A brief timeline of cereal packaging

A brief timeline of cereal packaging

Cereal packaging with cardboard boxes

As you all know cereals are the most preferred meal for breakfast and with the huge collection of cereals these days, it can be difficult for a customer to pick a new one. If you want your cereal to stand out among others, then you need to let go of the dull packaging and bring cardboard boxes into the game. These boxes are available in different shapes and sizes with eye-catching designs. So, hurry up and choose the best packaging for your cereals.

History of cereal packaging:

  • 1900-1930: at the beginning of the 19th century, the packaging of cereal boxes was very simple and plain. As the time passed by, pictures and prettifying elements started appearing on the boxes. Pictures of mother and a baby were used mostly to highlight the health benefits and nutritional values.


  • 1930-1960: in this era, a funny thing happened: Mickey Mouse came into sight on the cereal box packaging for the first time. After this grand happening, almost all the brands started preferring cartoons and animations which made all cereal boxes look the same way. The layouts were a bit different but the content, instructions, and illustrations were exactly the same. Furthermore, the graphics style in that era was remarkable; no drops or spattering of milk were shown. These neat designs are still remembered and adored.


  • 1970-1980: in the ’70s, pop culture was showed in television and movies so the illustrations of pop culture began to appear on the cereal box. The other drastic change was that the written information on the box increased, the amount of non-essential text went a bit too high. This information was predominantly related to nutritional information and other different contents which were not associated with selling the cereal box.


  • 1990-present day: as the days passed by, the packaging of cereal boxes evolved. Now if you head towards a grocery store, you will notice fancy colorful cereal boxes; in present days brands are choosing bright colors, attractive taglines and are coming up with unique graphic designs to make their packaging different from other. Apart from this, you will also notice a few simple cereal boxes because there are such brands who believe simple packaging portrays a clean look. This period is the mixture of all the eras.

Printed cardboard boxes for your cereals:

Just packing your product in a cardboard box will not justify the requirement of your item. We are living in a world where appearance matters the most, so in order to succeed in the business industry, we need to print imaginative designs on the cardboard boxes.


Printing onto cereal boxes is a new trend which enhances the look of your cereal and convinces people into buying. The printed designs depend on what audience you are targeting: adults or children.

If you are dealing with children, you should opt for bright colors and animated characters; cartoon characters are children’s best friend so printing them on your cereal boxes will surely attract children. If your cereals are for adults, then you should focus more on written information rather than funky illustrations.

It is your responsibility to show information like nutrition value, sugar level, whether your cereals are gluten-free or not. You should also change your templates from time to time to keep things new and fresh for both adults and children.

An overview:

In a nutshell, printing onto cardboard boxes helps you give a recognizable look to your product. If you want your cereal to be everyone’s favorite, just print a unique content on your cereal box and your half of the work is done!

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