The Best artificial intelligence security camera in 2023

The Best Artificial Intelligence Security Camera For 2024

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This decade has been almost all about AI getting smarter and its application in things we use every day. Robot vacuums, self-driving cars, and smart home automation are the top three areas you’ll find the tech at home. But for those of us who are security-conscious, we also have Artificial Intelligence security camera systems, which offer a smarter and more convenient way to watch our valuables.

Different from the regular motion sensor security camera, advanced AI can cut down false triggers by up to 99% (if not 100%). Thus, you’ll only receive the alerts that matter and when it matters. No need to stick behind the viewing device all day.

What’s The Best Artificial Intelligence Security Camera?

In this article, we’ve put together five selections you can use to choose an artificial intelligence security camera for your home or business.

Reolink PoE system is our first recommendation from its perfect balance of pricing and feature. But you can also check out LaView if looking for a nice deal, ONWOTE for a commercial-grade system, or Eufy for the value of your money.

Features an 8-channel NVR, spotlight cameras, 4K Ultra-HD resolution, two-way talk, person/ vehicle detection, 2TB preinstalled local storage, & H.265 video compression

Features a camera + solar panel, 1080p FHD resolution, person/ pet/ vehicle/ package detection, built-in spotlight, MicroSD slot, & siren

Features latest Homebase 3, 4K Ultra-HD resolution, face/ human/ pet/ vehicle detection, built-in solar, & up to 16TB local storage support

Features a two-camera kit, 2K QHD resolution, human-only detection, two-way talk, built-in spotlights, deterrence siren, MicroSD support & 24/7 recording mode

Features a 16-channel NVR, all-metal build, 4K Ultra-HD resolution, audio recording, person/ vehicle detection, 4TB preinstalled storage, & H.265 video compression

Is an Artificial Intelligence Security Camera Worth it?

In a nutshell, an artificial Intelligence security camera is worth it if you could find a nice brand. The feature works in hand with regular motion detection, helping make sure you only get alerts that matter.

As you may know, the regular motion detection of a camera triggers after any significant change in pixels or PIR (passive infrared) sensor. The pixel-based motion detection usually has the device go off by almost every moving object: person, vehicle, animal, leaves, insects, flapping curtain, snow, rain, and even a sudden change in lighting conditions.

On its end, PIR-based motion detection is slightly smarter as it only works on warm bodies, such as people, animals, and vehicles. But it’s still a little inconvenient in some situations, especially for homes with pets/ animals.

When we now have an artificial intelligence security camera, you usually have control over the objects that can trigger motion detection. For instance, machine learning algorithms like person and/ or vehicle detection means you’ll not receive alerts from swaying branches, falling snow, or flapping tarp.

Few cameras even have more advanced AI skills, such as facial recognition and license plate recognition that not only send alerts. You will also have the option to whitelist particular faces/ cars that the camera should ignore or blacklist them to get alerts whenever captured.

Sadly, however, the “facial recognition” we have in nearly all wireless AI security cameras is a half-baked feature. You can set the faces you’d like the database of your camera to remember whenever detected, but you can’t whitelist/ blacklist them.

So, you’ll still get alerts when the motion detection detects a familiar face- only this time the alert will have the name of the person detected.

Summary Features, Pros, & Cons of Various Artificial Intelligence Security Cameras

Artificial Intelligence Security CameraMaximum ResolutionType of SystemArtificial Intelligence Features
REOLINK (RLK8-812B4-A) Camera System4K Ultra-HDIP PoEPerson & vehicle detection
 NETVUE Solar-Powered Security Camera1080p Full HDPIR SensorPerson, pet, vehicle, & package detection
EufyCam 3 Solar-Powered Security Camera1080p Full HDPIR SensorFace, human, pet, & vehicle detection
LaView Outdoor Spotlight Security Camera1080p Full HDPIR SensorHuman-only detection
ONWOTE (PKA801608S-4TB) Security System2K Quad HDPIR SensorHuman & vehicle detection

Best Overall: REOLINK 4K PoE Security Camera System

REOLINK 4K Security Camera System, 4pcs H.265 4K PoE Security...
  • SMOOTH 4K ULTRA HD: The PoE security camera system delivers detailed 4K UHD resolution with...
  • ALL-NIGHT COLOR NIGHT VISION: Featuring 4pcs spotlights instead of standard IR LEDs, the smart 4K...

As the badge, REOLINK RLK8-812B4-A is the overall best artificial intelligence security camera on our list. Of course, it’s still lacking in advanced AI features. But the two available, human and vehicle detection, is a pretty nice balance with all the other features.

One of these “other features” of the security camera is an 8MP image sensor that records in 4K Ultra-HD, four times sharper than the standard 1080p resolution.

