The 5 Best Construction Site Security Cameras to Monitor Project

The 5 Best Construction Site Security Cameras to Monitor Project

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Vandalism. Theft of project materials and equipment. Slacking workers. Mismanaged deliveries. All these are common concerns in any ongoing construction project. But with the best construction site security cameras around your scene, you can efficiently mitigate these issues.

Of course, a lot of people new to this tend to take it for granted. However, things like lumber, power tools, copper cables, and parts of heavy machinery have been in high demand lately. It’s what most construction site burglars target and sell on the black market or other sites at half the market value.

Fortunately, there are various measures you can take to secure your construction site. And one of these crucial measures will be setting up a great video surveillance system.

What’s the Best Construction Site Security Camera?

In this guide, we’ve put together six selections you can check out if looking for a construction site security camera to watch your valuables. Brinno is our favorite choice, for reasons we shall see shortly. But you can also check out the specialty Ring Jobsite camera if on a tight budget, Vosker for a cool design, or SOLIOM for wide coverage.

Offers 720p HD recording, 12 different time-lapse recording intervals, a built-in MicroSD slot, battery power, & industrial-grade mounting clamp

Offers 1080p Full HD recording, audio functions, built-in siren, quick-release rechargeable battery, weatherproof build, and add-on WiFi modem

Offers 1080p HD pictures, built-in LTE cellular modem, integrated solar panel, MicroSD support, & an IP65 weatherproof design

Offers 1080p Full HD recording, wide 360-degree coverage, plus built-in LTE cellular modem, spotlight LEDs, MicroSD card slot, & audio functions

What Makes a Good Construction Site Security Camera

As was mentioned, a great construction site security camera is one of the most effective ways to protect your jobsite against theft and vandalism. It can also help track the progress of your projects, expected deliveries, and the productivity of your workers.

However, to enjoy all these benefits, make sure you choose the right video surveillance system. The various features you might want to focus on to achieve that include:

  • High-definition video quality: you should get a security camera with the highest resolution possible. It will deliver crystal-clear videos where you can identify important details like faces.
  • A wire-free design/ installation: a battery-powered security camera is the best for a construction site as you can mount it anywhere. You won’t need to worry about wiring power.
  • Portable & quick to install: a construction site security camera should be compact, plus easy to install and uninstall. So, you can carry to jobsites with ease.
  • Time-Lapse recording mode: the feature allows the camera to capture images of your scene at certain intervals and then combine them into one, short video. Thus, giving you a comprehensive view of your construction project from start to finish.
  • Remote access functionality: the feature will keep you connected to your projects all the time, including when away.
  • Cellular Connection: many construction sites don’t have wired internet connectivity. And for that, a video surveillance system with a built-in cellular modem will be handy to enhance remote access.
  • Local recording capability: helps keep evidence of incidences on the construction sites with no monthly fees. Thus, leading to a faster settlement of burglary investigations, insurance claims, and jobsite accidents.
  • Great night vision capability: any security camera system should be able to record at night as good as during the day. The option to record in color at night will be relatively more rewarding. But superior infrared night vision is great too.
  • Video analytics/ AI detection: this help makes sure the camera pushes alerts that matter. You will know exactly when there’s activity on the project site without having to sit behind the camera 24/7.

Summary Features, Pros, & Cons of the Best Construction Site Security Cameras

Below, we have listed down the crucial details to help you decide which construction site security camera is right for your jobsite:

Best Overall: Brinno BCC200-2Pack Time-Lapse Construction Site Security Camera

Brinno BCC200 - Construction & Outdoor Security Time Lapse Camera...
  • CONSTRUCTION & OUTDOOR TIME-LAPSE CAMERA: 42-day battery life! Great for short-term outdoor...
  • SET IT AND FORGET IT: Set the daily timer to program the hours to start and stop shooting each day....

The set of Brinno BCC200 here is certainly the best construction site security camera on our list. We’re not happy the maker forgot to embed a cellular modem to allow remote access. But everything else in the system is worthwhile. You even have a shot to watch a whole day of your project phase, from start to finish, within minutes. How so?

The jobsite security camera supports time-lapse recording at various intervals. You can choose from 1 second to an hour, and ASAP or Custom mode as per your specific needs. Then there’s a built-in timer setting that you can set when you’d like it to start recording and when to stop.

With a 1.3MP image sensor, the camera records in 720p HD quality. And while not the best, the video is still clear well enough to track project progress or important details like faces and plates of nearby objects.

