GW security vs Reolink: A Comprehensive Review on the Image Definition

GW security vs Reolink: A Comprehensive Review on the Image Definition

GW Security is one of the makers that claim to offer professional-grade security camera systems. But is the brand really worth it or is it just an overrated hype? In this article, we’re going to have a side-by-side comparison of the GW Security vs Reolink 4K security cameras to see which could be a better choice.

As you may know, Reolink is a consumer brand, and a good one we might add. So, it’ll make a perfect duel with GW Security.

Verdict: The 6 Reasons GW Security Camera is the Best

  • The GW Security cameras have a motorized lens
  • The GW Security system has the latest H.265+ compression
  • GW Security has preinstalled the recorder with an 8TB HDD
  • The GW Security cameras survive well in extreme conditions
  • You can expand the GW Security recorder storage up to 24TB
  • The GW Security cameras support up to 15 smart detection features

GW Security vs Reolink: A Summary of 4K Security Camera Systems from the Brands

Here’s an overview of the GW Security and Reolink in a 4K PoE Security camera system duel

FeaturesGW Security 4K PoE NVR SystemReolink 4K PoE NVR System
Security System SeriesGW7832NRLK8-810B4-A
Number of ChannelsUp to 32 CamerasUp to 8 Cameras
NVR Record ResolutionFull 4K @30fpsFull 4K @25fps
Synchronous Playback16CH[email protected]; [email protected]
Camera Sensor1/2.7″ CMOS Sensor1/2.49″ CMOS Sensor
Maximum Camera Record ResolutionUp to 2160P @15fpsUp to 2160P @25fps
Camera Lens Type2.7-13.5mm Motorizedf=4.0mm Fixed
Field of Vision20°-120°87°
Night VisionBlack & WhiteBlack & White
Video CompressionH.64/ H.264+/ H.265/ H.265+H.264
Audio functionYESYES
24/7 Live StreamYESYES
24/7 RecordingYESYES
HDD CapacityUP to 24TB (preinstalled 8TB)UP to 12TB (preinstalled 2TB)
Power SupplyPlug-inPlugin
ConnectivityRJ45 PoE CableRJ45 PoE Cable
Smart AIHuman/ unattended objects/ object
missing/ line crossing/ intrusion/ video masking/ PIR Motion detection
Person/ vehicle/ software-based motion detection
ONVIF CompatibilityYESNO
Smart IntegrationN/AN/A
Camera HousingMetal (IP66)Metal (IP66)
Operating Temperatures-22°F to 140°F14⁰F to 131⁰F
WarrantyTwo YearsTwo Years
 Price on Amazon  GW Security 4K PoE
  Reolink 4K PoE

Is a GW Security Camera any Good?

GW Security 32 Channel 8MP UltraHD 4K (3840x2160) Audio & Video...
  • 32 Channel 8-Megapixel 4K (3840x2160) NVR with (32) UltraHD 4K 8MP 2.8~12mm 4X Motorized Zoom H.265...
  • Superior UltraHD 4K (8 Megapixel) Video Resolution with 2.8-12mm Motorized Varifocal Lens...

Yes, indeed, the GW Security camera system is great to have if you won’t mind the high price tag. It not only has a well-made and durable design but also includes many amazing perks to assist in your security and even business operation.

For instance, the recorder GW7832N can work with the recently-released 12MP security camera. Then, it has up to fifteen AI smart detection including, but not limited to face detection, people gathering, line crossing, object missing, and unattended objects detections.

As we were looking at GW Security and Lorex camera, we also mentioned this company operates from right here in the United States. So, it’s fast and easier to get after-sale services regarding warranty support.

Is a Reolink Security Camera Any Good?

REOLINK 16CH 5MP Home Security Camera System, 8pcs Wired 5MP...
1,151 Reviews
REOLINK 16CH 5MP Home Security Camera System, 8pcs Wired 5MP...
  • 5MP SUPER HD & STUNNING NIGHT VISION: Capture crystal clear videos day & night with 5MP super HD...
  • CUSTOMIZED SMART MOTION DETECTION: Featuring new smart human/vehicle detection and detailed...

Even though not the best, Reolink is one of the best consumer security camera systems. It’s budget-friendly and also has most of the features that matter in keeping an eye on your property.

