How Does Eufy Floodlight Work?

How Does Eufy Floodlight Work?

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Eufy security camera is one of the brands to consider if you don’t want to be paying a monthly subscription fee. It’s also a nice pick if you need to keep an eye on your property in full color both day and night. But then, should you get a spotlight or floodlight camera? How does Eufy floodlight work? And most importantly, can you use the floodlight cam by just plugging it into the wall outlet?

Well, Eufy has some of the bestselling spotlight security cameras on the market. But the floodlight series, without a doubt, delivers much better nighttime recordings.

Replace Your Security Lights with Floodlight Cam

The light source from a floodlight security camera is way brighter than a spotlight. After all, a floodlight comprises multiple spotlights arranged in a particular pattern.

So, your background will be way clearer at night, capturing colored footage as rich in detail as during the day. You can easily identify important details like faces, clothing, tattoos, and the color of the vehicles.

In our case with the Eufy Floodlight, the recently-released Cam 2 Pro has a super-bright output of up to 3000 lumens. Thus, it can efficiently replace your outdoor security lights while at the same time watching over your property.

Conversely, the high output means your Eufy floodlight will also be drawing slightly more energy than the regular camera. You’ll have to connect to its power source on the electrical junction box for the best performance. Otherwise, plugging into the electrical socket for extended use will have a high risk of overloading the fuse.

How Does Eufy Floodlight Work

Ps. In case you’re upgrading a new property, the same steps we used to install a Ring floodlight cam without existing wiring will also apply with Eufy.

Eufy Floodlight 1080p vs Cam vs Cam 2 vs Cam 2 Pro

At the time of writing, Eufy had fifteen options of security camera systems to choose from, including video doorbells. The line of floodlight camera has four different selections, albeit the differences between them are negligible. See below:

FeaturesEufy Floodlight 1080pEufy Floodlight Cam (E)Eufy Floodlight Cam 2Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro
No. of FloodlightsTwo (2500 Lumens)Two (2000 Lumens)Two (2500 Lumens)Three (3000 Lumens)
Video Quality1080p Full HD2K Full HD2K Full HD2K Full HD
Field of View130-degree130-degree130-degree130-degree (360° auto-pan)
Night VisionColored, Black & WhiteColored, Black & WhiteColored, Black & WhiteColored, Black & White
Audio functionYESYESYESYES
24/7 RecordingNONONONO
Power SupplyHardwiringHardwiringHardwiringHardwiring
Smart IntegrationAmazon Alexa Google AssistantAmazon Alexa Google AssistantAmazon Alexa Google AssistantAmazon Alexa Google Assistant
WeatherproofIP65 ratingIP65 ratingIP65 ratingIP65 rating

How Does Eufy floodlight work

In our chart above, you can see the point of similarity between the various Eufy floodlight cameras. Each no doubt has a unique feature that stands it out from the others. But the part on how the devices work is pretty much the same:

  • Requires Internet to Function

Eufy floodlight Cam is a standalone security camera, which doesn’t require NVR or DVR to operate. It uses the Eufy Security app for everything, just like any other camera from the brand. “Everything” as the keyword here includes the configuration setup, camera settings, real-time video streaming, and playback footage.

In all these functions, your Eufy camera and viewing device should also be connected to a working internet. The viewing device can be connected up to 5GHz WiFi, but the camera only works on a 2.4GH connection.

  • Only Records by Activity

When looking at Blink and Eufy security cameras a while back, we mentioned the Eufy Solo IndoorCam supports 24/7 recording on a MicroSD card. But, unfortunately, this isn’t the case here.

The Eufy Floodlight camera has a built-in 4GB eMMC storage (8GB on Cam 2 Pro) that only records the motion-activated clips. It doesn’t have an option to record in 24/7 continuous mode or even expand the local memory.

Once the local storage is full, the floodlight camera will start overwriting the oldest video clips- which takes about 14 days. But you can have your content longer on the Eufy cloud (up to 30 days of storage from as low as $2.99).

  • Adjust the Floodlight to Your Liking

The built-in lighting on the Eufy floodlight security camera operates on motion triggers while following your programmed settings. You can set the various light settings through the mobile app, including the brightness, sensitivity (to motion), and Stay-On timer (between the 30s – 15 minutes).

Furthermore, you can set a light schedule that you’d like the floodlights to activate on their own from Sunday through Monday.

  • Mount Outdoors with No Pressure

The Eufy Floodlight Cam is a great choice if you need a cold-weather security camera you can comfortably mount outdoors. It has a heavy-duty plastic body housing (mounting plate is metal), with an IP65 weatherproof rating and -4°F to 122°Foperating temperature. Thus, it shouldn’t be an issue on the wall where you don’t even have a soffit.

  • Manual vs Auto Adjusting

After mounting your Eufy floodlight camera, you can easily adjust it to fit the positions you’d like to watch. The same goes for the arms holding the light lamps, albeit you have to do all the required adjustments manually.

Nonetheless, the Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro assumes a domed design with a head that can rotate up to 360° horizontally. You can pan it manually through the mobile app or enable the motion auto-tracking mode. (The light panels of the Floodlight Cam 2 Pro are only tunable manually)

  • Connect with Smart Home Integration

Last but not least, you can pair a Eufy floodlight camera with your smart home ecosystem for easier and fun hands-free control. It’s compatible with Alexa devices like Amazon Echo Show and Google Assistant (Google Hub).

Still Records after Losing WiFi

The Eufy floodlight Cam is a great security camera system if you won’t mind putting down $170+ or $200+. It delivers some quite impressive pictures even at night, which I’m sure it’s something you’re also looking forward to.

As you buy for the first time, keep in mind the Eufy floodlight camera works best on hardwired power. Yes, the company sends the camera with a three-prong plug. But that’s only for temporary use while configuring your device for the first time.

Also, the security camera does require an internet connection to make the most of it. It may continue to record on the onboard storage when the WiFi signal is lost, for sure. But you can only be able to access the footage once the camera connects to the internet again.

FYI: The built-in local storage (EMMC) isn’t removable like the MicroSD card or USB drive, anyways.

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