The Best Home Security System: A Definitive Guide

Home Security Systems: A Definitive Guide

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“Home sweet home” is how the cliché goes. To most of us, it is the haven waiting at the end of a long, tiring day at work. For others, it’s simply the warmth of four walls and a roof where moments are created and cherished. But how do you sleep sound at night when you know that your home is prone to theft? In cases like these, does your house still stand protected?

This article aims to educate homeowners on the importance of home security systems. Furthermore, this will also give you tips on how to choose a home security system that works best with your budget and most suitable for your home. By the end of this article, you should be able to see the value home security systems give for you and your beloved family.

Why bother?

For those who haven’t realized it yet, every house needs protection from different kinds of unfortunate circumstances. Unseen yet impending threats such as burglaries or house fires remain a threat to your household. In these situations, it always pays to prevent these from happening rather than suffering for the consequences.

home security system

 Assures safety and security for your house

Gone are the days that multiple locks on your doors and chains dangling on windows do magic. These days, technological advancements help thieves come up with better ways to sneak into homes without breaking any barriers. When misfortune strikes your household, no locks or chains can stop the most skilled burglars from barging in. Thankfully, technology also helps theft victims in making their house more protected and less susceptible to possible robberies. 

The rise of inventions such as motion sensors and automated door locks with passcodes, to name a few, have made it possible for homeowners to live in the comfort of their homes protected from cases of theft. The best part about this is that home security systems come in various types to make sure that they fit your style and interests. More on these different types will be expounded on later. Ultimately, home security systems bring protection to every household. 

It keeps you safe from fires, too

Houses don’t only store wealth or gadgets(which are proven magnets that attract thieves). These four walls and a roof also store the most important documents such as title deeds to cars and houses, birth and marriage certificates, adoption papers, and even last will and testaments to name a few. The thought of losing these to unfortunate circumstances such as house fires can send shivers running down every home owner’s spine. 

The thing with home security systems is that much emphasis is placed on security and not on safety. Most people forget certain machines such as smoke and fire alarms also count as part of home security systems. As a matter of fact, home security systems have the ability to give off signals whenever sources of heat are nearby and provide early warning signals of smoke. 

It doesn’t stop there. Heat detectors built into your home security system also has the capacity to detect odorless and colorless substances such as carbon monoxide. This fume is emitted from gas stoves, burners, and fireplaces. While this type of gas is combustible, carbon monoxide accumulates inside the house through time, which can lead to suffocation and worse, death. Fortunately, you need not worry if you have heat detectors and smoke alarms installed in your house. They notify you of excessive amounts of carbon monoxide in order for you to take immediate action. 

However, heat detectors and smoke alarms are not built-in features of a home security system. Anyone who wishes to have their homes installed with these detectors needs to inform the provider of these systems. The bottom line here is that when you decide to add smoke alarms and heat detectors in your home security system, you can be notified of the smallest changes in room temperature. This feature in itself is crucial for your home’s safety as it can stop the smallest sparks from evolving into huge flames.  

Gives you peace of mind

Anyone with a home security system knows how at ease you can be with your house fully secured from both incidents—fires and theft. Whether you’re at work, in school, out shopping or having a vacation on the opposite side of the globe, you’re confident that your house is safe and secure with your home security system. Your security system will monitor your house for you 24/7, and 365 days of constantly tracking each occurrence at home and even calling the right authorities to investigate in your absence. 

You can bid goodbye to sudden feelings of panic or discomfort when you have a home security system in place. With the ability to remotely monitor your house from afar through indoor and outdoor security cameras, you’ve got one less problem off your head. This works well for parents who have little kids at home whenever they’re at work. You can bet that your anxiety level will surely lessen when you have a home security system at home to keep your kids safe and yourself aware no matter where you are. 

Adds aesthetics and design to your home

Far from the typical purposes of home security systems, these pieces of equipment also add color and life to your homes. Most people often forget that home security systems don’t just vary in types but also comes in different styles and designs. You have plenty of options to choose from depending on your taste and eye for creativity. 

How do I choose one?

Searching for a home security system that will match your needs can be confusing. In all honesty, there are many factors to consider — price, quality, equipment, among others. Read on to find out more about how to choose your next home security system. 

