Trust High-Security Locks to Prevent Break-Ins at Home

Trust High Security Door Locks to Prevent Break-Ins at Home

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Nothing is more important for an individual than keeping home safe from burglary attack. As safety comes first for every homeowner, the need for high-security locks has grown by leaps and bounds in order to keep intruders or thieves at bay. They say home is where our story of life begins and ends. Considering the fact that your home is a treasure, you ought to make an effort to keep this treasure trove of delights highly secure. If you too have safety concerns, then high security door locks are something you can totally vouch for.

To start with, it’s crucial for you to be aware of what exactly high-security locks are and how do they protect you from housebreaking. It is no exaggeration to say that high security door locks are way better than traditional or standard locks as they provide biggest protection against robbery. Do you want to know what makes these locks unique and reliable from the traditional ones which we’ve been using since ages? Here are a few characteristics of high-security locks for you to peruse.

Greater Degree of Key Control

Imagine a stranger having an unauthorized access to your property. Isn’t this thought enough to send chills down your spine? There have been several cases wherein criminals committed burglaries with the help of duplicate keys. Even if you have control over your spare keys and know where to keep them safely, there are ways to copy a key without your knowledge.

That’s where high-security locks come to homeowners’ rescue. High security door locks systems comprise ‘key control’ that is protected by patents and contracts, thus key duplication is controlled up to the hilt.

Moreover, to get a duplicate key, a security card is required to be shown to a locksmith. For an extra layer of defence, keys can only be created by authorized dealers, manufacturers, and distributors as these keys come with unique angle cuts that need a special key cutting machine. As a result, cutting of keys for a specific lock is no longer a piece of cake for criminals.

Prevent Drilling and Bumping

Easy to Lock and Unlock

With break-ins taking place around the world at an alarming rate, you can no longer feel safe if you’re still using standard locks. The reason being is their susceptibility to picking, dumping, and drilling. It simply means that an intruder can manipulate the lock pins with a specially crafted key.

With a variety of tools and clever methods, thieves can drill through the cylinder which will break the pins inside. Then, a plug can effortlessly be turned with a screwdriver to unlock the door. Need not worry anymore! High-security locks come with hardened key cylinders which are pick-and-drill resistant. With rotating pins, sidebars, hardened steel inserts, the break-and-enter attempts can be ceased up to certain level.

Anti-Lock Snapping

You may not have heard of this term before, but for criminals lock snapping is a forced-entry method of committing burglary. By breaking the euro cylinder by applying force, one can easily get an access to locking mechanism. Once the locking mechanism is exposed, unlocking the door no longer remains a tough row to hoe.

To combat the problem of lock snapping, you can swear by high-security locks with anti-lock snap system which provides an illusion of security. When a criminal attempts to snap the lock, or remove the plug, the weak components break, thereby securing the locking mechanism.

Restrictive Key Ways

This fact might scare you but keys for standard doors can be attained from every locksmith shop. And even get copied at vending machines in some shopping malls. To bring peace in life while being away from home, high-security locks are specially designed for you. In these locks, you will find a special cylinder that accepts the restricted keys that can only be cut by a single locksmith.

He controls these types of locks and in order to create an authorised duplication of keys, he asks for a signature card and a specific ID allotted to you. It reduces the chances of keys going in wrong hands.

Physical Attack Resistant

With reinforced strike plates and interlocking deadbolt, these locks can secure your home when an intruder tries to kick in the door. A spring bolt cannot be moved from its locked position without the original key inserted into the cylinder. The design, construction, and material used in these locks give a high degree of resistance to physical attack.

Long-Lasting Quality

A home’s security has always been a matter of concern. Considering the need of the hour, companies work with all their might and come up with high-security locks. They are certainly not easily breakable by criminals. It is a high-quality product that lets you enjoy the vacay without being worried about housebreaking behind your back.

Thinking of installing high-security locks? Consider these tips:

• There is a considerable difference in residential and commercial doors, so evaluate this point before installing these types of locks.

• Check whether or not your existing door needs to be prepared differently. Your lock needs to get fit perfectly!

•Keyed door knobs will not solve the purpose as high-security door locks are deadbolts.

• Every apartment security mechanism is different. Therefore, before opting for high-security locks, make sure you’re allowed to replace the existing locks.

• You can also strengthen the security of your existing locks. Find a reliable high-security lock provider. And ask if you can consider re-keying your locks instead of replacing all of them.

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Before you think over installing these locks, consider these tips once! When it comes to securing your house, you might splurge your valuable time on searching over high tech devices, burglar alarms, CCTV camera, electronic accesses, and whatnot. But forget to pay attention to a simple thing that ensures your home’s safety, and i.e., a high security door locks.

So what do you think? Are these locks worth giving a try? By using high security door locks, you are not only safeguarding your premises from burglary. But also protecting your family from being the victim of any heinous crime. Do you think your doors are locked? Think again!

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