Dome VS Bullet Camera: Which is Better for Indoors?

Dome VS Bullet Camera: Which is Better for Indoors?

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Before choosing a surveillance CCTV for your home or business, it’s always good you prepare a brief plan first. That way, you will not just focus on the best brand, but also the right type of camera. If it’s deciding between dome vs bullet camera, for example, it will be easier to make the final buying decision. How?

Your security camera plan will already have answers on why and where you need to secure. And the mounting place is usually a major concern when it comes to the installation and use of every CCTV system.

Not that the rest of the features are irrelevant, but since each type of security camera has its unique placement. As a model, mounting a dome camera on the wall is completely improper and it would compromise your monitoring experience. On the other hand, putting a bullet camera indoors is very wrong and we won’t even recommend it.

So, checking out these kinds of differences is very important as you will be knowing what to expect from your security camera.

Below is a detailed comparison of dome camera vs bullet camera that should help you understand their likenesses and distinctions. Then, you can be able to make a better judgment on which to install on your property.

Our best pick from dome and bullet camera

A comparison between Dome vs Bullet camera


There are various types of security cameras. They include PTZ, Turret, box, and now domed and bullet. Usually, these cameras bore their names from the way they look, or otherwise their appearance.

As for a domed camera, it has a circular base with a transparent dome cover to protect the lens and other components. It has a sleek makeup that allows it to blend with its surroundings without disrupting the original aesthetic appeal. This makes it the best choice for indoor as many people won’t even recognize it as a CCTV.

On their end, bullet cameras have the name from their look of a rifle bullet. Sometimes, the cam can be referred to as lipstick cameras since they sometimes appear like a tube of lipstick.

Unlike their counterparts, bullet cameras are more visible. So they can’t be effective if your desire is on discrete surveillance. Their visibility, however, can deter intruders and prevent theft or vandalism.

Range and viewing angle

Unlike PTZ models, both dome and bullet cameras usually have a fixed position that enables them to only point in one direction. Of course, there are domed cameras that can pan and tilt, but that now is a PTZ dome security camera.

Anyways, between dome vs bullet camera, the latter is quite versatile as you can easily reposition to aim another way. If it’s a domed camera, you’ll have to take it off the ceiling, reposition, and then reinstall it.

Also, due to its cylindrical designs, a bullet camera can fit larger lenses [with a smaller field of view]. Thereby enabling it to capture objects in a limited scene but from greater distances.

On its end, a domed model usually has a smaller lens, which is proportional to a wider field of view. As such, the camera can cover a wider area but it can’t see objects that are very far.

Mounting location

Overall, any type of security camera can be used in interior or exterior installations [must be weatherproof]. Nonetheless, most people use the domed models indoors as they tend to have a sleek and discreet make.

On their end, bullet cameras are very visible. Hence, they can be so intrusive while using to monitor inside your building. The devices fit best outdoors, where they can discourage potential vandal or burglars. Additionally, the cameras feature a long-range of detection, which can be very efficient in monitoring a large compound.


The nature of installing a CCTV camera largely depends on the mode of footage transmission. If it uses wireless technology [like Wi-Fi or p2p connection], the entire setup is quick and effortless. But if it’s a wired camera, you might end up using more time since you must find a route for the video cables.

While comparing dome camera vs bullet camera, though, the former can be [somewhat] challenging to mount than its peer. Owing to the reliance on ceiling or soffit/ eaves, the device requires you to screw straight up. And that might require you to strain your arms, plus also dust might fall into your eyes.


Both cameras require regular maintenance practices to enjoy a smoother user-experience and for a longer period.
For a domed camera, though, its protective polycarbonate covering easily accumulates dirt and dust, thereby causing blurry images and poor night vision. So, you will need to clean it a few times a year.

With bullet cameras, you only need to do the cleaning once or twice since they don’t get dirty or clouded as much. The majority of them have a lip extending over the lens and that helps reduce the accumulation [of dirt].

Even so, bullet cameras often offer a great nesting for wildlife, like birds, spiders, and other small animals. Therefore, you will need to be checking if there are any and remove them.