It’s all about security system ratings

It goes without saying that not all home security system out there provides the best safety and security for your family. There are those of higher caliber than the rest, and it pays to know which one of them are. The easiest way to get the best home security system for the least amount of money is to check whether the system that you’re eyeing performs its basic functions well and by checking the security system ratings. Read on to find out what these are: 

  • Monitoring – The most basic function of any home security systems is giving your house the surveillance it needs. If the system that you’re interested in does not have this, you may want to consider eyeing a different one. It has to be taken note of that monitoring goes beyond seeing what you, as a homeowner, cannot see every second of every day. An ideal home security system must have the ability to respond to the most unusual movements and sounds at home. When these signals get sent and when alarms go off, the best systems typically contact the right authorities to help investigate.
  • Convenience – The best home security systems have the right buttons for the right instances built in the right places. A system with the sharpest cameras is not much use when you have to travel many feet just to sound the emergency alarms. When searching for a security system for your needs, look for the one that can provide the service of installing buttons in the most convenient areas in your house. However, convenience goes beyond button proximity. A convenient home security system allows you to add more safety features such as heat detectors easily. Any system provider which requires you to accomplish tons of paperwork and do a lot of rewiring around the house may not be the home security system you want.
  • Home automation – Remote monitoring is one of the most basic functions of any home security system. Hence, look for one that enables you to connect all your devices to the system. Home automation allows you to remotely monitor your house with just a swipe on your phone or a click of your laptop.

Choose which parts of your house need surveillance

Unfortunately for thieves, not all corners of a home are worth sneaking into. There are areas in the house, such as bedrooms, which hold more value compared to other spots like the bathroom. Hence, it pays for every homeowner to know which parts of the house deserve to have surveillance from a home security system and which don’t. 

The key to determining where to place your security cameras lies on the questions, “Where do I keep my valuables?”, “Where are the entrance points of my house?”, and “Which rooms are the most crowded?” For the first question, you have to keep in mind which spots in your house store most of your valuables. The items include important documents, gadgets, money, and even keys. Any room that holds any of these is worth considering when it comes to installing your security cameras. The second question pertains to all the doors, windows, balconies and even the garage — basically, every threshold in your house where thieves can possibly enter. Needless to say, they deserve to have surveillance cameras given that burglars are expected to enter through no other way except these. The third question has your family’s safety in mind. This helps in the absence of an adult and when children are left alone at home. With cameras that monitor the rooms in your house which oftentimes have the most people, you can be sure that your loved ones are safe. 

Apart from security cameras, also know which points of your house can be the most susceptible to fires when installing heat detectors and smoke alarms. For these safety devices, it’s best to have them installed in your kitchens or garages. 

Read the fine print

The excitement of getting your own home security system can be overwhelming. Despite this, always make sure to read the contract your system provider crafts thoroughly. These binding agreements vary based on the length of the services, the amenities that come with the package, and the prices they offer. It is imperative that you read these carefully before you invest in a security system that fits your budget and gives you the most foolproof protection for your home. 

Decide which equipment to have

Home security systems differ based on the pieces of equipment that come with the package. These pieces of equipment, in turn, vary based on how big a house is and the rooms it has. Below are some pieces of equipment you may need for your home security system: 

  • Door and window sensors – A good home security system has alarms which notify the homeowner of any opened doors or windows. Composed of a reed switch and a magnet to create a closed circuit, the alarm goes off whenever two ends of the sensors are more than two inches apart or when a door or window is opened.
  • Video doorbells – These hold the purpose of making the homeowner aware of anyone outside the house ringing the doorbell. Through the lens of a camera installed outside, any member of the household will instantly know if anyone wishes to enter and who that person might be.
  • Glass break sensors – This security device instantly gives off signals at the slightest cracking of a glass or the total shattering of it. This is handy in cases of theft where burglars choose to break in by force and breaking windows or glass doors.

These four fundamental components are what you must look for in choosing your new home security system. Although it may be hard to sift through loads of brands looking for the best one, always remember that it pays to ask help from friends and family familiar with home security systems.

In conclusion

Having a home security system really pays. It’s an investment for the future and an effective means to solve house safety anxieties. While these security systems protect you and your family from cases of theft and house fires, nothing beats a sense of prudence, responsibility, and a presence of mind while around the house.

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