If it’s the image definition, the Reolink Security camera system can also record in the 4096p (12MP) Ultra-HD quality. Then, the cameras have a built-in microphone that makes it possible to record videos that you can hear what the culprits are saying.

In the Reolink vs Swann review, we concluded some security cameras from the brand even have a built-in speaker and siren feature. Thus, giving you a chance to talk back to the persons on the ground or ward them off in case of burglars.

GW Security vs Reolink: Comparing the Features & Perks of the Security Cameras

1. Pricing

Reolink no doubt is the winner here. It has some of the 4K security camera kits selling as low as three hundred when you buy with fewer accessories or 5MP cameras. But others can cost you over a grand based on the features and capabilities.

On its end, GW Security has most of the 4K security camera systems kits pricey. You can get a 32-channel system from up to five grand and the 64-channel kits at up to $10,000+.

Nonetheless, the US brand does have a few budget-friendly options at around $500 when you order with 5MP cameras. Or around seven hundred dollars if you choose with half number of cameras.

Here are the #4 best GW Security and Reolink 4K surveillance camera systems you can check for your home or business.

Good Overall: GW Security (GW4108EP) 8CH Security Camera Kit

Features 8MP bullet cameras, 1/2.8″ Sony CMOS Sensor, built-in  spotlights, one-way audio, and H.265 compression, human detection, and full metal housing

Good for Budget: Reolink (RLK8-810B4-A) Security Camera System

Includes 8MP bullet cameras, 1/2.49″ image Sensor, H.264 video format, full [email protected], one-way audio, 2TB preinstalled  HDD, & person/ vehicle detection

Good for Home: Reolink (RLK8-410B4-5MP) Security Camera System

Has  a friendly  budget, 5MP bullet cameras,  H.264 video compression, built-in microphone, software-based motion detection, & preinstalled  2TB hard drive

Best for Business: GW Security (GW7832N) Security Camera System

Comes with all  32 bullet security cameras, 4x optical zooming, H.265+ video  format, face recognition, preinstalled  8TB HDD, 2x PoE switches

Other Alternatives:

Reolink (RLK16-410B8-5MP) 4K PoE Security Camera Kit

Key Features: 2K [email protected], 1/ 2.7” CMOS sensor, H.264 video compression, one-way audio, customizable  motion zone, & preinstalled  3TB HDD

Reolink (RLK8-520D4-5MP) Ultra-HD Surveillance System

Key Features:5MP turret  cameras, 2K [email protected],  H.264 video  compression, built-in microphone, customizable  motion zone, & preinstalled  2TB hard drive

GW (GW5508NPG ) 4K Smart Dome & Bullet Security System

Key Features: 8MP bullet/ dome cameras, full [email protected], face recognition, human detection,  two-way talk, H.265 compression, spotlight,  Siren & preinstalled 2TB HDD

GW Security (GW8136MIC) 8MP PoE Dome Security Camera

Key Features: Standalone/ add-on dome  camera, full 4K resolution, one-way audio, 15 AI smart programs, ONVIF compatible, H.265+ compression, & 256GB MicroSD recording

2. Working Conditions

Basically, all the two providers have well-made security cameras with durable metallic housing. However, almost all the GW Security creations have a higher tolerance to tougher conditions, including dust, powerful water jets, and temperatures ranging from -22°F to 140°F. So, you can consider them if you’re looking for a good cold weather security camera for winter and summer in extreme places like Alaska.

In the case of Reolink, the cameras also do have the IP66 rating, which offers protection against dust, water streams, and blowing snow. However, the maker provides that the cameras can continue to work normally in temperatures ranging from 14⁰F to 131⁰F.

3. Video Quality

When we now compare Reolink vs GW Security cameras on picture quality, both brands support up to 4K resolution. So, they should give similar clarity and sharpness, right? Wrong.

Similar with a smartphone, many megapixels don’t always equate to great picture- or in this case similar video quality. In our chart above, you’ll notice Reolink camera has a slightly larger image sensor than the GW Security model. Thus, it’s able to gather more light, which will then enable it to capture brighter and clearer pictures.

Even so, the Reolink cameras have a fixed lens. Thus, you can only zoom in on distant objects through digital magnification, which will cause a drop in details.