Furthermore, Brinno designed the jobsite surveillance camera system 100% wire-free. The camera runs on a set of AA batteries, which are readily accessible and tends to retain charge longer than rechargeable ones.


  • It has a well-made, weatherproof design
  • Straightforward to set up & operate
  • Support HDR to enhance image quality
  • Comes with an industrial-grade mounting clamp
  • Has an LCD to adjust various features with ease
  • It supports local recording to a MicroSD card


  • It’s relatively pricey to own
  • Does not support remote viewing
  • It’s tricky to edit raw images manually

Best of Budget: Ring Jobsite Stick Up Cam Wireless Security Camera

Ring Jobsite Security – Stick Up Cam Battery
  • See everything – Watch over your job site in 1080p HD video and check in at any time with Live...
  • Talk to visitors from anywhere – Hear and speak to people on camera from your phone or tablet.

At a hundred bucks, the Ring Jobsite Stick-Up Cam is a perfect option if looking for a budget construction site security camera. It has a compact design that’s highly portable and easy to relocate to different site positions.

At 2MP, the wireless security camera delivers 1080p Full HD videos that you can identify faces or read plates of still cars up to 10 feet. The image sensor works in hand with a wider 130-degree lens that covers a pretty wide space of your jobsite.

Moreover, the camera runs on a quick-release rechargeable battery, which can be recharged with an add-on jobsite powered case. Thus, your site will always be online, making sure no event goes unnoticed.

Speaking of online, the Ring Jobsite Stick Up Cam usually relies on WiFi to transmit data to your viewing device (phone or tablet). If your construction site doesn’t have fixed broadband, you can purchase the add-on jobsite Ring Alarm Pro Base Station that not only acts as the central hub of your surveillance system. But it also has a built-in LTE modem that can create WiFi hotspot to connect your camera/s.


  • It’s pretty affordable to buy
  • Delivers decently clear pictures
  • Has a rugged, weather-resistant build
  • Supports audio recording & two-way talk
  • Has built-in siren to deter potential intruders
  • It has advanced motion detection for alerts that matter


  • It has no local recording option
  • A bit lacking in the recording speed
  • It doesn’t support continuous video recording

Best of Value: Vosker V150-2Pack Solar Cellular Construction Site Security Camera

Vosker V150 Solar-Powered LTE Cellular Home Security Outdoor...
  • Outdoor LTE Cellular Security Camera (US Model) – This bundle includes two V150 cameras and two...
  • Incredible Battery Life – The built-in solar panel technology paired with the long-life...

The Vosker V150 is a nice choice if looking for a construction site security camera you can access footage remotely on your phone. It has a built-in cellular LTE modem and also comes with a preactivated SIM card. All you’ll need to do is activate on the Vosker app and the device will be ready to use.

The security camera operates on a rechargeable battery to compensate for the jobsites without wired power. And thanks to its built-in solar panel, you never have to worry about recharging throughout most days of the year.

When battery power meets a wireless connection in a security camera, we usually end up having a wire-free installation. And this means you can mount this system about anywhere without having to worry about interfering with your project.

Nonetheless, Vosker designed the V150 as a trail camera, in a way. It only captures pictures of the scene with no video recording mode. But you do have the choice to enable person and or vehicle detection to minimize false alerts from animals and other irrelevant triggers.


  • It’s a well-made design, with IP65 protection
  • Supports local recording into a MicroSD card
  • Easy to track the status of the camera on the app
  • Perfect for sites without wired power or internet
  • Captures images clear enough to read a license plate
  • It’s easy to search important pictures (with people/vehicles)


  • It’s very expensive to buy
  • Does not record motion videos
  • Requires a subscription for remote access

Best of Wide Coverage: SOLIOM S600 LTE Solar-Powered Construction Site Security Camera

SOLIOM S600 3G/4G LTE Outdoor Solar Powered Cellular Security...
1,850 Reviews
SOLIOM S600 3G/4G LTE Outdoor Solar Powered Cellular Security...
  • Requires Monthly Data Plan for 4G Cellular Coverage: Soliom S600 4G cellular security camera can...
  • High-capacity Battery & Solar Powered: With built-in 9000mAh High-capacity rechargeable battery, the...

As the name suggests, the SOLIOM S600 is indeed the best construction site security camera for a large compound space. It assumes a Pan-Tilt (PT) design, which gives a broader 360-degree coverage, with 320° horizontal rotation and 90° vertical.

The PT security camera is yet another that offers 100% wire-free installation to make sure you have consistent footage without interfering with the ongoing construction. It also has an integrated solar panel to recharge the battery onboard and an LTE modem for cellular connection. Thus, you can live stream and playback videos remotely even on jobsites without cabled broadband.

