Best Motorcycle Lock - Secure Your Two Wheeler with u lock

Best Motorcycle Lock – Secure Your Two Wheeler with the Convenience of a Combination U-lock

Being an outdoorsy person you would always like taking your cycle or your motorcycle out for a spin, and then keep it securely when you want to walk around. But carrying your chain and lock is a pain, and when you return back home, you need the best motorcycle lock to use on your gate. The safest place to keep your bike lock is in a brick-built garage, which has a secure lock and also an alarm. But when you are outside, you will love the convenience of using a U-lock combination lock.


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These are some of the advantages of a U-shackle lock over a chain and lock combination:

• The U lock is much easier to use and carry around. Locks can become dirty and are very heavy.

• No need to remember to carry the key with you.

• No need to find pillars, lampposts, and other such structures to secure the bicycle or motorcycle.

The Hassle of Lugging

When you are the type who loves taking your bike or motorbike for a spin whenever you can, the hassle of lugging around a chain or a set of keys is not something you would like. Instead, you would want to have the best motorcycle lock.

The bikers I spoke to all were unequivocal in their view that if they had a choice, they would always go for a single piece best motorcycle lock which didn’t need any keys. That is why I thought I should check out the options available and find out which is the best motorcycle lock I could find.

Let me first share the parameters on which I based my comparison of different locks:

  • Quality of locking mechanism – I looked for the most durable designs and performance
  • Ease of Use – I was looking for a lock that would be easy to set the combination for, and easy to open
  • The strength of materials – I wanted the lock to be made of a material that is strong yet lightweight. Strong locks often use heavy metals, while the cheap and light ones hardly serve their purpose of security.
  • Price – While the security of your bike is important, it doesn’t make sense to splurge money needlessly. That is why I was looking for great security to price ratio.

UShake Heavy Duty U Lock for bikes and motorcycles

The best option I could find on the above parameters was the UShake Heavy Duty U Lock for bikes and motorcycles. Let us look at the basic product features, and also assess if it has any areas of improvement.

Hardware: There are two parts to this lock. The main body or cylinder is made of tough metal and covered with a layer of plastic to prevent the ingress of dust and dirt. The PVC covering is of 4 mm thickness. The second part is the U – shaped shackle. There are two options of shackle – 10 mm or 14 mm. The shackle is made of zinc alloy. It can resist attacks from both metal cutters as well as combination pickers.

Usage: The 10 mm shackle lock is best to use for bicycles, and for motorcycles, I recommend you go for the bigger one measuring 14 inches. The two parts of the lock (body and shackle) come apart into two separate pieces, ensuring that the lock doesn’t get twisted itself or doesn’t twist something. Most users put the lock around the wheel spokes of the bicycle or the motorcycle.

The Best Motorcycle Lock

Lock Mechanism: This best motorcycle lock does not need any key to secure it, so you do not have to worry about forgetting your keys behind. It works on the basis of a combination of 4 numbers, and the wheels displaying the numbers are on the side of the body. The brightly lit white numbers against the black backdrop make them easy to read. The wheels turn very smoothly and allow you to set your number and open the lock very easily. There is one screw which needs to be removed after which the combination can be set. When you are choosing your number, every movement from one number to the next is accompanied by a reassuring click so you know a number got moved and you can also keep a count of the numbers without looking.

The lock is so strong and resistant

Dimensions: The lock is so strong and resistant yet it is not bulky and oversized. Weighing in at 1.2 pounds it is very easy to carry around. This increases the performance-to-weight ratio of this product. The package you get when this lock is shipped to you weighs 1.4 pounds, which is inclusive of all the other papers and spares it comes with. The dimensions of this lock are 4.8 inches x 1-inch x 8.8 inches. The lock provides almost 5 inches space on width, but it’s not as long as many others.

Money Back: The guarantee of getting your money back if there is any problem with the product extends up to 12 months. The entire purchase amount is refunded in full if any concern is raised about the product quality in the first 12 months of use.

If Combination Doesn’t Open Lock: Many customers reported to me that sometimes one or more digits of the combination get recorded a digit higher or lower because the number was not perfectly aligned. So in case you set the code at 1234, do try with 2234 or 1235 as well.

How to Carry the Lock: Users carry it in their saddlebag normally because there is no cock mount to store it on a bike.

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Resistance to Angle Grinder: I tested the UShake for the resistance of its shackle to cutting by a metal cutter. No lock can be totally resistance to a cutting attack if the thief is given enough time. The best one can hope for is to hope that the lock shackle slows down the cutting considerably, by which time people would have been alerted or the owner would have returned. The UShake performed admirably on this count And UShake is our best motorcycle lock.

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