On the other hand, our reference GW 4K security camera has a motorized varifocal lens that you can remotely adjust the angle of view. Thus, allowing you to zoom in on distant objects without affecting the quality of the images in any way.

It’s worth noting that both Reolink and GW Security also have 12MP cameras that can work with their 4K PoE NVR kits. However, GW security will win on clarity this time as it uses a larger (1/1.7”) image sensor than that of the Reolink.

4. Video Frame Rate

The video frame rate of a security camera system is very crucial, yet a lot of people tend to ignore it. In the layman term, the feature defines the number of consecutive still images that can be recorded in a second. And the more they’re, the more of the action you’ll achieve without missing the crucial details.

As for our two brands, the Reolink PoE system records in Full [email protected]. That means the image sensor of the cameras captures twenty-five consecutive images in one second. So, the video will be smoother compared to the cameras that record at a lower rate.

Speaking of that, most of the GW Security cameras, including our reference examples, record in full [email protected]. So, the videos will not be choppy (usually happens under 10fps), but they won’t also be as smooth as the Reolink.

Nonetheless, the GW Security 4K recorders usually support recording in 4K resolution @30fps. So, you could get 8MP add-on cameras with 30fps, such as GWM8757MMIC, GW88377MIP, and GW8571RMMIC.

5. Audio Functions

Reolink and GW Security split the point on this one as their 4K security cameras have a built-in microphone. Thus, making it possible to record videos you can hear what the people on the site are saying.

Furthermore, some of the security cameras do come with a built-in speaker and a siren feature. So, you can talk back to the person on the other end of the camera, as well as deter the potential intruders while even away.

6. AI Smart Functions

The GW Security camera is the clear winner in this part as it not only supports the advanced intelligent video surveillance  (IVS) technology. But it has many of these features to help enhance your security and eliminate false triggers by over 90%.

Such features include human detection, line crossing, unattended object, objects missing, parking detection, video masking, video lost detection, fast-moving, and corridor mode. Also, various GW Security recorders, like our favorite model GW7832N, have people counting and Region Entrance / Exiting program, both of which can help improve business productivity.

In the case of Reolink, the brand used to rely only on Pixel-based motion detection for their security cameras. However, many 4K security camera systems now have a person and vehicle detection. Of course, that’s not enough considering the growing reputation of the brand, but it’s great progress.

7. Storage Capacity

Similarly, we’re also giving the points here to GW Security. The reason for that is because its 4K security camera system comes with a preinstalled 8TB hard drive that offers four to eight days of continuous recording with the 32 cameras. Then, it has two internal SATA interfaces that can hold up to a 12TB hard drive each, thereby giving you a total of 24TB capacity.

Even better, GW Security has designed its 4K recorder and cameras with the latest HEVC H.265+ compression technology. So, you can now cut down the bandwidth and storage consumption of your cameras by over 50%.

Meanwhile, the Reolink 4K security camera system has the advanced H.264 video codec. The company has also designed the system with a single internal SATA and an eSATA, both of which support up to 6TB hard drive each. Thus, giving you a total of 12TB capacity.

It’s worth noting Reolink sends the 4K recorder with a preinstalled 2TB hard drive that could give you about 8-day continuous recordings for four 8MP cameras. Or about 4-day videos with all the eight cameras.

Important Notes:

A high recording resolution and a low video compression setting can use up your local storage fast. However, the two are not the only factors you need to worry about on the matter. Others like recording bitrate, frame rate, and audio can also increase your video file size, thereby leading to high storage usage.

Recommendation: add the highest possible hard drive capacity, choose the right video compression, set only the crucial features, and use the perfect recording mode.

Final Thoughts:

If we were to be fair, both GW Security and Reolink have great surveillance camera systems. In fact, their line of 4K PoE Security systems has most of the things you’d want and not just the crystal-clear images with audio. But also smart detection features to help you keep an eye on only what matters and without bombarding your remote viewing phone with false alerts.

Even so, GW Security has far more of the IVS features, with multiple of them business-oriented. The brand also has larger PoE NVR kits, including 32-64 channels, which are a perfect fit for businesses and warehouses.

Furthermore, the GW Security camera is available in various options with a varifocal and motorized lens. Then, there’s an option to add even more local storage, as well as used in very extreme weather conditions.