The 8 Best Trail Camera Under $100 in 2021 [Reviews]

The 8 Best Trail Camera Under 100

Although they just started as game tools, trail cameras are now an essential piece of outdoor monitoring. The video surveillance system has a wide array of uses, including detecting theft and vandalism activities on your property. Considering the wide array of options on the market, this article aims at helping you choose the best trail camera under 100.

Of course, there are other models costing more than that. But why should we recommend an expensive piece yet there’s a cheaper one that can serve the same purpose perfectly and satisfactorily?

Why Choose A Trail Camera Over A Home Security Camera System?

First of all, no system is more important than the other. A security camera system has its favorable edge and a trail cam has areas it can perform better than any other system.

Some of the benefits you get to enjoy when using a trail camera include:

Accurate Records: the device usually provides recordings with the exact date and time of when it happened. This eases your hunting since you’ll have the details of when to expect your prey. In the event of a burglary activity, you’ll have accurate evidence of when the event took place.

Multifunction: as we’ve just said, a trail cam usually has a wide array of functions. You can use it to track activities in the wild for hunting, monitoring animals/ plants growth, and observing the behavior of particular wildlife. With the best trail camera for security, you have the advantage of outstanding motion detection that counts even the slightest movements.

Guaranteed maximum safety:

This one is for hunters or adventurers or campers, whereby the system allows you to play it safe while in the wild. You only need to set the camera up and leave it to perform its magic. Hence, allowing you to collect the desired details without having to risk your life in the chilly nights or wild environment.

Makes adventure and exploration easy: if you’re planning to go camping or hunting, a trail camera can be an incredible tool before you commence. It will help you study the everyday patterns of the animals, including the feeding habits and their major resting nests.

If you have the best cellular trail camera and [maybe] no other disturbance has occurred, these patterns can remain intact. Thus, providing you with important details of what to expect and in which locations.

Top-Rate Trail Cameras For A Tight Budget

For certain, $500 can be a lot of money for a gadget of non-profession use. For sure, you can go with it if your budget allows. If not, the following list comprises some of the best trail cameras in 2020 that you can get yourself from $40 – $100. They are amongst the best-ranked products on the market, with thousands of shoppers speaking highly of them.

1. Campark T45 Digital Trail Camera

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For over a decade now, Campark has been one of the leading suppliers of camping gear to vivify your adventures. For this particular piece, it’s the best trail camera under $100 on our list following its over 5,000 positive feedback from its users.

This comes from not just the minimalistic design and camouflaged casing that you can easily hide with nature. But also from the dozen features to support your wild adventures and home security.

To start with, the trail cam has a 14MP image sensor that allows you to enjoy bright and crisp pictures. The recorded images are 1080p quality, which allows you to view even the objects at a distance clearly.

Following its 120° viewing angle, the Campark T45 trail camera offers an incredible broader view. It has 42 low glow infrared LEDs that make possible capturing clear images at night without disturbing the animals. In case you’re using the camera for security purposes, the low-glow IR LEDS make your surveillance system difficult to spot by burglars.

Using its 3 Passive infrared sensors, the Campark cam can detect and record footages with lesser unimportant details. The motion detection is highly sensitive to make sure the 0.3S trigger time is effective and as required.
To perform these features, the Campark T45 uses 8x AA batteries that can serve it for several weeks since it’s motion-triggered.

Summary Features

  • Campark T45 produces crystal 1080p HD images and videos
  • It has a wide field of vision and infrared night vision of up to 65ft
  • Features excellent motion detection and a trigger speed of 0.3S
  • Runs on batteries, which means you can install it anywhere
  • Supports local microSD card [class 10] of up to 32GB
  • The trail camera is IP56 weatherproof, thus, it can work on rain, snow, and hail without a fail.

2. TOGUARD H45 Trail Cam

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This is another incredible trail camera that records sharp and crystal images of wild or your property. It has a 14MP sensor that captures 1080p images and videos as well.

Following its 120° wide lens, the device can cover a large scene, leaving fewer blind spots when used for security. It has 42 infrared LEDs that allow recording of objects located up to 75ft away at night.

