How Much Does It Cost To Install Security Cameras in Schools

How Much Does It Cost To Install Security Cameras in Schools

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As parents admit their children to a particular school, the plan is to help shape and better their future. However, no parent can take his true son or daughter to an institution that is not safe; not even a desperate one. So, installing a good security camera system in a learning institution is not just a requirement but also an obligation of the management.

Needless to say, this includes all levels of schools, starting from the lowest junior academy to the highest colleges and universities. The safety of all students is crucial, and so are the staff members. It gives everyone a sense of comfort and even happiness, thereby helping them appreciate doing what is it they do.

In any case, if you’ve been wondering how much does it cost to install security cameras in schools, this article is for you. It brings together all the things you need to know on the purchase and installation as there are many factors to consider.

But before we can come to that, why is CCTV important in school?

how much does it cost to install security cameras in schools

7 Reasons Every School Should Have Security Cameras

  • Safety

Yes, this is the number #1 benefit of having CCTV installed around the school properties. It helps guarantee those around, plus their property is safe from harm or theft. Hence, bringing peace of mind and general pleasure.

  • Deter Crime

If there are cameras in the computer lab, library, store, and rest of school places, most burglars won’t risk it. The devices can also discourage misbehavior among the kids since there are staring eyes that never sleep, and they wouldn’t want punishment.

  • Provide Evidence of Crime

Just like home or business places, security cameras can help provide credible evidence of an incident that has occurred. If it’s a misconduct complaint, the respective perpetrator won’t have a way out when the footage is showing everything that had transpired. Hence, fastening investigation and even convictions (in case of break-ins, burglary, or vandalism).

  • Cut Cost on Security Needs

That’s right. When the school has a security camera system all around the compound, full-fledged, 24-hour security staff isn’t necessary. Just a couple to stand by the key areas and one for the control room is all enough.

  • Improve Productivity

If you’ve watched Nickelodeon’s School of Rock comedy series, you would know how helpful CCTV cameras can be. Not just to the efficiency of teaching staff but also the behavior of learners.

  • Identify suspicious Activities

This is also an essential factor, in which case the CCTV system helps the management oversee the premise and all happenings. It even becomes easier with security cameras that have advanced video analytics like facial recognition, package detection, and loitering detection. Thus, helping identify suspicious movements and events in important areas.

  • Track the average School Attendance

Thanks to the people counting smart detection feature, some security cameras can help come up with an estimate of the students available on a particular day. True, the function is primarily to supervise crowd density in shopping premises but you can apply the same functionality to suit school needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Security Cameras in Schools

As you (may) know, there are so many types of video surveillance systems on the market today. That’s in terms of brand, design, and capabilities. So, there’s no exact price figure that we can say since it depends on your security needs.

Nonetheless, the average cost that you can spend on high-tech wired security camera systems is $2000. But if you only have a small kindergarten school that can take no more than 6 cameras, an average range of $400-$800 can work.

In any case, here are the four many things that determine the cost of security cameras.

Security Camera Cost by Design Type

There are about nine different kinds of security cameras out there. They include Dummy, Bullet, Box, Dome, doorbell, Hidden, License plate capture, PTZ, and Outdoor cameras. Neither design has similar pricing as they all have unique features for specific situations.

If it’s schools, all the CCTV types except Dummy, Hidden, and doorbell cameras can serve the required monitoring needs. However, a PTZ outdoor security camera will be the best for the outside since it can rotate the lens around to check different angles.

If that is not an option, a weatherproof bullet or box model can work. And if it’s on the driveway or parking lot, a license plate capture camera might come in handy with their high-resolution image sensor.


Security Camera Type Average Price Range
PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) $200-$600
Bullet $30-$100
Dome $30-$120
Box $50-$200
License Plate Capture $300-$600



Security Camera Cost by Resolution

In case you’re new to video surveillance, the term resolution explains the quality of the image (size and details) that a camera produces. It refers to the clarity of the captured footage, which means a place like a school needs the highest possible.

As of now, you can get a CCTV system with the now-standard 1080p, 1440p, 2048p, 2160p, and 2800p. However, the last one from the 12MP lens isn’t widely available yet. So, 2160p Ultra HD (8MP) is the highest you can get easily. It’s the best choice for high-traffic areas like main entrances and parking lots as it can cover a greater distance without losing image details.


Camera Resolution  Average Cost
2MP (1080p HD)  $20-$100
4MP (1440p HD) $40-$200
6MP (2048p Super HD) $50-$250
8MP (2160p Ultra-HD) $80-$300


Security Camera Price by Storage Type

Security firms usually create their CCTV devices with varying means of storage. The standalone cameras rely on SD cards or cloud while the expandable DVR/ NVR systems use a hard drive disk.

Since we are talking about a large area to monitor here, a high capacity storage space is a must for optimal efficacy. But again, how much footage can fit in single storage depends on factors like resolution, frame rate, video compression, and the number of cameras.

Still, the cost of a security camera system as per storage will vary depending on the number of channels it support. Until now, the most available selections have 4 to 32 channels but few do support 64-128 cameras

Cost of DVRs
(Digital Video Recorder)
Cost of NVRs
(Network Video Recorder)
4 Channels $80-$400 $120-$800
8 Channels $100-$400 $215-$1500
16 Channels $170-$600 $400-$2000
32 Channels  $300-$1,800 $700-$3,000
64 Channels $1,000-$2,300 $1,200-$6,000



The above pricing is an average cost without the cameras included and with varying resolution capabilities (1080p to 4k ultra-HD). Also, we collected data from the average providers like Reolink, Lorex, Dahua, and Hikvision. Samsung, SCW, and various other US-based brands are quite pricey, in which case you can get a 32-Channel NVR at $5,000+.

Security Camera Cost by Installation Labor

Various factors determine the labor cost of installing a security camera system. The main of all is whether the unit is wired or wireless as both types don’t require similar skill level.

Wireless security cameras are quick and straightforward to set up as they need no drilling or cabling. Many owners don’t ever both involving professional installers and opt to do the work on their own. But for those who don’t have the time to do it themselves, the installers charge around $50.

Meanwhile, the wired systems are less expensive to buy but their installation is relatively expensive- an average of $300 to $1,500. This is so as the process involves drilling, digging, running the cables and also hiding them.

But wired security camera systems (PoE or analog CCTV) are the best solution for monitoring large institutions like schools. So, we can say you need roughly between $500 and $3000 to have a function 16-channel CCTV unit.

Final Verdict

It’s no secret security cameras are vital tools in our lives. For schools, they can help ensure the children and the faculty enjoy a safe environment. If lucky to have the latest technology, the management may find the institution easier to manage, thanks to the extra eyes on different spots.

As for the cost, we believe our article answered the question you sought. But if still unsure, a wired PoE security camera system is usually our favorite category because of its ease of use and quick setup. The CCTV also use a network Ethernet cable to transmit data, which means you’ll get a clear and sharper feed than analog CCTV cameras of the same resolution.

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