Foscam Vs Reolink: Which Would Make A Good Security Camera System

Foscam Vs Reolink: Which Would Make A Good Security Camera System

Many factors define a good security camera. In this article, we’re going to compare Foscam vs Reolink security cameras on some of these features so that you can know what’s best for your home or business needs. We’ll use simple, non-technical language that we use to communicate. So, even if you’re a newbie to video surveillance, we believe the discussion will help you make a perfect decision between the two.

The 4 Reasons Why Reolink is the Best Security Camera

Foscam Vs Reolink

  1. Reolink has higher resolution cameras (up to 12MP). Foscam has up to 4MP at the moment.
  2. Reolink has an affordable cloud storage plan per camera bundle. Foscam charges as per single camera.
  3. Reolink has several cameras with active deterrence features. None of the available Foscam cameras support the function.
  4. Reolink has a broader selection of security cameras to consider, especially NVR recorders. Foscam has less than a dozen NVR security camera systems

Foscam vs Reolink: An overview on the Brands

Despite everything, Reolink and Foscam are quite alike, starting with their focus on only network video camera products and solutions. Their differences are based on the type of cameras, aesthetics, functionality, and technology use. But aesthetic is not crucial when it comes to security matters, thus we definitely won’t talk about that.

Anyways, here is a summary of the two companies before can put their cameras under our big microscope.

Facts  FOSCAM Intelligent Technology  Reolink Digital Technology
Company Founded 2007 2009
PTZ Cameras YES  YES 
Limited models
Video Resolution Up to 2K Super-HD Up to 4K Ultra-HD
Active Deterrence NO
[Spotlight coming soon]
[Spotlight and Siren]
Night Vision YES 
[Black and White]
[Black & White, Colored]
Audio Functions YES  YES 
Sound Detection YES  NO
Video Analytics YES 
Smart PIR motion detection
Human detection
Smart PIR motion detection
Continuous Video Recording YES  YES 
Built-in Local Storage YES 
[MicroSD & Hard Disk]
[MicroSD Card & Hard Disk]
Free Cloud YES 
[8 hours for new users]
[Rolling 7 days for 1 camera]
Power Option Wired & Battery Wired & Battery
Smart Home Compatibility YES 
[Amazon Alexa/ Google Assistnt]
[Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant]
Ease of Use Perfect Perfect
Add-Ons & Accessories YES 
Bracket mounts
Power adapters
WiFi Range Extender
Power extension cord
PoE splitter & PoE injectors
Solar Panel charger
Rechargeable batteries
Silicone skins
Bracket mounts
Power adapters & cables
Camera & NVR antennas
Warranty Policy Two-Year Limited Warranty Two-Year Limited Warranty

About Reolink

Reolink is a leading provider of video surveillance solutions, and a favorite of many people. It’s one of the few brands that focus on offering high-quality cameras while still operating at a low price-point.

The company has dozens of variety of CCTV systems that comprise PoE expandable units and standalone devices. You’ll also find cameras with varying designs, resolutions, connectivity, among other features.

While it has helped millions of people across the globe, however, Reolink security camera brand is a little behind in terms of tech. Until now, the “global innovator” has not been able to come through with smart artificial intelligence features for their hardcore techy fans.

About Foscam

While discussing Lorex vs Amcrest a time back, we mentioned Amcrest having a close relationship with Foscam US. Well, this now is the parent of that branch, officially known as Shenzhen Foscam Intelligent Technology Company- shortened to just Foscam.

The company only offers IP security cameras and recorders. Similar to Reolink, it also has the products at reasonable pricing, plus there’s an impressive range of options to choose. If it’s outdoors, you can choose between a weather-resistant bullet, PTZ, or even 1K10 vandal-proof models.

More on that, continue reading the detailed review below.

The 4 Main Differences between Foscam vs Reolink

As mentioned earlier, Reolink and Foscam share quite a number of features. However, the purpose of this article is to help you decide between the two. So, we’ll go straight to the things that distinguish them. They include:

Picture/Video Quality

This is the first feature where Reolink has a win, thanks to cameras like RLC-1220A that records in 4096p Ultra HD. The 12MP lens is a recent upgrade from 8MP, thus allows you to monitor with an immersive visual experience. You can even zoom the distant images and the pictures will still be rich in details and colors.

Meanwhile, Foscam only has up to 4MP cameras that deliver 2K (2304 x 1536), approximately 3-1/2 lesser pixels than 12MP. Of course, the videos are still crystal-clear (sharper than 1080p even) but you can’t zoom as much as 12MP without being fuzzy.

Another thing, Reolink has security cameras that have an integrated spotlight and others a Starlight CMOS image sensor. Hence, giving you full-color pictures even at night. Foscam has neither of the two technologies, but you can still see in infrared (black and white) when the night crawls in.

Active Deterrence

Although not a must-have for a security camera, this feature can help ward off an opportunistic burglar before breaking into your property. It mostly refers to an in-built siren function but a programmed spotlight/ floodlight could work too.

Again, Reolink takes the lead here as it already has multiple cameras with an integrated spotlight and siren alarm function. A good example is Reolink Lumus and the Argus line.

Unfortunately, Foscam didn’t have any working active deterrence feature at the time of this writing. However, the company has advertised pending S41 and F41 WiFi cameras that will have a spotlight and floodlight respectively.

Video/Audio Analytics

When it comes to smart AI integration, Foscam takes the win with their smart PIR motion detection and human detection. The company has also advertised on their website that they’ll soon have a video doorbell that offers even face detection and face recognition. Hence, letting you know when your kids are from school and also minimize false alerts.

Still, some Foscam cameras have sound detection functionality that sends you an alert after detecting noises in the proximity.