Speaking of recording, TOGUARD H45 Trail Cam has 3 powerful PIR sensors and a fast trigger speed of 0.3S. The PIR sensors make sure the system only records the important moments while the fast trigger speed ensures no movements go unnoticed.

When it comes to the installation, this trail camera is very easy to set up since it doesn’t require any wiring. It runs with 8 AA [1.5v] batteries and stores the files in a local micro SD card. This means you can mount the trail camera at any location in the jungle or your property.

The system even has an attached 2.4” color screen that you can use to view the recordings directly without removing the card.

Summary Features

  • TOGUARD H45 Trail Cam captures vivid images of up 1080p HD
  • It has an incredible night vision of up to 75ft
  • Runs on 8x 1.5v AA batteries. Hence, needs no electrical wiring
  • Supports local storage [SD card] of up to 32GB
  • Doesn’t support Bluetooth or remote access
  • The system is IP56 waterproof to guarantee outdoor use without damage.

3. Victure Hc200 Trail Game Camera

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This is yet another superb trail cam that you can use to study the behavior of wildlife, as well as monitor your property. The system doesn’t have a high trigger speed like the above two models but still, it doesn’t miss even a running buck. It supports a burst mode that can take up to 3 pictures.

The captured images are 1080p quality, meaning you can even zoom the objects farther away and see them clearly. In the case of darkness, the device has 26pcs 940nm Infrared lights that allow recording without disturbing the animals. The feature is even enhanced by the camouflage appearance that makes it hard to detect after blending with nature.

Victure HC200 Trail Game Camera is motion-triggered, whereby it records when the fitted PIR sensors detect a movement. Ultra-modern and convenient, these sensors are thermally activated to minimize the chances of capturing moving twigs and other unnecessary moments.

The device is battery powered and supports a local microSD card of up to 32GB. Of course, that storage limit is not large but it can work out since it will be recording when there are movements.

Summary Features:

  • Victure HC200 Trail Game Camera features a superior lens that supports a resolution of up to 1080p HD
  • It has high-performance infrared LEDs that allow nighttime recording without detection
  • Features a 2.4” color screen to view the recordings directly on the camera
  • Supports local storage of max 32GB.
  • Has a sturdy, weatherproof casing that can withstand harsh sun, rain, and even snow
  • The trail camera is battery powered. Hence, can work well in the jungle and farmhouse

4. APEMAN H55 Waterproof Trail Camera

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This is another stunning piece that you can get if you’re hoping to monitor the activities on your farmhouse or capture the beautiful moments of the wild. It has a powerful lens that captures crystal 1080p Full HD images and videos both day and night.

Designed for stealth surveillance, APEMAN H55 has 940nm IR LEDs that enable nighttime monitoring without disturbing the animals. With the invisible night vision, burglars also won’t know they’re leaving their footprints behinds. The device will record them and keep the footage in the SD card that you have inserted.

To record, the trail camera uses its advanced PIR motion detection that triggers at a lightning speed of 0.3S-0.6S. The motion detection function usually uses thermal imaging. Hence, you’ll only get important recordings of animals and people.

In case you would like to enjoy the moments while still in the wild, the APEMAN trail cam has an attached 2” screen. The colored LCD screen is protected from the harsh weather by the camouflaged, waterproof body.

In the event of an accidental fall, the solid casing will help prevent the screen and other camera parts from damage.

Summary Features:

  • APEMAN H55 Trail Camera comprises a superior 1080p image sensor and an attached 2” screen
  • It records crystal colorful images during the day and clear black & white in the darkness
  • Features a super-fast trigger speed to capture every real-time moment
  • Has a tough, solid body that is IP66 impermeable
  • Runs on a pack of batteries hence can be mounted anywhere
  • The trail camera stores the captured images in a local SD card [maximum 32GB].

5. Campark T70 Hunting/ Security Trail Camera

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This is another piece from Campark Company that is going to present you with an incredible wildlife experience or super-tight home security. The trail cam has a powerful lens that captures brightly colored 14MP images and 1080P HD videos during the day.

For the nighttime, it has [44pcs] high-performance IR LEDs that enhance recording to up to 75ft. The infrared lights produce no glow when active, thus, don’t disturb your prey.