Dome vs Bullet Camera Comparison Table


Type  Dome Camera  Bullet camera
Design  Circular base with a domed case  Bullet or lipstick- like shape
Lens type  Small with a wide viewing angle  Large with a narrow viewing angle
Detection range  Closer objects  Closer and distant objects
Wireless  Available  Available
Image Quality  Up to 4k Ultra HD  Up to 4K Ultra HD
Night Vision  Yes Yes
Best Location  Indoors
[sleek and discrete design]
[longer detection range]
Mounting Positions
  •  Ceiling
  • Eaves
  • Soffit
  •  Walls
  • Mounting poles
  • Ceiling
  • Eaves/ Soffit
Mounting Option  Fixed position and difficult to reposition  Fixed position but can be easily repositioned
Best Scenarios
  •  Perfectly blends in with the surrounding
  • Allows discrete monitoring
  • Difficult to change direction by vandals/ burglars
  • Most covers a large area
  •  Can detect objects at a distance
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Can discourage theft/ vandalism
  • Easier to install
Worst Scenarios
  •  Glass attracts dust and fingerprints
  • Harder to screw straight up
  • Burglars/ vandals can change camera direction
  • Supports nesting for birds and spiders


This table summarizes the various features of a dome and bullet camera. There are others like audio function, motion detection, and durability, but those we will discuss from the individual camera model.
Our favorite and top picks that you can browse through include:

Bullet Cameras

Best Overall: Swann SWNHD-885MSFB Ultra HD Surveillance Cam

Swann PIR Bullet Security Camera & Spotlight, 4K Ultra HD...
  • ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION FOOTAGE: The state-of-the-art protection you need. With motion lighting, 2-way...
  • RELIABLE HOME, OFFICE, AND RETAIL PROTECTION 24/7: Clearly see and deter intruders with the powerful...

That’s right. This CCTV camera is the overall best on appearance and performance. It features a superior 8MP lens that captures and records sharp and crisp 4k ultra HD videos during the daytime.

At night, the surveillance cam also delivers clear images that have enhanced details. It supports both colored and long-range infrared night vision.

Fitted with a spotlight, inbuilt siren, and two-way talk function, this surveillance camera allows you to easily scare off potential burglars. Thus, helping prevent a burglary or vandalism attempt before it happens.

The system can be a great add-on to your Swann NVR. But You Can also use it as a standalone camera by connecting to a PoE injector/ switch.

Key Features:

  • It delivers crystal 4K images that you can zoom without lowering the clarity
  • Has a wide 93° viewing angle that covers a wide scene with less blind spots
  • Features an excellent night vision, with color and long-range infrared option
  • Captures ad record video with audio
  • Includes a spotlight and siren to deter crime
  • Supports an interactive two-way talk
  • Uses a smart PIR sensor that only detects people, cars, and animals [by heat waves]
  • You can connect with Google Assistant or Alexa devices for hands-free control


  • It doesn’t support ONVIF devices. Hence, can only connect with Swann NVRs
  • Has no microSD card slot

Best Budget: Night Owl Full HD Security Camera Kit {CAM-2PK-HDA10W-BU}

Night Owl Security, 2 Pack Add–On 1080p HD Wired Security...
  • Want to expand and add cameras to your Night Owl Security DVR System? Purchase this 2 pack of 1080p...
  • These 1080p HD bullet cameras feature a 100˚ field of view over the standard 42˚ view of most...

For sure, this is one of the best options on the market if your wallet is a little thin. It comes as a pack of two, with each featuring a 2MP image sensor and a 100-degree field of view.

So, the cameras can cover more grounds of your home or business while at the same time delivering bright and clear images.

Like the owls for the night, this surveillance kit can see objects located even 100ft away. The two cameras rely on a BNC connection with your analog DRVs. Hence, best while upgrading your older systems or filling up the remaining slots on the recording station.