It records in 4K Ultra-HD @25fps, which is decently smooth during the day for the objects in motion. Then there’s a built-in microphone to have videos you can listen to, and a speaker to facilitate two-way talk.

Moreover, each of the bullet cameras that come with the REOLINK kit has built-in motion-activated spotlights. You will continue to get colored footage even at night in an area that should have been in total darkness.


  • It delivers sharp and detailed pictures
  • You can use it even without the internet
  • Offers multiple features to deter intruders
  • Supports motion/ scheduled/ continuous recording
  • Has up to 12TBHDD capacity for local recording
  • It supports up to HEVC (H.265) video compression


  • It doesn’t have Infrared night vision
  • The instructions are rather mediocre
  • It doesn’t work with Alexa or Google Home

Best of Budget: NETVUE 1080p Solar-Powered Wireless Security Camera

NETVUE Security Camera with Solar Panel, 2K Color Night Vision AI...
  • Provide Non-stop Power with Battery and Solar Panel. Equipped with a 9600 mAh battery and a solar...
  • Improve Accuracy with PIR Motion detection. Built-in PIR sensor, this security camera will detect...

At sixty bucks, the NETVUE model is no doubt the best AI security camera on a tight budget. But even at the low price, the device has still packed some amazing features to support your security/ monitoring needs.

If we start with the obvious, the WiFi security camera has a 2MP image sensor that records in 1080p Full HD. The videos are not the sharpest, for sure. But they are clear enough to identify important details like a face for the objects in proximity.

Come at night, the security camera has a built-in spotlight that allows the sensor to continue capturing pictures in color. And when the white light is off and the area is pitch dark, it can see in infrared (black & white) mode up to 40 feet.

As a motion detection camera, the NETVUE engineers incorporated a PIR that works on only warm bodies, including humans, animals, and vehicles. It also supports advanced AI features, including person, pet, vehicle, and package detection. But the company has pushed these features behind a paywall- i.e. you must have a protection plan that starts at $3.99/ month.


  • It has a 100% wire-free setup
  • Has a rugged, weatherproof build
  • Comes with a solar panel to recharge
  • Has a built-in slot for a MicroSD card
  • Can continue to record when WiFi is off
  • It supports audio recording & two-way talk


  • It doesn’t work with 5.0GHz WiFi
  • Lacks continuous video recording mode
  • It’s tricky to use with Google Home devices

Best of Value: Eufy EufyCam 3 4K Solar-Powerd WiFi Security Camera

eufy Security eufyCam S330 3-Cam Bundle, Security Camera Outdoor...
  • See 4K Detail Day and Night: Spot tiny features on any potential trespasser (human or animal) with...
  • Forever*** Power Durability: eufyCam 3 is self-sustaining in any outdoor environment with an...

If you won’t mind putting down half a grand, the EufyCam 3 may be the wireless security camera you’ve been looking for. It starts with a superior 8MP image sensor that records at up to 4K Ultra-HD@15fps quality while at the same time covering a large scene.

Of course, the extra-wide (135°) field of view does have some negative effect on the clarity of the footage. But it’s still clear enough to read license plates at up to 35 feet when you zoom in.

Still on clarity, the wireless camera has a built-in spotlight that helps the Starlight sensor continue recording in color at night. Then it has a built-in siren that you can set to scare away potential burglars before burgling your home.

 Furthermore, Eufy sends this solar camera with the recently-released Homebase 3, which means you not only have access to 16TB of local storage. The system also has advanced AI features, including facial recognition, plus human, pet, and vehicle detection.


  • It delivers sharp & clear pictures
  • Has a solid, weather-resistant build
  • Features a 100% wire-free setup
  • You get to use it with no monthly fees
  • Has clear audio quality & two-way talk
  • It pairs easily with Alexa & Google Home


  • It doesn’t support continuous video recording
  • Not compatible with Apple Homekit, for now
  • You can’t connect directly to WiFi (requires the Homebase)

Best of Deal: LaView Outdoor Spotlight Security Camera Pack

LaView 4MP 2K Security Cameras Outdoor Indoor Wired,IP65,...
  • IP65 & 2K HD: Deploy your outdoor security camera with a true to its name weatherproof IP65....
  • Starlight Sensor & Color Night Vision: With Starlight Sensor, images in low-light conditions will...

Laview has some of the bestselling wireless security cameras, and the model LV-PWB5W-2PK is no different. Although a new series, it has already won the hearts of many, thanks to its reasonable pricing and amazing capabilities.

Say the video quality, the wireless security camera has a superior 4MP sensor that records in 2K QHD during the day. There’s also a ring of white LEDs surrounding the Starlight sensor, making it possible to record in full color at night.