With the advanced PIR sensor and a fast 0.5s trigger speed, the Campark T70 captures accurate recordings with minimal chances of missing. The device uses 8x 1.5v AA batteries for power and a micro SD card to store the images.

Summary Features:

  • Campark T70 Trail camera has a superior lens that can record up to 14MP images and 1080p videos
  • It has 940nm invisible IR lights that allow recording without detection
  • Features a fast 0.5s trigger speed
  • Has a built-in 2.4” screen to playback images directly
  • It’s battery-powered, which means it can mount anywhere
  • The trail cam has a camouflaged design to allow blending with nature and avoid detection.

6. Meidase [ Upgraded] Trail Camera

Meidase SL122 Pro Trail Camera, Advanced H.264 1080P Video Game...
630 Reviews
Meidase SL122 Pro Trail Camera, Advanced H.264 1080P Video Game...
  • Upgraded Night Vision and Video Performance: The state-of-the-art image sensor, and smart infrared...
  • Super Easy to Use: The TV remote style operation buttons and user-friendly UI design allow easy...

Well, if you’re looking for the best trail cam under 100 and with super-super lighting trigger speed, this is the piece. The device has a 0.2S trigger speed, which it combines with the advanced PIR motion detection to ensure no event ever go unnoticed.

Using its superior image sensor, this trail cam can record images of up to 16MP and 1080p FHD video clips. It has 38pcs 940nm invisible IR LEDs that support the night vision of up to 65ft.

Convenient and remarkably reliable, the Meidase Trail Camera offers 3 recording modes. They include photo only, video only, and photo + video. Using whichever mode, the recordings store in a standard SD card that will be automatically rewriting the oldest data.

This means no current activity will ever go unrecorded but also you’ll have to be checking not to lose old important data.

Designed to be user-friendly, Meidase Trail Camera has a tv remote-like keypad and a built-in 2.4” color screen. Using the screen, you can easily playback the past recordings directly on the camera. Its body is IP66 waterproof approved, so you can install it in the open environment without any worries.

Summary Features:

  • Meidase [2019 Upgraded] Trail Cam has a fast 0.2s trigger speed and a detection range of up to 82ft
  • It captures super-clear, colored images and videos
  • Has invisible night vision of up to 65ft
  • Features a 2.4” LCD color screen to playback images directly
  • Runs on 8x AA batteries that can serve you for up to 6 months in standby mode
  • Supports local storage [ SD card] of up to 32GB
  • The trail camera is IP66 waterproof to allow use in rain and hail without any downfall.

7. Foxelli Full Hd Scouting Camera

Foxelli Trail Camera – 14MP 1080P Full HD Wildlife Scouting...
1,614 Reviews
Foxelli Trail Camera – 14MP 1080P Full HD Wildlife Scouting...
  • HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTO & VIDEO: Provides excellent 14MP, sharp and vibrant photos, as well as 1080P...
  • UPGRADED NIGHT VISION: This hunting camera is motion activated with up to 65-ft detection range, and...

Although the trail camera has an almost similar performance with the rest on the list, its exterior appearance distinguishes it from them. It looks like an oak bark to make sure it records without detection by the trespassers. The feature is even enhanced by the 42 low glow IR LEDs that enable recording at night without disturbing the animals. Or else, without informing the intruders that someone is watching.

During the daytime, Foxelli Scouting Camera captures bright and crisp images with a resolution of up to 14MP. The videos [which come with sound] record in a resolution of up to 1080p full HD. This makes possible viewing of distant images without abruptly diminishing the quality.

Still, on the recording, the trail cam has a 120-degree wide lens to capture wider scenes. It has a highly-sensitive PIR sensor that triggers recording at a speed of 0.5s. This, for sure, is lower than some of the devices we’ve discussed but still it’s fast to not miss a thing.

The images and videos that the camera captures record in a MicroSD card, which supports up to 32GB. For safety reasons, the trail cam has a password protection feature that ensures you’re the only to view the images.

