The 6 Best Brand On Black Friday Dash Cam Deals 2023

The 6 Best Black Friday Dash Cam Deals For 2024

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Up to now, it’s not a standard that a new vehicle will come with a dash camera. Some will do have, yes, but others don’t. So, it’s up to you to invest in one if you would want to enjoy the various benefits offered by the device. And luckily, the Thanksgiving holiday is a few days away, which means some awesome Black Friday dash cam deals are also close.

As you [probably] know, Black Friday is usually an On-Sales season, whereby retailers have their products at slashed prices. So, it’s certainly the best time of the year to shop- especially for those expensive items you can’t have on the regular days.

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Black Friday-Cyber Monday Shopping Season

As always, Black Friday is the time to spend whatever you like on what you like- in this case, dash cam/s. If it’s that sophisticated designs like REDTIGER and GUGTTR, you can enjoy huge discounts on the same quality and performance.

Needless to say, cheaper dash cams are also available at the time and for less than $50. So, you can pick up several different makes to test the various capabilities and enjoy different experiences.

In any case, Thanksgiving Thursday will be on 25th November this year. That means Black Friday 2024 will be November 26 and end on the Monday of 29th. This Monday is known as Cyber Monday, in which case it features what remains during the weekend sales.

At the time, various retailers tend to offer further reductions and amazing deals. So, you can bag better discounts if lucky and what you wanted is available.

This, however, is not a guarantee as most retailers start offering discounts on their goods two weeks before Black Friday. Thus, many stocks may run out even before the weekend ends.

Is Black Friday/ Cyber Monday a Good Time to Buy a Dash Cam?

A simple answer, YES. At the time, Amazon and many other stores- online and local, usually slash their regular prices at a huge percentage. For the genuine providers, the original features of the products remain, in terms of quality and performance.

Even so, there are so many choices to choose at the time. So, it’s very likely to become overwhelmed and feel the pressure to make a quick decision. But if you can know what exactly you’re looking for, making a decision and everything else becomes easy. You’ll even be primed to identify a worthwhile deal when you see it.

That said, we’ll now look at some of the best Black Friday dash cam special offers that you can keep an eye on this season. We’ve chosen three of the major brands and some of their bestselling products that might interest you.
They include:

Best dash cam for Black Friday Deals in 2024

The 6 Best Black Friday Dash Cam Deals

Garmin Dash Cam

Garmin Ltd is an American technology company, headquartered in Kansas, United States. The brand creates and distributes products aimed to help the consumers make the best of the “time they spend pursuing their passions”.
Garmin provides a wide range of products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sports routines. Most of these devices are GPS navigation and wearable technology that we use in our everyday lives.

Comparison between Garmin dash cam 55 vs 65

As for dash cams, Garmin has numerous models and compelling designs to choose from. It has you covered on the front and back while using a high-quality video resolution of up to 1440P HP. Some of the recording cameras even have built-in wireless technology, including WiFi and Bluetooth. So, you can pair with your phone to enjoy smart features like hands-free calling and automatic map and software updates.

Regardless, some of the Garmin dash cam black Friday special offers that you can check out are:

Garmin [010-02231-05] Compact Automatic Dash Cam

Garmin Dash Cam 66W, Extra-Wide 180-Degree Field of View In 1440P...
  • Compact, discreet dash cam with extra-wide 180-Degree field of view captures crisp 1440P footage and...
  • Automatically records and saves video of incidents; requires 8GB micro SD card, class-10 or faster...

While it may look simple, this dash camera can be a great addition to your road trips and the security of your vehicle. It has a compact build that makes it possible to monitor the activity around your vehicle with discretion.

At 1440P HD resolution, the device provides you with crisp, clean footage and vivid details. The system even has HDR that helps balance the image quality for clarity when around low-light situations. It also features an extra-wide 180° viewing angle, which means you got enough to cover for the front.

