ANNKE vs Reolink: Which is the Overall Best Security Solution?

ANNKE vs Reolink: Which is the Overall Best Security Solution?

What’s the best security camera system for home/ business? Which is the most reliable at nighttime? Or which brand has better intelligent video surveillance technology? If you’re looking for a budget-friendly CCTV system, we’ll be comparing ANNKE vs Reolink cameras in this article. So, we’re hoping to answer most of the common questions that people ask so that at the end of the day you can make the right buying decision.

While both security firms are a favorite of many people, though, ANNKE do lead Reolink Security camera in several areas. They include:

ANNKE vs Reolink Comparison

The 6 Reasons ANNKE is better than Reolink 

  • ANNKE security cameras have more IVS technology
  • The brand has Panoramic Fisheye Security Camera
  • ANNKE systems are a bit cheaper than their counterpart
  • ANNKE cameras have a more powerful optical zoom (up to 25X)
  • ANNKE security cameras offer both analog and IP camera systems
  • ANNKE C500 camera supports higher frame rates of 50fps and 60fps

ANNKE vs Reolink: A Summary on the Security Camera Brands

Facts ANNKE Security Technology Reolink Digital Technology
Company Founded 2014 2009
Specialty Cameras
  • PTZ cameras
  • Hybrid DRV recorders
  • Motorized zoom cameras
  • Panoramic Fisheye Camera
  • PTZ cameras
  • Motorized zoom cameras
Video Resolution Up to 4K Ultra-HD
[12MP Available]
Up to 4K Ultra-HD
[12MP Available]
Active Deterrence YES
[Spotlight & Siren]
[Spotlight & Siren]
Night Vision YES
[Colored, Black &White]
[Colored, Black & White]
Audio Functions YES YES
Sound Detection YES
[Audio Exception Detection)
Video Analytics YES
  • Human detection
  • Facial detection
  • Motion auto-tracking
  • Line crossing detection
  • Region exiting detection
  • Object removal detection
  • Smart PIR motion detection
  • Missing/ abandoned baggage
Smart PIR motion detection
Continuous Video Recording YES YES
Built-in Local Storage YES
[MicroSD & Hard Disk]
[MicroSD Card & Hard Disk]
Free Cloud NO  YES
[Rolling 7 days for 1 camera]
Power Option Outlet plugin Battery, solar & Outlet plugin
Smart Home Compatibility YES
[Amazon Alexa/ Google Assistant]
[Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant]
Installation Easy & Moderate
[Analog/ digital systems available]
[Only digital systems available]
Add-Ons & Accessories YES
  • Surveillance signs
  • Video and Power camera cables
  • Surveillance Hard Drive Disk
  • Silicone skins
  • Bracket mounts
  • Solar Panel charger
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Power adapters & cables
  • Camera & NVR antennas
Warranty Policy Two-Year Limited Warranty
[Extendable by 12 months]
Two-Year Limited Warranty
[Extendable by 6 months]

Reolink Security Camera

Even though it sits in the second position today, Reolink is a pretty good security camera brand. No just from affordability but also convenience and reliability. It has a wide array of selections to choose ranging from 1080p HD to 4K security systems, wireless to wired, and also plug-in to battery-powered security cameras.

That said, however, Reolink started operating when PoE (power over the internet) technology was picking up and decided to wholly stick on it. So, you can only get digital CCTV from them- that’s NVR recorder systems and standalone IP cameras.

ANNKE security camera

Meanwhile, ANNKE offers analog security camera systems with DVR, digital NVR, and also a few standalone IP cameras. Funny enough, the firm started a few years ago, about five years after Reolink. So, we could say they’re surely ready to achieve their mission “to deliver the best security solutions”.

If it’s about innovation, ANNKE has advanced IVS technology in both “analog” and digital CCTV systems. A DVR system like the ANNKE E800 4K can use Analog HD and IP cameras, plus has HEVC video compression and smart customizable motion detection.

More on that, let’s jump into our main Reolink vs ANNKE comparison revision and see that’s worth a buy.

ANNKE vs Reolink: Comparing the Various Features and Capabilities

Equipment: What security cameras are there?

Both ANNKE and Reolink have dozens of CCTV makes you can choose for your home or small business. However, Reolink has been active for a little longer, which is why they have a long line of products. They do have more standalone Wireless cameras, including exclusive models for indoors and about nine that operate on rechargeable batteries.

Meanwhile, ANNKE’s security cameras list isn’t very long, but you can still get about twenty different expandable kits. YES, many of them are DVR kits, but you can get PoE security cameras as well in case you wish to upgrade your existing analog system.

Another thing, ANNKE has two security technologies that we can say Reolink lacks: a 25x optical zoom camera and 360° Fisheye PoE IP camera.

Image quality: How Clear are the Recordings

Technically, the two brands have up to 4K security cameras with audio recording, as well as extended coverage. You can also get a 12MP camera, albeit ANNKE was the first to unveil in late 2019. This means you can watch your parking or main entrance with much clearer videos than 5MP super-HD and 8MP Ultra-HD cameras.

