinations such as A1B or C35, etc., and secure your belongings using this combination. When you wish to open your lock, you should rotate the dial in the correct order to bring the correct letter or number in front of the arrow in the middle of the lock.

And when you wish to change this combination that you had been using for a while and you think that it is not a secret anymore, you need your reset tool, which looks like a key and comes with the lock inside its pack. If you cannot find the reset tool, you should check with your store and try to find it, because you are not going to be able to do the process without this tool.

Ready to reset the combination

So, when you are ready to reset the combination, you should open the shackle and turn it 180 degrees to the other side. If the shackle is not open, the lock will not let you change your combination. After opening the shackle, you need to insert the key-like reset tool to the shackle hole. When you put it inside, it should be easily turning. If it is not turning easily inside, try to push it little bit more and check if it is okay.

Here, you should see the dial and the  “Master” logo on the reset tool, both facing you. When you are ready after inserting the reset tool, you need to turn the dial clockwise three times in order to make sure that the old code is not valid anymore. After you complete three full rotations of the dial, you are ready to select a new code and apply it.

Now, you should turn the dial to the right and stop on the first number or letter you selected. Then you should turn it to the left with a full rotation going over the first number or letter you selected and find the second item of your pass-code. And then, you should turn it to the right and with the same rule and find the third letter/number to apply.

Following all these steps, you will be ready to use your master lock with your new combination after removing the reset tool.

How to reset the combination of a speed dial lock?

So, if your master lock is a speed dial lock with only four arrows on it, it is relatively easy to use, as well as changing the code. There’s a switch that you can easily see at the back part of the master lock. If your lock is brand new, there should be a tape on it, so, you will first need to remove this tape to move that switch. It is normally on the bottom side of the lock, but, when you wish to change your combination, you should flip it through the top part of the master lock.

You can do this flipping with any sharp object you have at home. Mostly, a pencil or an envelope opener are the most suitable tools to do that. After flipping it to the top part, you need to push the shackle twice to erase the old combination.

After erasing the old one with this movement, you can decide the new combination and bush the dial upwards, leftwards, rightwards of downwards, depending on your selection. It does not have to be 3 digits, you can make it as long or as short as you wish to, but, generally, the habit is using it with 3 digits. When you apply your new code to the lock you can flip the switch back to its closed position on the bottom part and start locking your bags and lockers with your new code. This is How to reset a master lock 3 digit combination.

How to reset the combination of a TSA luggage lock?

How to reset a master lock 3 digitBuy now on Amazon

When it comes to the rolls of a TSA luggage lock, it is again pretty easy to change the three-digit code that you had been using for a long time. You again need to open the lock by entering the old code in order to change it. If you bought the lock new, the factory setting for the code is 0-0-0.

So, here we go. After you open the lock, you should turn the shackle 90 degrees to the counterclockwise direction. When you do this, you need to push the shackle from the top and feel the distance it goes inside. After that, you should continue turning it on the counterclockwise direction until it comes exactly at the opposite direction, namely, 180 degrees to being locked. So, after you push the shackle inside where it was 90 degrees to the lock and you turn it another 90 degrees, you are ready to select your new three-digit number.

Here you can apply the new number and then you should turn the shackle to its starting position, to the locking status. You can press it downwards through the inside part of the body of the lock and check if it is locked by turning the rolls with the numbers on them.

In case of any unwanted situation

In order to prevent situations such as forgetting your code, you can note it somewhere at your home, on your computer or mobile phone, or you can mail or text your code to yourself expressing the date you changed it. After making sure that you don’t forget your code and where you noted it for remembering, you can safely use your master lock, to provide your privacy with your bags, drawers and lockers. By knowing how to reset a master lock 3 digit combination, you can battle all kinds of unwanted privacy intrusions and feel confident about your secrets and goods.

Sometimes there might be situations such as you forget your code and cannot find where you noted it. Don’t worry, it takes times, but, there’s still a solution. When you forget your code, you can check the date code and serial number just on the back part of your lock, go visit an official distributor or the retailer of the master lock, and fill out a form asking to recover your passcode. You can provide, your name, address and other relevant information on the form and expect a factory generated recovery code to use your master lock again. You may also find the form online, or contact the master lock company bay email and get help from the company itself. It was complete guide how to reset a master lock 3 digit combination.


As the result, in order to get away from the feeling of not having privacy in your personal life or trying to secure your goods from being stolen, using tools such as master lock is helpful and makes you feel confident when you go on a trip or continue your daily life. It is also good that master lock has solved issue with the airports and customs centers by providing them special devices to be able to open the locks, which saves your locks to be broken by some of the customs control applications. I hope you understand that how to reset a master lock 3 digit combination?.

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