Blink XT 5 Camera System In 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Blink XT 5 Camera System 2024

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With the latest wireless technology in the market, securing your precious properties have become simpler than ever. Not just simple, by the way, but much stronger since you can see what’s happening on your compound while even miles away. In this post, we’re going to look at the Blink XT 5 camera system, which Amazon highlights as one of the bestselling security devices. Along with this piece, we’ll also discuss the Blink XT2 5 camera system, which is [like] an upgraded version of the former.

Before we get to these two incredible security camera systems, though, let’s briefly look at their maker as we owe him the glory.

Where Blink Camera Systems Come From

Well, Blink XT camera system and its upgrade Blink xt2 are some of the bestselling security camera systems on the market. On Amazon alone, the former has over 8,200 ratings while its counterpart features more than 10,700 reviews. As we’ll see when reviewing them, the two surveillance cameras are high performing and that’s why the over 18,000 buyers have opted to give them credit.

Blink Home Company designed them with eminent creativity and expertise to make sure they satisfactorily serve your current security demands. To satisfaction, we mean superlative surveillance without having to worry about how your kids are doing back at home since you can remotely view the recordings.

Blink Company started operating in 2009 as Immedia Semiconductor Inc., whereby they produced image and video processing chips for camera applications. The company then shifted to a consumer electronics company and by 2017, it already had various home security systems in the market.

At the time [2017], Amazon acquired Blink Home Company to help support it in serving its growing market.

While it’s still a daughter company, Blink operates freely where it produces battery-powered home security cameras and video doorbells. The XT and XT2 camera systems are some of the best creations from the brand and that’s why we have opted to discuss them. They both are ultimately easy to install and use as they need no wires for transmitting pictures or connecting to a power supply. You just get either of them, then, place it in your preferred spot, turn it on and enjoy peace of mind.

Blink XT vs Blink XT2 Camera System

Blink XT and Blink XT2 camera are almost two systems, only that one is an upgrade of the other. They both operate on two AA lithium metal batteries that guarantee you a service of up to two years. Nonetheless, the battery life might [somehow] become lower based on device settings, use, and even environmental factors.

As for the use, the Blink camera system starts recording only when there is a movement and that’s why the batteries have such a high life. Immediately the sensors detect movement and records, the systems also send you alerts with HD video and sound to your smartphone. This is truly useful as it helps you act accordingly. You either alert your security company or scare off [if it’s an intruder] via the two-way audio feature.

Unfortunately, the two-way audio feature is only available with the Blink XT2 camera system. So, you’ll probably have to rely on other cautionary means if you’re using Blink XT camera.
To understand more of the sweeties that Blink Camera systems have to offer, let’s look at each of them individually. Then, you can now decide which is it you feel will work best for your current needs.

Blink XT Home Security 5 Camera Kit

To begin with, Blink Home Company does offer the XT camera system singly. The reason for us choosing this Blink XT 5 camera system pack is because it comes at about $100 less than when buying five pieces separately. If you got no problem with the green, nonetheless, you can select the XT 1 Camera System. But of course, know [when you buy five of them] that way you’ll lose an amount even more than the cost of one device.

Getting back to the Blink XT 5 camera system kit, each of the included device lets you rest assured of optimal security. The camera system has a simple structural design, yes, but its impeccable performance is what has earned it an exemplary reputation.

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The camera has a powerful camera lens that captures pictures of 1080P full HD resolution. This ensures every captured person or object reflects on the viewing device the way it is at the very moment. Still, the lens has a 110° wide viewing angle that guarantees you a large, fine coverage.
Right next to the lens of the Blink XT camera system, there is a blue LED illuminator and 1 directional microphone. The 1 directional microphone helps record video with sound, which is very essential in the event of a break-in or when prosecuting.

As for the Blue LED illuminator, the feature is to help you know when the device is active and it’s optional to use. If you feel you need your camera batteries to last longer, you can disable the blue recording LED by Switching it Off.

Even with the Blue LED illuminator off, though, the Blink XT camera system will still record in darkness since it has the infrared light emitter. The IR illuminator, which is at the bottom left, is remarkably high performing to ensure you have round-the-clock surveillance. However, the IR LED usually glows red when in use. So, it can give out the security camera to the intruder if you place it at an open spot.

This doesn’t, nonetheless, doesn’t mean you can’t make the security camera invisible. You can consider hiding it in an unpredictable place even if it is on the tree. The device is only 2.8 X 2.8 X 1.4 inches in dimensions, thus, very easy to hide.

Blink XT 5 camera system kit has every of the included piece with an IP-65 rated casing. Hence, ultimately weather-resistant for use outdoors. The prestigious camera system has a micro USB port you can use as an alternative power input. Once you remove the USB cover, though, the camera loses its weatherproof-ness, making it highly vulnerable to damage when used in the open environment.