The dash cam requires an 8GB micro SD card [class-10 or faster], which it saves the videos of the recorded incidents. It even has built-in WiFi that you can pair with your smartphone to remotely control and playback footage.

Garmin [010-01750-05] 1080p GPS-enabled Dash Cam

Garmin Dash Cam 65, 1080p 2.0" LCD Screen, Extremely Small...
  • 180-degree field of view captures more of the environment, including cross traffic; Frame rate: up...
  • High-quality 2. 1 megapixel camera with 1080p video capture; works even in low-light conditions

This is another of the Garmin dash cam black Friday deals that you might love to have in your car. It consists of a mini camera, with a compact and well-made, solid build to serve you for a long time.

The dash camera packs a 2.1MP image sensor that provides you with clear 1080p Full HD videos. Also, it has an integrated HDR processor chip to ensure you still can get important details when recording in low-lighted conditions.

Just like its closest cousin, this Garmin dash cam has an extra-wide FOV, allowing it to capture a wider scene of the environment. It does have GPS function with an advanced G-sensor that detects incidents and save video footage on impact. So, you can have credible evidence on what, when, and where events happened.

Vantrue Dash Cam

Vantrue is another provider that’s very dedicated to ensuring that you get the best out of your outdoor life. The company offers next-generation tech that aims to complement and elevate your digital lifestyle to your requirements

Similarly, Vantrue offers various products, including action cams, dash cams, projectors, and webcams. The gadgets have rich quality, plus they’re very affordable, which is one of the reasons many people love them.

In the category of dash cameras, Vantrue has about ten different series that you can choose for your car or truck. The brand designs have a simple Do-It-Yourself setup that you won’t need hiring a professional to do it for you.

Here are two of the bestsellers from Vantrue…

Vantrue N4 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam

Vantrue N4 3 Channel Dash Cam, 4K+1080P Front and Rear,...
  • 【Three Channel Front Inside Rear Dash Cam】The N4 is a triple channel dash cam which offers 155°...
  • 【4K & 1080P Front and Rear Dual Dash Cam】When set to front and rear dual recording mode, the cam...

If you would like to know everything that’s happening around you, this Vantrue dash cam black Friday special can be a perfect fit. It consists of a 170-degree dual camera to monitor the front and rear.

The whole ecosystem delivers crystal 1080p 4K footage during the day and night. It has a seamless loop recording, which means you won’t need to format the SD card frequently. The newest file will be overwriting the oldest data, thereby ensuring you always have current videos.

Still, the dash cam unit has a built-in G-sensor that detects a collision or shake and auto-record and save the file. The device even has extra security measures, whereby the accident files will be locked to ensure Loop Recording doesn’t overwrite them.

Furthermore, this camera has an improved GPS interface that you can record your trip route, speed, and location coordinates.

Vantrue S1 4k Hidden Dash Cam

Vantrue S1 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear, 1080P Dual GPS Dash Camera...
3,793 Reviews
Vantrue S1 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear, 1080P Dual GPS Dash Camera...
  • 【Single 4K Dash Cam】The Single front recording captures exceptionally clear video at a...
  • 【Front and Rear Hidden Dashcam-100% Protection】The front and rear cameras simultaneously capture...

The dash cam has a simple but sleek design, with a compact and dark stealth low profile to provide discreet recording. It has a 2MP Starvis image sensor that ensures your road ahead is under high control and in Full HD.

The dash camera has an integrated HDR processor chip that helps improve the night performance and when in low-light backgrounds. Its lens also is adjustable, allowing capturing more details to ensure there’s no dead angle in front of the vehicle.

Like most from the brand, this camera is very easy to set up on the windshield. It also provides 24-hour parking monitoring, which activates recording after detecting eternal force or movements [when in standby mode].

Even better, the dash camera supports Loop recording and G-sensor with emergency lock. So, you won’t need to worry about the memory card getting full or overwriting the accident footage.