Key Features:

  • The surveillance kit consists of two add-on cameras that you can connect with your analog DVRs
  • It delivers bright and clear 1080p HD videos that are rich in details
  • Have 100° wide-angle lens to cover a large scene
  • Features 12 high performing IR LEDs that support night vision of up to 100ft
  • The cameras are IP65 weatherproof to last longer
  • Each camera comes with a simple but vandal-resistant bracket that can screw perfectly on either the wall or ceiling.


  • The cameras only can connect with an existing DVR [not standalone]
  • It doesn’t support audio or hands-free control

Best Alternative: Amcrest {IP8M-2496EB} UltraHD IP Security Camera

Amcrest UltraHD 4K (8MP) Outdoor Bullet Security IP POE Camera,...
  • Experience UltraHD 4K – Stunning ultra-high quality 4K (8-Megapixel / 3840x2160) resolution...
  • Smarter Security – Receive motion alert notifications and review footage via your smartphone with...

This is a spectacular piece that you can consider if your interests are on quality images. It offers crystal images that allow you to even read license plates from a car at up to 75ft distance.

On top of super clear images, this CCTV camera has a super-wide 110-degree viewing angle that enables covering larger areas with less camera. It has two superior low-glow IR LEDs that cover a night vision of up to 131 feet.

The IP camera can be a great add-on, but you can also use it as a standalone by connecting with a PoE injector or switch.

Key Features:

  • The camera can connect to an existing NVR or work as a standalone via PoE injector or switch
  • It delivers crisp 4k Ultra HD images, with vivid details and clarity
  • Has a super-wide 110-degree viewing angle to give broader coverage
  • Supports H.265 compression for smoother streaming and save on storage space
  • Includes multiple storage options, including NVR, cloud, and in the built-in microSD card slot [up to 128GB capacity]
  • You can connect with Alexa for hands-free control
  • The IP camera features a heavy-duty IP67 weatherproof housing to enable outdoor use


  • It does not have an audio function
  • The ONVIF support is poor and unreliable while using third party devices

Dome Cameras

Best Overall: Anpviz IPC-D250G POE Surveillance Camera

Anpviz 5MP PoE Camera, Outdoor Vandal Dome Security PoE IP Camera...
680 Reviews
Anpviz 5MP PoE Camera, Outdoor Vandal Dome Security PoE IP Camera...
  • 【5MP HD PoE Camera with 98ft Night Vision and Wide Angle 2.8mm Lens】This 5MP HD PoE IP camera...
  • 【PoE Camera Outdoor and Indoor 】This PoE IP security camera only needs one ethernet cable(up to...

This is a nice CCTV camera that you can use to monitor inside or outside your office or home. It features a 5MP image sensor that delivers sharp, crystal videos that are over 2x clearer than 1080p HD.

From its 110° fixed lens, this camera can cover a large area of your interior or exterior. Thereby requiring fewer devices if your warehouse is bigger.

It supports both H.264 and H.265 video compression. Thus, you have an option to enjoy seamless streaming and longer recordings.

Speaking of that, this IP camera is ONVIF compliant. So, you can connect to Anpviz DVRs, as well as models from other brands like Amcrest, Dahua, and Hikvision. Or else stream from third-party apps such as iSpy, Blueiris, and Milestone.

Key Features:

  • It records quality 2K super HD videos with audio
  • Has a super-wide field of vision to cover a wider area
  • Has an excellent night vision [up to 65ft]
  • Can work as a standalone or an add-on camera
  • It’s ONVIF compliant. So you can use with foreign NVRs or software
  • Supports remote viewing and push motion alerts
  • Has a tough, vandal-resistant housing
  • The security camera uses PoE technology. Hence, quick and effortless to mount.


  • It does not have an SD card slot for local recording
  • No two-way talk
  • It does not support Alexa or Google Assistant.

Best Budget: Zosi Hybrid Full HD Security Camera

ZOSI 2MP 1920TVL Hybrid 4 in 1 TVI CVI AHD CVBS Security...
  • 【2.0MP HD 1080P 4-IN-1 Security Camera】-- This is 4-in-1 TVI/CVI/AHD/CVBS Dome Camera....
  • 【Bulit in OSD Menu】-- It comes with OSD Menu which can change 4 different video output. 1080P...