As we had stated earlier, Blink XT camera has a built-in motion sensor that triggers recording when it detects movement. The sensor is also some kind of alarm as along with recordings, it also sends an alert with a real-time picture to your smartphone. For you to enjoy these remote access features, however, your Blink camera has to be connected to a Wifi network. The built-in single wifi antenna is only compatible with the 2.4 GHz signal. So, don’t try to use with 5 GHZ or ad—hoc (peer-to-peer) wifi networks.

Last on the Blink XT, the camera system is very simple to install on your own since it doesn’t require any wiring. The wireless camera is also easy to use using free apps in your iOS or Android mobile device.

Summary Features:

  • Blink XT 5 camera system is very affordable and high-performing
  • It’s totally wire-free, thus, can be mounted anywhere
  • Features a superior 110° wide lens for crystal clear, extended coverage
  • Has a sensitive motion sensor that triggers recording and sends real-time alerts to your smartphone
  • Runs on 2 AA 1.5V batteries that can serve you up to 2 years
  • Supports remote viewing, hence, you can live view HD videos from any location
  • It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, thus, allowing you to control it without lifting a finger
  • The wireless camera is IP65 weatherproof, hence, can work on tough environmental conditions [outdoors] without failing.

Blink XT2 Smart Security 5 Camera Kit

Blink XT2 5 camera system kit comprises of ultra-modern surveillance devices that not only help monitor your home but make you feel safe. The kit comes with 5 superior cameras that you can place at different positions around your home to ensure maximum security.

Blink XT2 camera is the second generation of Blink XT security camera that we have just discussed. The home security camera was released in 2019 but in that short time, thousands of households are already having it on their compound. As an upgraded version of the XT camera system, Blink XT2 features several cutting-edge features that you’ll live to smile of.

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The Blink XT2 Camera system has similar dimensions to its preceding model [2.8 X 2.8 X 1.4 inches]. Hence, very easy to carry with you while traveling, as well as hide while installing. The system uses 2 AA 1.5V batteries to run and a Wifi connection to transmit the recordings. So, you don’t need to do any wiring.

Each of the devices from the Blink XT2 5 camera system kit produces sharp and super-clear pictures that show every picture in its original details. During the day, the lens of the wireless camera system records 1080p HD video along with incredible audio. The lens has a wide viewing angle of 110 degrees, thus, enabling the camera system to cover a large space whilst recording high-quality pictures.

At night when the blanket of darkness is already covering the horizons, Blink XT2 cameras still perform at the best. The surveillance systems have a powerful infrared illuminator that ensures no creeping shadow will go unnoticed. Be it from the opportunistic burglar or coyotes preying on your ducks or rams, the infrared night vision produces excellent black-and-white pictures.

Just like with their counterpart, Blink XT cameras records only when they detect a movement. This helps reduce power consumption and extend battery life. Once they detect movement, the wireless camera systems do send real-time alerts with a current recording. If it’s a break-in, these alerts give you time to take favorable cautionary measures, which include calling your security company or scaring off the burglar/s.

With the option of scaring, you will make use of the two-way audio function. This [two-way audio] is one of the upgraded features that Blink Manufactures added to the XT2 security camera instead of the one-way option. The feature is helpful as you can now be at home even when you’re not. If it is the delivery man at your door, you can easily talk with him using your smartphone right from your workplace.

To wind up, Blink XT2 5 camera system kit is remarkably weatherproof, thus, you can use it indoor or outdoor for whole-home security.

Summary Features:

  • Blink XT2 camera system is ultimately convenient, reliable, and life-saving
  • It’s “all weathers”, thus, you can place or mount it inside or outside the house
  • Features an excellent, wide lens which guarantee wide coverage and 1080P HD recording
  • Has sensitive motion-activated sensor that triggers recording and sends alerts to your smartphone
  • Supports two-way audio conversation
  • Runs on 2 AA batteries but there is a port for power input in case you require lifetime recording
  • It can work with Alexa to allow control with voice
  • The Blink camera system is wire-free, so, you can place or mount at any position with a good view.

Why Have Blink Camera Systems in Your Home

Security is usually the first step to a happy family and a successful home. It’s also an essential move to improving your wellness as once you know you’re safe, you definitely get peace of mind and sleep sound. With the current contemporary technologies, good security starts with a nice, high-performing system that lets you see your properties even when you are not there.

With Blink XT camera system and its upgraded model XT2. You get to enjoy your home’s safety every time of the day. That is from the first of the calendar to the end of it since the systems are sturdy and weatherproof. Hence, they can operate outside in the rain and snow without letting you down.

Also, Blink XT and XT2 camera systems come with no contracts or monthly subscriptions, thus, very affordable to have. The security cameras store their recordings in Blink cloud service which is absolutely free! Isn’t that amazing? You can access your camera recordings remotely from anywhere without paying a dime.

To make it more interesting, Immedia Semiconductor Inc. offers Blink XT 5 camera system. And Blink XT2 5 camera system with a one-year warranty. During the warranty period, the brand guarantees you a free repair, replacement, or refund of the defective device.
Well, even if you don’t believe in wonders, is not that great?

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