Product Features:

  • Foxelli Full HD Scouting Camera produces crisp 14MP images and 1080p FHD videos
  • It has a wide viewing angle to guarantee broader and sharp coverage
  • Has up to 65ft motion detection and a fast 0.5-second trigger speed
  • Supports a local microSD card of up to 32GB
  • Runs on 4 or 8AA batteries. Hence, you can mount anywhere
  • Features a sturdy waterproof casing to guarantee extended service
  • The trail camera has invisible IR LEDs and an Oak bark looking body for maximum concealment

8. Stealth Cam G42NG No-Glow Trail Camera

Stealth Cam G42NG No Glo Trail and Wildlife Camera. Day or night...
2,010 Reviews
Stealth Cam G42NG No Glo Trail and Wildlife Camera. Day or night...
  • RETINA(Sub1-­‐Second Trigger) – Superior low light performance for extended nighttime range
  • 42 "BLACK" IR Emitters/100ft range

Whereas it’s the last on the list, Stealth Cam G42NG is a trail cam to love and enjoy having around. It’s very easy to set up and use, following its minimalistic design and the included how-to-use manual.

With up to 4 resolution settings, the trail camera can record images ranging from 2MP to 10MP. The captured video clips are 1080 HD quality and 5-180 seconds long. Also, the video recordings do come with audio to make viewing more interesting.

Just as its name, this trail camera offers stealthy monitoring without the detection by animals or burglars. It has 42 high-performance IR emitters that facilitate recording in the darkness with no glow. The LEDs supports a visibility range of up to 100ft. Hence, ultimately convenient.

At a trigger speed of 0.5s, the device can capture pictures of moving objects without the possibility of blurs. The Stealth Cam trail camera has a built-in SD card slot that supports a maximum capacity of up to 32GB.

As a password enabled system, it ensures your captured footage is securely safe even if it’s stolen or lost.
Similar to the rest, the stealthy trail cam is battery powered. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the complicated wiring like those in wired security cameras. It was also the best trail camera under 100.

Essentials To Consider While Choosing The Best Trail Camera Under 100

While you might come across others, these are the best trail cameras that you can use to serve your purpose at a tight budget. Even if these gadgets have incredible ratings and customer approval, nonetheless, there are some factors you ought to consider to enjoy optimal satisfaction.

These aspects help ensure you get to buy what exactly you need and avoid unnecessary disappointments. They include:

Image Quality

The higher the resolution of a camera, the sharper and clear are the images. Therefore, even if your budget is low, make sure the trail camera that you get can record crisp and clear images. A resolution of up to 1080p HD can be perfect and don’t forget a wider field of vision can also help cover a large scene.

Battery Life

One of the sweetest things about trail cams is that they operate on batteries. Thereby, allowing installation even in remote areas with no power lines. While choosing your system, though, consider the non-rechargeable batteries since they have a higher battery life than the rechargeable ones.

Luckily, all the trail cameras on our list function with 1.5v AA batteries, which has a standby mode of over 3 months.

Trigger Speed

A movement is what usually triggers a trail camera’s shutter. Trigger speed is the time between the movement and when the camera takes the photo. To make sure you never miss any important moment, you have to choose a trail cam that fires fast and if possible with a burst mode recording.


To monitor the wildlife or your property, you don’t need any possibility of disturbance or detection. As such, consider getting a trail cam that will offer stealthy surveillance in the jungle or on your farmhouse. Choose a device with a camouflaged body that can perfectly blend with nature and record at night with no glow.

Remote Access

Although none of the systems that we’ve discussed has it, using trail cameras that send pictures to your phone can be handy. In case the hunting location or your farmhouse is a bit far from your residence, it means your back and fro trips will be minimal. Also, accessing the recordings remotely will curtail the chances of barging into your preys’ nest and scaring them away.

To Conclude

For hunters and adventurers, trail cameras are one of the tools to make your experience full of fun and also safe. The systems will help you monitor the activity of the wild during the day and night without risking your life.

In case you have been looking for the best trail camera under 100, this article has discussed some of the very best in the market. All #8 come packed with numerous features that make your spying on the nature world easy and effective.

The included PIR motion detection captures the zebra and bucks or a potential intruder even before making a second step. Hence, making sure you have a lot of details about your quarry and a greater chance of success on your hunt.

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