13 Easy Steps to Connect a Lorex Camera to Your Phone

13 Easy Steps to Connect a Lorex Camera to Your Phone

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Unlike before, you now don’t need to be behind the monitor of your CCTV to know what’s happening on the ground. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to connect Lorex camera to phone and enable remote access. Thus, making it possible to keep an eye on your property and loved ones while even you’re away.

A week ago, we had a similar guide for remote viewing your DVR, whereby we even used Lorex for reference. So, this article will primarily focus on the standalone cameras since we weren’t able to touch on them last time.

Is Connecting a Lorex Camera to Phone Worth It?

First up, you’ll need a mobile app to connect a Lorex camera to your phone. But considering the app is free and the many cool things you can do, we can say it’s totally worthwhile. Some of these things you can do include:

  1. Remotely View Your Cameras. That includes both the real-time live stream and also the saved recordings.
  2. Receive Real-Time Intrusion Alerts. In the  Lorex vs Nest review, we saw Lorex camera has person detection and other intelligent features. Thus, alerting of an invasion beforehand so you can take up the necessary measures.
  3. Engage with the Uninvited Guest: After you receive the activity alerts in (2), you can use your phone to speak or scare away the intruders. Lorex actually has some of the outdoor security cameras with a built-in siren that you can also activate from the phone.
  4. Customize Camera settings: after pairing your camera with the phone, you can easily adjust the camera settings from anywhere, anytime. That includes changing things like resolution, recording mode, night vision, intelligent analytics, and others.
  5. Cruise a PTZ camera: if you have a Lorex camera that can pan, tilt, and zoom, you can also remotely rotate it through the phone app. Thus, enabling you to watch an entire compound with ease.
  6. Collect Evidence to Prosecute: Yes, you can manually save important live or recorded moments to your phone. Thus, ensuring quick retrieval and also a backup if needed for evidence in court.
  7. Pair Your Cameras with the Lorex Smart Home Security Center: Lastly, connecting your camera/s with the phone app becomes easier to add it to the brand’s dedicated hub to manage wireless devices.

Can I Connect Lorex PoE Camera to My Phone?

Typically, Lorex has various security cameras that you can use as a standalone system. However, the list comes down to the category of IP cameras, which usually have built-in computer chips and an internal web server. So, they can operate autonomously without relying on a centralized recorder and also offer remote viewing capability.

Meanwhile, Lorex has both WiFi and PoE IP security cameras. But a lot of people have the former as it’s cheaper and easy to set up on phone. Also, the wireless category has battery-powered security cameras, which you can install without being too invasive to your home- no drilling through walls or ceilings.

Moreover, a Lorex wireless security camera does have local storage onboard that you can even access through the app. That means you’ll always have saved footage without having to pay for the cloud.

Even so, various brands now have PoE Security cameras that have local storage as well. Some like Reolink and Amcrest cameras can even pair with the mobile app as easily as with WiFi devices. Thus, offering the ability to mount farther from the router without experiencing blue screen errors.

Sadly, however, Lorex has slightly slacked off on its PoE innovations. There are no PoE cameras (that we know) that have the built-in local storage or configuration with the mobile app. So, you’ll only have the option to connect the CCTV camera to computer (with or without internet) if you want to use it as a standalone system.

How to Connect Lorex Camera to Phone

As was mentioned moments earlier, the easiest way to connect your Lorex camera to your phone is by using the mobile app. But considering the PoE selections are out of the list, this guide will only apply if you have a WiFi camera.

When it comes down to the setup, you can connect your Lorex camera to your phone through the Lorex Home app. The app is available to both iOS and Android devices at no cost. So, it’s a matter of installing and configuring your camera. Then,  you can stay connected to your home or store wherever, whenever.

Now, to add your Lorex WiFi camera to the phone app:

You’ll Need:

  • The camera & adapter
  • Home WiFi password


  1. Open the Lorex Home app (assuming you have downloaded it to your phone)
  2. Log in or sign up (if it’s your first time to use the system)
  3. Next, tap the bold Plus (+) icon at the center. You’ll get a prompt to scan the QR code of your camera
  4. So, point the camera of your phone to the QR code located on your camera. If the camera is unable to read the code, you can tap “Manually Enter Device ID” to input the unique number
  5. Once the app has found your camera, click the blue “Next” button at the bottom
  6. At this point, you’ll get a prompt to confirm your Lorex camera is plugged in and switched on. You can tell the camera is on if the status LED has a consistent green blinking.
  7. After you’ve confirmed Step (6), click Next. You’ll get a prompt for the Lorex Home app to join the built-in hotspot of the camera (thanks to its internal webserver). So, tap “Join
  8. After you’ve tapped join, you’ll be asked to create a password for your device. So, do so and remember to keep it simple to remember but difficult for others to guess.
  9. Once you’ve entered and confirmed the password to use, tap the “Next” button at the bottom. You’ll now get a prompt to select the WiFi network you’d like to use
  10. So, choose your Home WiFi, enter the password, and then tap the “Connect” button at the bottom.
  11. At this point, the setup is almost complete and you’ll get a prompt to wait for the camera status LED to change from blinking to solid green. Once that happens, tap the “Next” button to finalize adding the camera to your account.
  12. After your device’s successfully added, you’ll get a final prompt to rename your camera. You can input your preferred name in the box or tap one of the preset names shown.
  13. Finally, tap the “Complete” button. The WiFi camera will be now connected to your phone and ready to view


It’s always good to use your Lorex security camera, or any brand for that matter, with the latest software. It not only ensures your device meets the current demands, but also solves some previous glitches that may have been there.

As such, do tap the “Update” button if it pops during Step (13). If you don’t get a pop-up, you can check manually whether you’re on the latest firmware by going to the Device setting> Firmware> Update.

Here is a video to watch the full setup.

In Conclusion:

Lorex is a good security camera, both for the expandable (DVR/ NVR) systems and the standalone designs. It’s not only reliable on video quality but also has started getting smarter, all thanks to the involvement of Dahua.

Anyway, you should connect your Lorex camera to your phone if you want to make the most of it. And our guide has briefly covered how you can exactly do that all on your own. Hopefully, it was helpful in your case.