How To Open A 3 Digit Combination Safe: Complete Guide

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Despite the large base of internet and mobile banking users worldwide, safes are still considered essential parts for home improvement. Sometimes we still come home with change and don’t want them lost. Sometimes, we have sensitive documents that we don’t want to tamper or even pieces of jewelry and prized possessions with very high sentimental value. All these items need to be preserved and kept out of reach. Home fitted safes are the best places to keep these items safe. This makes the question on how to open a 3 digit combination safe very relevant.



Home safes are small impenetrable boxes that are used to protect valuables and priceless possessions away from theft or fire. Discoveries of safes dated thousands of years ago have been made, suggesting that man has always felt the need to protect what he values most away from harm’s way. Yet, the question on how to open a 3 digit combination safe remains a viable one in so many spheres.

The regular emergence of crimes has forced a man to go the extra mile to protect his belongings from small jewelry to important documents.

how to open a 3 digit combination safe


Home safes are used for a plethora of reasons. Some safes are designed specifically to protect your prized possessions from the fire. These safes are made with fire-resistant materials that keep them secure from fires. Some safes, however, are designed to secure possessions against burglary and theft. These safes come with special combination locks like a 3-digit combination safe. However, how to open a 3 digit combination safe remains a problem. Today, safes are built to offer protection against fire and theft.


After answering the question on how to open a 3 digit combination safe, you should put the following factors into consideration:

  • Size of the home safe.
  • Waterproof/ fireproof capabilities.
  • Locking system and mechanism used to protect the home safely.
  • Price of the home safe.
  • Weight and portability of safe.
  • The durability of the home safe.
  • Fire rating.
  • Security measures were taken in choosing material for safety.


Picking the best safe for your house would depend on its use, the kind of lick it employs and its ease of access. It would also depend on the kind of articles you want to protect. Questions like how to open a 3 digit combination safe also come up in picking a safe. The Amazon Basics security home safe is featured in many circles as the best safety in the market at this moment. Other top-quality safes include:

  • Adir Home safe.
  • Verify smart home safely.
  • ¬†Ivation biometric home safe.
  • 0.8CF Digital home safe.
  • Sky 163 0.3CF digital home safe.
  • Sentry safe security home safe.
  • Sentry safe SFW123GDC electronic fire safe.
  • Serene Life fireproof home safe.
  • Viking home security safe.


Opening a safe can be exciting with the mystery that follows it. Although so many safes today make use of biometrics and passwords, the others stick to the old-fashioned combination locks. A 3-digit combination safe is effective. However, it raised the question of how to open a 3-digit combination safe. There is 1000 combination for a 3-digit combination safe. One could spend hours in front of combination locks and still have no clue on what to do. Trust me; getting it right is a fulfilling experience.

Best combination padlock

Here is a systematic guide for opening a three-digit combination safe

1. Turn the knob three times to the right until it gets to zero.
2. Find your first number and then return the knob now to the opposite direction (left).
3. While returning the knob to the left, pass through your first number two times and stop on it the third time.
4. Find your second number and turn the knob to the right, pass it in the first rotation and land on it the second time.
5. Now, rotate the combination knob to the left and stop at the third number of the combination. Do this without passing the third number at all.
6. Reduce your pace as you approach the last combination digit number.
7. When you arrive at the third combination number, turn the knob and pull the door open.


In an ideal society, safes would be useless. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is not ideal. It is necessary that we keep our valuables away from danger. To the question of how to open a 3 digit combination safe, add that to the excitement that comes from cracking a safe open after you have mastered the art of opening your 3-digit combination safe.

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