CHORTAU Dash Cam Black Friday Special

Overall, CHORTAU is the number #1 provider if we were to compare with Garmin and Croutour Company. The brand not only provides budget-friendly products but also has invested pretty well in the latest tech and hardware.

Similarly, CHORTAU focuses on helping its consumers achieve most of their outdoor adventures. It offers affordable and high-end recording devices, not limited to action cameras, dash cams, trail cameras, and contemporary binoculars.

At the moment, CHORTAU has about 14 different models of dash cameras. Each of them features an impressive design and a superior image sensor, with some delivering up to 1520P video resolution.

Two CHORTAU Dash Cam black Friday offers that you may consider in your to-buy shortlist include:

CHORTAU Fron and Rear View Dashcam

Dash Cam Front and Rear CHORTAU Dual Dash Cam 3 inch Dashboard...
  • ★【Dash Cam Front and Rear】This dual dash cam equipped with 1080P resolution front camera and...
  • ★【Loop Recording & Emergency Accident Locks】Seamless loop recording overwrites the old footage...

Multiple cameras are better eyes than one, and that’s why this unit comes as a pack of two- for front and rear. The front camera, however, has a higher 1080p image resolution than the rear with a 1080p HD quality.

Whether it’s during the day or at night, these cameras don’t disappoint. The sensor used is powerful enough to enable reading of the license plate of the car in front or behind you. Then, in case of an incident, the built-in G-sensor triggers recording and locks that footage to prevent Loop recording from overwriting it.

Still, the dash cam has an improved GPS to provide your location [in longitude and latitude], plus your drive speed. Also, the device never sleeps even when in parking mode, in which case it automatically wakes and starts recording when hit or bumped.

Dash Cam for Cars 1080P FHD CHORTAU

Dash Cam for Cars 1080P FHD Car Dash Camera CHORTAU 2023 New...
  • 【FHD1080P Dash Cam】CHORTAU dash cam simultaneous records with Super High Resolution 1080P FHD...
  • 【Seamless Loop Recording & G-sensor】When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, new...

Overall, this is the bestseller on the list and a top recommendation on this year’s CHORTAU Dash Cam black Friday deals. Not only is it affordable, but also a real performer when around your car.

True, the device doesn’t have the highest resolution as it only rates a 1080P Full HD. But it does serve its purpose and perfectly well. It has a wide-angle 170° field of vision, which makes it possible to capture all the scenery and moment on the way.

As a product of the latest, the dash cam has a built-in G-sensor that locks the current video to protect it from being overwritten. It also has a 24-hour parking monitor and anti-thief mode, which detects any car vibration and initiate recording.

The CHORTAU comes as a complete kit, plus its accessories. So, the installation is a simple DIY setup that you won’t need to pay someone to do it for you.

Key Takeaway:

These are just a few of the Black Friday dash cam deals that you can set your eyes on as you prepare for the Big Sales day. Remember, preparation is everything when it comes to shopping during this holiday. It’s one of the best ways to ensure you get to pick the right product without wasting any time deciding on the options.

That said, though, it’s always good to go through a variety of models as you compare the prices and features. You might be surprised to find a product even better than your expectations and at a cheaper price tag.

Final Verdict:

If given an option between Garmin, Vantrue, and CHORTAU, the latter will certainly win due to their taste in technologies and hardware expertise. Of course, the other two also have superior and advanced electronics, but CHORTAU has proven to inspire many. The brand has the leading score on market, with a model like CHORTAU Full HD featuring over 20,000 reviews on just Amazon.

Regardless, we all have different perceptions, and possibly not all black Friday dash cam deals will work out for you. Maybe you just need a simple design that you can set up by yourself without needing to spend extra bucks outsourcing labor. Or perhaps you need a sleek design that will blend perfectly with your swanky cockpit.

Whichever dash cam it’s, November is usually the best month to go for it if you don’t want to spend big. The two months that follow have a stream of holidays and exchanging of gifts. So, you still have a reason to appreciate Black Friday-Cyber Monday even if it’s not for you.

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