Also, ANNKE has the highest varifocal security cameras that adjust the optical zoom by 4x, 5x, and 25x. Hence, enabling you to focus on small and distant objects, like license plates, in richer clarity.

Speaking of license plates, by the way, ANNKE does have equipment that can record in up to 50fps and 60fps at HD resolution. So, you can get better details of those cars moving fast than when using Reolink that supports up to 25fps and 30fps.

Ps. The clarity of a recording usually relies on pixel density, which on its end depends on factors like the image sensor and lens size. So, always watch closely the listed resolution, FOV, and type of lens (fixed or motorized)

Smart IVS: Available Intelligent Features

ANNKE wins in this section fair and square, thanks to their innovative tenacity. Other than smart motion detection, it has at least eight other advanced algorithms to assist keep an eye on what matters most and also prevent crime before it happens. Some of these intelligent video surveillance (IVS) include human detection, facial recognition, motion auto-tracking, line crossing detection, and missing/ abandoned baggage.

On its end, Reolink has only smart motion detection, which shows they’re not as dedicated as ANNKE, considering its 12 years now.

Active Deterrence: Does it Support a Remote Siren?

Active deterrence is where a security camera system can be used to ward off a potential burglar before committing a crime. This is a win for both ANNKE and Reolink since they have cameras with a built-in spotlight and also a siren that you can activate remotely. However, Reolink has relatively more wireless security cameras with two-way audio, which, of course, can also make a good deterrence.

Smart Home integration: Does it support Alexa?

Yet again, this is a common factor that ANNKE and Reolink share. They both have limited cameras that you can connect with Amazon’s Alexa devices like Echo Show and also Google Assistant gadgets like Chromecast. Hence, enabling you to interact in a fun way with the supported camera using your voice.

Sadly, neither of the brands can work with the Apple Homekit system yet. So, you might need to look elsewhere if you wanted to share the moments with your Siri devices.

Storage: Does it have Monthly Subscriptions

No, you necessarily don’t need to pay up for a subscription in either of the brands. If it’s ANNKE, the DVR and NVR recorders come with a preinstalled hard drive, then the standalone devices have a built-in MicroSD slot. So, you need not pay for the cloud plan, though it can come in handy if you’d want to playback past recordings while away.

Similarly, Reolink has the NVR recorders with a preinstalled hard drive, then the standalone cameras can be added with an SD card. Unlike its counterpart, however, the Reolink cloud plan includes a free 7-day plan for one camera.

Cloud Service ANNKE Reolink
Basic Plan  FREE
8-hour video history
Per new camera
7-day video history
1 camera maximum
Standard Plan  $2.99/ month
7-day video history
(X camera maximum )
$3.49/ month
30-day video history
5 cameras maximum
Premier Plan  $6.99/ month
30-day video history
(X camera maximum)
$6.99/ month
30-day video history
10 cameras maximum
Business Plan  Unavailable  $10.49
60-day video history
20 cameras maximum

Sadly, ANNKE has not been transparent enough with their clients when it comes to cloud service. The official site doesn’t have a page for it, neither is their remote viewing app. Hence, the reason, we’ve listed the maximum amount of cameras as “X”. The response of the company on the question never included all the details, and the link they have shared some years back is no longer working.

ANNKE vs Reolink: The 6 Best Security camera Systems From the Manufacturers

ANNKE/ Reolink Security Camera Uniqueness Maximum
View on Amazon
ANNKE Y200 5MP Lite DVR Security Camera System Best of All  2K Super-HD View Full Details
ANNKE 5-in-1 Hybrid Analog/ IP Camera DVR Recorder Best under $80 2K Super-HD View Full Details
Reolink RLK8-800B4 PoE Home Security Camera System Best of Value 4K Ultra-HD View Full Details
ANNKE CZ400 PoE IP Anti-Fog Varifocal Dome Cam Best of Design 4MP Super-HD View Full Details
Reolink E1 Plug-in Plan-Tilt Security Camera Best of indoors 3MP HD View Full Details
Reolink RLC-423 5MP Super HD PoE PTZ Camera Best of Coverage 2K Super-HD View Full Details

Final Verdict:

While with ANNKE vs Reolink at the same price-point, the former can be a better security solution for your home or small business. It has amazing video quality during the day, great night vision, remarkable coverage, and also we forgot to mention sturdy metallic housing. Of course, not all the cameras have the 1k10 metal casing, but these others have a high-impact ABS material that stays healthy even in the harshest conditions.

Furthermore, ANNKE security cameras have various smart intelligent surveillance features to help in your monitoring. It also has more affordable devices, including the hybrid DVR recorder systems that you can get if unable to switch to PoE at once.

In any case, we hope the review was helpful significantly (if not entirely) and you’re ready to secure your property. Happy wiring!

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