This is an incredible add-on camera that you can use to upgrade or as a replacement on your analog DVR system. It records sharp and clear videos that you can even identify important details like license plate from a 40-feet distance.

The security camera has a 90° wide-angle lens and 24 high-performance IR LEDs that support up to 65ft night vision. It supports four analog signal modes, including TVI, AHD, CVI, and CVBS 960H. Hence, highly efficient in serving your unique preference.

Key Features:

  • It’s an add-on or replacement camera for an analog [BNC] DVR
  • Features a 2MP sensor that records crystal 1080p HD images
  • Comes with a wide 90-degree viewing angle to enable broader coverage
  • Has an excellent infrared night vision of up to 65ft
  • Supports 4 different signal modes to serve your unique [image quality] taste
  • The dome camera is remarkably weather-resistant to support outdoor use


  • It can’t function as a standalone. So, you must have a surveillance DVR
  • Doesn’t support the audio function

Best Alternative: Amcrest {IP8M-2493EB} PoE Outdoor Surveillance Camera

Amcrest UltraHD 4K (8MP) Outdoor Security POE IP Dome Camera,...
  • EXPERIENCE ULTRA HD 4K – Stunning ultra-high quality 4K (8-Megapixel / 3840x2160) resolution...
  • SMARTER SECURITY – Receive motion alert notifications and review footage via your smartphone with...

This is a superb dome camera that you can consider on your to-buy list if you want sharper and clearer images. It has a superior 8MP Sony Starvis sensor that delivers vivid images that you can zoom up to 16x without drastically reducing clarity.

The CCTV camera has a 110-degree viewing angle. Thus, it covers a large scene while at the same time capturing quality images.

With its 18 IR LEDs, the camera offers a spectacular night vision that has a range of up to 98 feet. The function works in hand with intelligent motion detection that you can set up to 4 activity zones of your most important areas.

As a PoE camera, this device is quick and straightforward to setup. You only need to connect its Ethernet cable to the NVR or PoE injector/ switch.

Key Features:

  • It delivers sharp and crisp images that are rich in details and clarity
  • Has a super-wide viewing angle to cover more grounds
  • Supports H.265 video compression for a higher efficiency experience
  • Includes an excellent night vision to allow 24/7 monitoring
  • Supports multiple storage options, including MicroSD card, Amcrest NVR, or cloud
  • Has an IP67 rated shell, which is also IK10 vandal resistant to last longer
  • The domed camera has smart motion detection that you can set to detect what matters most to you


  • The camera has no built-in mic or speaker to support the audio function
  • It has no crime deterrence means such as siren, spotlight, or two-way talk


What is the difference between a bullet and a dome camera?

A dome camera vs bullet camera differs in a number of ways. The most visible one, though is on their appearance, whereby the latter has a shape of a bullet or lipstick tube. Whereas a dome model features a circular base and domed casing that protects the lens from damage.

Are dome cameras better?

Yes, but within its area of application. If it’s for indoor use, the cameras have a modest but sleek design that won’t interfere with your interior décor. Also, it’s the best choice for discrete monitoring as you can have in your office and your employees don’t notice it’s recording.

How far can a dome security camera see?

Sadly, dome cameras usually use a wide-angle lens, which also tends to be smaller in size. As such, the device can only cover a wider area but it cannot detect objects that are very far. Not like its peer [bullet version], which tend to have a larger lens to allow detection of objects that are far.

What is a bullet camera?

That’s a straightforward one. A bullet camera is a type of CCTV that has a shape resembling a rifle bullet. If smaller, the camera can also be called a lipstick camera since it’ll now be looking like a tube of lipstick.


Well, that’s all the crucial info on dome vs bullet camera. We duly hope you have found it informative and helpful on your quest for the finest CCTV camera for your home or business.

Whichever your security needs are, choose the right device and you will never regret it at all. If it’s the driveway, for instance, a bullet camera is the best option due to its longer detection range. And in case you want to discretely watch over your nanny or office workers, a domed camera is the bests.

It has a lovely makeup that won’t compromise your interior décor, plus it’s hard to tell there’s a recording lens.

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