As was mentioned earlier, Reolink is not much into advanced algorithms. It only has smart PIR motion detection that focuses on animals, vehicles, and people in general.

Storage options

Both Foscam and Reolink relies on multiple storage options for your captured footage. If it’s the expandable NVR recorders, you can opt for the hard disk or the cloud if you would want to view past footage while away. And if you decide to go with the standalone cameras, the two brands do include MicroSD support for local recording.

That being the case, though, the Reolink cloud plan is relatively cheaper, plus there’s a free basic plan that offers 7-day storage. However, this deal is for one camera and also it only record short event video clips.

Still, Foscam has been generous on cloud storage as well, whereby it offers 8- hour free recording. But again, this package is only available for one year, after which you’ll need to buy a subscription plan.

The following is the current pricing of cloud service between Reolink vs Foscam.
Chart 2:

Cloud Service  Foscam  Reolink
Basic Plan FREE
8-hour video history
Per new camera
7-day video history
1 camera maximum
Standard Plan $4.99/ month
7-day video history
1 camera maximum
$3.49/ month
30-day video history
5 cameras maximum
Premier Plan $12.99/ month
30-day video history
1 camera maximum
$6.99/ month
30-day video history
10 cameras maximum
Business Plan Unavailable  $10.49
60-day video history
20 cameras maximum

The video history recorded to the cloud for both Foscam and Reolink is short clips triggered by events: motion or sound detection. Neither of the two offers continuous 24/7 video recording for this option. Thus, you’ll have to rely on local storage if you truly need it.

Foscam vs Reolink: The 4 Best Security Camera Systems From the Manufacturers

Security Camera Brand  Video Quality  Special Features
Reolink Argus PT WiFi Security Camera 1080p Full-HD
2.4Ghz WiFi
100% Wire-Free
Pan 355°, Tilt 140°
Two-Way Audio
Local SD card slot
More Details
Reolink RLK16-800B8 PoE Camera System 4K Ultra-HD
16-Channel NVR Recorder
8x PoE IP Cameras
100ft infrared night vision
Preinstalled 3TB HDD
Continuous 24/7 Recording
More Details
Foscam FI9928P PTZ Camera 1080p Full-HD
Pan 355°, Tilt 85°
True 4x Optical Zoom
196ft Night Vision
MicroSD card Slot
IP66 Weatherproof
More Details
Foscam R2C Pan Tilt Security Camera 1080p Full-HD
350° Pan, 100° Tilt
Human detection
Sound detection
MicroSD card Slot
Alexa/ Google Assistant
More Details

Similar products:

Here are two other alternative s that you might like if you have a slightly lower budget at hand but need an almost similar combination of features.

Reolink RLK8-520D4-5MP PoE Camera System

REOLINK Smart 5MP 8CH Home Security Camera System, 4pcs Wired 5MP...
  • CAPTURE CRIME FROM DETAILS: Discover potential crime has never been so easier with superior 5MP HD....
  • SMART PERSON/VEHICLE DETECTION – Smart PoE IP cameras can identify people and vehicles minimizing...

Main Features:

  • 8-channel NVR Recorder
  • 2K Super-HD video quality
  • Preinstalled 2TB HDD
  • Built-in microphone
  • IP66 weatherproof

This is one of the bestsellers from Reolink and a great choice if you want to monitor a large area. It comprises an 8-channel NVR station and cameras that you can hook up to watch your compound from different angles.

Each of the cameras has an 80-degree field of view and a 5MP image sensor. Thus, deliver crispier, high dimension videos while still covering a large scene of your property. Still, the cameras have a built-in microphone to ensure you can enjoy footage with audio.

Thanks to the preinstalled hard disk, you don’t need to purchase a cloud to save your footage. The CCTV system also uses PoE wired technology to transmit the images and audio. So, you necessarily don’t need to have the internet on your property.

Foscam R4S Indoor WiFi Security Camera

FOSCAM Home Security Camera R4S 4MP WiFi IP Camera,Wireless Baby...
2,513 Reviews
FOSCAM Home Security Camera R4S 4MP WiFi IP Camera,Wireless Baby...
  • 4MP/2K Resolution Ultra HD Image Quality: Unlike 1080P oR 720P, 4MP/2K wifi home security camera can...
  • Powerful 2.4/5Ghz Dual Band WiFi chipset brings stable and longer WiFi transmission distance with...

Main Features

  • 2K (4MP) HD
  • 105° wide field of view
  • MicroSD card slot
  • 2.4Ghz or 5.0Ghz WiFi
  • Two-way audio support
  • Human detection and Sound detection

If what you need is an indoor security camera or baby monitor, this Foscam model can do the magic. It’s also one of the bestsellers from the brand, with 1,660+ positive reviews on Amazon (only).

The security camera delivers stunning 2K HD videos, plus has an extra-wide 105° lens to cover more grounds of the room. It even includes a built-in mic and speaker, which allows you to speak with your kid or whoever facing the camera through your phone.

Moreover, the security camera is a wireless model, which means you can set it up by yourself in no time. It also supports both cloud and local recording to a MicroSD card. So, you can still know what had happened throughout the day even after the internet was down.

Final Thoughts

With a variety to choose from, free storage, option, and smart home compatibility, both Foscam and Reolink are great security cameras. Yes, not all of them are the best but you surely can’t go wrong with a couple. Besides, we all have different needs and what I may dislike might be exactly what you’re looking.

In any case, Reolink is a much better option if you’re looking for a security camera system for business or large property. The company has immersive collections to browse through, plus various selections with exemplary video quality.

If you only need a single camera for your apartment, Reolink does offer a free 1GB cloud storage and local storage. So, you can get real-time and past video history without any monthly renewals.

But again, Reolink hasn’t fully invested in intelligent algorithms. So, you might need to consider an alternative solution if your interest is in such features.

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