The 6 Best Way to Secure a Sliding Glass Door in 2022

6 Best Way to Secure a Sliding Glass Door

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Adding a sliding door or a French door to your home is one of the best ideas for home improvement. Your home gets to have an extra entry point and also there will be added natural light just like that from a window. Due to safety concerns, we’re going to look at the best way to secure a sliding glass door or French door.

This comes as the two doors can be an easy entry of burglars or trespassers, who might have seen through them what you have inside. Also, securing your sliding glass door will help keep your little kids in and prevent them from wandering around outside.

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The Various Ways to Secure a Sliding Glass Door

  • Get A Security Bar

The use of a security bar is by far one of the best ways you can go with to secure your sliding glass door or French door. While there are a variety of security bars, they all help provide resistance when someone attempts to open the door. These bars serve as a great visual deterrent against trespassers who had thought themselves lucky after seeing your cozy living room through the glass door.

Two of the top-rated security bars are Master Lock 265D and Ideal SK110W Patio Security Bar. With the Master Lock 265D, you place it along the base of the door frame. The door stopper has a silver button that you can use to adjust to the desired length and lock it. one end of the bar is a padded foot for providing a strong grip without scratching.

Unlike with the Master Lock 265D, the Ideal SK110W security Bar is designed to be mounted in the middle of the patio door. This makes sure you can easily lock or unlock your glass door without bending down. In addition, the Charley Bar has a childproof anti-lift lock and you can adjust it to leave the sliding door partially opened for ventilation.

  • Install A Sliding Glass Door Lock

A sliding door lock is another best way to secure a sliding glass door and prevent unwanted entry. The lock is usually installed at the [top part] point where the stationary glass and the sliding glass door meet. This means no intruder will be able to open your door from the outside. Also, no small kid will manage to open the door or the added lock from the inside.

best way to secure a sliding glass door

A good example of a sliding door lock is the Patio Guardian PDG01-W, which has two points where it can lock. In one of the closing points, you can fully close the patio door without leaving any gap. For the second locking option, you can secure your door with a partial opening of about three inches. This ensures you get to enjoy some peace of mind in terms of security and air circulation in your house.

For you install the sliding door lock, you have drill some holes for easy screwing. So, make sure you have a drill, bits, and Philips screwdriver.

  • A Security Window Film Might Help

If not all, the majority of homes have the sliding glass door or French door at their backyard. This makes them even more vulnerable to breakthrough since they’re out of common view. With glass being the most versatile material in the building industry, the opportunistic intruder might decide to break it to get into your house.

To prevent the glass from a sliding door from breaking, you can consider adding security window films. The window film usually features one or more layers of polyester film, laminated together with special adhesives. This helps strengthen the regular glass, preventing it from shattering upon impact.

Security window films work under the same principle as the automotive windshield glass. When the intruder tries breaking the glass with a crowbar, it will just have a hole but the overall piece remains intact. Therefore, the burglar will have to use a considerable force to gain entry, giving you up to 3 minutes to hide or notify the authorities.
Window films can come in a variety of designs, including decorative and anti—UV Heat control tint. So, apart from security concerns, you can also benefit from them by enhancing your home’s look and preventing harmful rays from damaging your furniture.

  • A Security Sliding Door Barricade Can Also Be Handful

That’s right. As a matter of fact, the door barricade guarantees you optimal security as it works in a very similar manner as a security bar. It helps secure your sliding glass door and prevent it from opening.

Unlike the security bar that doesn’t involve drilling, nonetheless, a sliding door barricade has to be screwed to the floor next to the door. So, you have to make sure you’ve got a drill, bit, and screwdriver with you.

While you can come across various brands of the sliding door lock, the Nightlock Security Lock is one of the best in the market. The item is made of extruded aluminum, meaning it will offer considerable resistance in the time of a break-in. Nightlock sliding door barricade is available in various anodized finishes, including dark bronze, Bright Brass, etc. The finish helps blend your lock with your house’s decoration or the door’s coloring.

  • You Can Also Consider Electronic Options

If you are a technology buff, going for the electronic options to secure your door might also be helpful. Of course, the gadgets won’t offer any resistance to your door in time of a break-in. But they can help scare away the intruder, as well as alert you or the security authorities.

In the market of security systems, you’ll probably come across a wide variety of items to enhance the security of your sliding glass door. The majority of these electronic door systems feature sensors that will alert you of a prospective breaking by either sounding an alarm. or else, sending a push notification to your phone.

Two of the best security gadgets for your sliding glass door is the Doberman SE-0106W-4PK and GE 45115 Door Alarm.

With the Doberman SE-0106W-4PK, it has a built-in vibration sensor that will trigger a loud 100 dB alarm when shaken/ by a significant force. The security device is very easy to use as you’ll just need to stick it to your sliding glass door.

way to secure a sliding glass door

On its end, the GE 45115 Door Alarm comprises an alarm unit and a magnet. The alarm unit is glued to the door and the magnet to the frame. When a potential intruder or your mischievous kid tries to open the sliding glass door more than 0.5 inches, a loud 120-decibel chime will trigger. This will then scare off whoever it was trying to open the door and also keep you alerted.


While they help provide a distinctive look or light up your house, sliding glass doors or French doors can be difficult to secure. This can pose a safety problem as intruders can gain entry or your little kid go out without you knowing.
When you learn of the best way to secure a sliding glass door, you definitely add a greater level of safety to your home. The majority of the devices we have touched on cost less than $30. This means you’ll be enhancing the safety of your patio doors for a small cost and minimal effort.

While securing your sliding glass door, it’s also nice you provide a covering, such as with curtains or vertical blinds. This will prevent the neighborhood thieves from seeing your fancy laptop or big-screen TV. Hence, limiting that temptation of breaking into your home.

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