The videos from the camera are clear and usable, thanks to its 2MP image sensor that records in 1080p Full HD. However, it does not have an optical zoom function, which is why we’ve opted to call it ”PT” instead of “PTZ”.


  • It has a reasonable pricing
  • Records in color both day & night
  • Has built-in spotlights to deter intruders
  • Supports audio recording & two-way talk
  • You can record locally into a MicroSD card
  • It has PIR motion detection with fewer false alerts


  • It doesn’t support motion auto tracking
  • No 24/7 continuous video recording mode
  • The motion detection setting is a bit limited

Best of Home Projects: Reolink Argus PT 360 Degree Solar Wireless Security Camera

REOLINK Security Camera Wireless Outdoor, Pan Tilt Solar Powered,...
  • 100% Wire-Free and Solar Powered: Argus PT runs on 2.4/5 GHz WiFi and stays fully-charged with...
  • Tilt & Pan and Stunning Night Vision: Argus PT can turn its head 355° horizontally and 140°...

The Reolink Argus PT is another Pan-Tilt security camera you can consider if you have a wide construction site to watch. It has a slightly wider coverage than the SOLIOM as you rotate the head up to 355° horizontally and 140° vertically.

All the panning and tilting of the camera is pretty easy to do from the Reolink app. However, the company didn’t include a cellular modem on the model, meaning you’ll have to connect to an external WiFi to access on phone.

If you want to monitor an area without fixed broadband or a wireless hotspot, the PT camera has a built-in slot for a MicroSD card. And for that, you can set it up to record locally, then later on remove the card and view it on your computer.

Speaking of recording, Reolink added the Argus PT with a 4MP image sensor that captures up to 2K QHD quality. You’ll notice the videos are sharp enough to identify a face or read license plates up to 20 feet.


  • It has a reasonable pricing
  • Delivers sharp images, rich in details
  • Has advanced person/ vehicle detection
  • Comes with a solar panel for constant power
  • Includes a weatherproof design for outdoor use
  • You necessarily don’t need a monthly subscription


  • It doesn’t have auto-motion tracking
  • Requires external WiFi for remote viewing
  • It doesn’t support 24/7 continuous video recording

Best Alternative: Amcrest (IP8M-TB2886EW-AI) Colored Night IP Security Camera

Amcrest 4K AI Bullet IP PoE Camera, 4K@30fps, 164ft Night Color...
23 Reviews
Amcrest 4K AI Bullet IP PoE Camera, 4K@30fps, 164ft Night Color...
  • SUPERIOR IMAGE & AI FEATURES – Features superior low-light F1.0 aperture and 1/1.2" Image Sensor...
  • SMARTER SECURITY – Receive motion alert notifications and review footage via your smartphone with...

If the storage of your construction site has wired power, an IP PoE camera usually delivers better images than its wireless counterparts. Like the Amcrest model here, it has an 8MP image sensor that records in true 4K@30fps quality. This recording speed is enough to read even the plates of vehicles moving at a fair speed.

The security camera can be added to an NVR or used as a standalone through a PoE injector or switch. It even has a built-in slot you can add a MicroSD card for free local recording.

Other notable features of the IP security camera include:

  • It has a rugged, IP67 metal build
  • Can record in full color at night
  • Has built-in white spotlight LEDs
  • Supports audio recording & two-way talk
  • Can record at HEVC H.265 to maximize storage
  • It also supports face detection, human detection, people counting, and other smart AI features


  • It won’t work in jobsites without a wired power
  • It also needs an external LAN connection for remote access

Get a Time-Lapse Feature for the Best Results

Be it the owner or construction manager, burglary is a term you must take seriously on your active jobsite/s. Don’t be that person who is more concerned about “if the burglars come…”. Be the person looking for an answer on “when” the burglars come…

When burglars drop on your jobsite but you already have a surveillance system that sends alerts on time, you can ward them off before stealing or vandalizing your property.

The two Brinno BCC200s are still our overall best construction site security cameras, even without remote access. You can mount about anywhere without having to worry about power, plus they have free recording into a MicroSD card.

However, the time-lapse recording mode is the crucial feature of these cameras, especially when you want to see everything that happened on your jobsite. It has the option to record time-lapse videos at various intervals, including 1sec / 2sec / 3sec / 5sec / 10sec / 20sec / 30sec / 1min / 5min / 10min / 1hr / Custom. So, you will always have a video that’s specific to the activity on the ground (running fast or slow).

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