When the spotlight is asleep or off, the night vision comes in infrared (black & white) quality, which is still great. And in case of suspicious guests, there’s a built-in siren and two-way talk, both of which are great deterrence features.

Another thing, LaView innovated the outdoor security camera with pixel-based motion detection. But you can enable the human-only mode to avoid alerts from insects, leaves, rain, and other irrelevant triggers.


  • It captures bright & clear pictures
  • Has a sleek design you can use indoors
  • Supports audio recording & two-way talk
  • Effortless to pair with Alexa & Google home
  • Has a built-in MicroSD slot for local recording
  • It supports continuous video recording in MicroSD


  • It doesn’t work with 5.0GHz WiFi
  • Not compatible with Apple Homekit
  • Video playback has no fast-forward option

Best of Business: ONWOTE 4K IP Security Camera System

ONWOTE Wired 4K Security Camera System PoE 16 Channel 4TB,...
186 Reviews
ONWOTE Wired 4K Security Camera System PoE 16 Channel 4TB,...
  • Smart AI human vehicle detection, save storage space. (Upgraded from 10/27/2022)
  • 4K 8 megapixels, 4 times the clarity of 1080p. 128° diagonal field of view.

Although the last on the list, ONWOTE PKA801608S-4TB is the best AI outdoor security camera for business property. It’s still a little light on the tech, considering the AI algorithms available are only for human and vehicle alerts. But there are many other lovable features, starting with a commercial-grade build.

The “commercial-grade build” comprises rugged all-metal (aluminum) housing, with an IP66 protection rating. You can mount outdoors without worrying about damage from dust, rain, or extreme temperatures (-22°F to 140°F).

Each of the dome cameras that come with the PoE surveillance system has an 8MP sensor and a 100-degree field of view. The footages are super-clear to the point you can read the license plates of vehicles up to 35 feet away.

More on that, the security cameras have crystal-clear night vision. The drawback is that the videos come in black and white unless your compound has sufficient light, when it will now record in color.


  • It has a well-made, durable design
  • Delivers vivid & clear recordings
  • Supports one-way audio recording
  • Can work without internet or monthly fees
  • Include HEVC (H.265) video compression
  • It supports up to 20TB HDD for local storage


  • It’s relatively pricey to own
  • Doesn’t support two-way audio talk
  • The digital zoom lacks control

Commonly Asked Questions:

Do AI security cameras need access to the internet?

No, AI security cameras necessarily do not need access to the internet to work. You will only need to have an internet connection for the wireless cameras or when you want to adjust the AI features of your NVR remotely.

Are cameras with AI safe?

The effectiveness of any security camera usually varies with what you have. This also applies to the overall security of the system, whereby we have some cameras with AI that are safe and others that are not.
What we can identify as the safest AI cameras are NVR and DVR systems that can work without connecting to the internet.

Can AI security cameras detect objects at night?

Technically, the answer depends. Security cameras with powerful smart AI detection software and supervisor image sensor can detect objects at night as well as day. You can even get object thumbnails, which you can use to playback the recorded moments.

Does AI cost extra?

The price of any type of security camera system varies with the brand in question. In some cases, the smart AI features do cost extra to access and apply to your space. A perfect example is with NETVUE, whereby it costs from $3.99 to get person, pet, vehicle, and package detection.

Are AI security cameras worth it?

Yes, indeed, AI security cameras are worth it. Besides reducing false alerts, the technology:
Saves time on searching particular footage histories
Can help detect suspicious behaviors from your employees
Could help save local storage space through alert recording
Helps maximize business productivity by tracking things like customer flow
AI features like missing packages can help keep a sharp eye on your valuable things
Smart AI motion tracking on supported PT & PTZ cameras can be effective in scenarios like baby watching
Public places like airports can also use AI features like abandoned package & weapon detection to respond to threats before they happen

Final Thoughts:

Again, an artificial intelligence security camera is worthwhile to have. It improves the overall monitoring experience, starting with reducing false alerts to saving on local storage and helping respond to potential threats before they happen.

In our review, we’ve seen you necessarily don’t have to spend big to take advantage of the smart AI detection features. The likes of NETVUE 1080p  and LaView LV-PWB5W-2PK both cost under $100/ piece, yet you can set them to only detect motions from humans.

However, the dollar still does determine the level of intelligence of a security camera. The point is visibly clear with the new EufyCam 3 camera, which has facial recognition, plus person, animal, pet, and vehicle detection.

Others, like our favorite REOLINK (RLK8-812B4-A) System, are a little expensive not from having more advanced AI. But from their many other capabilities and perks to support your monitoring experience.

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